Report: Wigan 3-2 Arsenal

Arsenal continued a mysterious habit of suffering back-to-back league defeats this season on Sunday.

The Gunners began that trend with consecutive losses in Manchester at the start of the campaign, before bowing to Sunderland and Chelsea on the trot in November. The curse repeated in February when Wenger’s men suffered maulings by Manchester United then Chelsea.

And no matter how poised they seemed to avoid making defeat the follow-up to Wednesday’s disappointment, Arsenal just could not help themselves at the DW Stadium today.

Goals from Theo Walcott and Mikael Silvestre had given Arsene Wenger’s side a 2-0 lead right before and after half-time respectively, but following a long spell of little urgency from Arsenal, Ben Watson punished some slack defending with just ten minutes left to force a nervy finale to the match.

Then, Lukasz Fabianski gifted Wigan an equalizer in the 89th minute as Clichy failed in an attempt to clear Bramble’s header off the line.

Momentum belonged to the hosts now and into stoppage time, N’Zogbia curled a long-range shot past an unmoved Fabianski to inflict a shameful defeat on Wenger’s men.

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63 thoughts on “Report: Wigan 3-2 Arsenal

  1. Is this an unfamiliar story? Every year, we get injuries during the stretch, and every year we don’t have the depth to deal with it, and every year we will falter during crunch time and every year we will miss out on trophies. When are you going to learn your lesson Wenger? ADD DEPTH!

    1. i agree with you brother. Arsene should get rid of Wilcot/ Sylveste/ Merida/ Eduardo. He needs to purchase at least 5/6 quality players. It has been like this for the past 4 years

    1. ur a fucking idiot, its not his fault u twat its all the fucking injuries and the fucking shity players that he had to play in that game. but sure what do u know u jst some fat idiot sittin on ur ass thinkin u know it all. IDIOT

  2. forgive me im going mad…………FUCK U WENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U ASSHOLE………….FABIANSKI! BURN IN HELL FUCK FUCK FUCK

  3. To be sacked:
    Arshavin (If he can’t keep his big mouth shut!)


  5. Poor management wenger. I will never say wenger out but i must question his management ability when he takes off walcott and rosicky for merida and eboue and keeps bendtner on who did nothing all game!!!

    Why did we not kill the game at 2-0 with bringing rvp on. I am not suprised to be totally honest. This will ALWAYS happen unless wenger changes his the way he manages. Any other manager would of took bendtner off, and probaly rosicky and put on eboue and rvp. Why wait till it we conceded to make a change. It is no point moaning wenger, the blame lies on YOU and the PLAYERS you put out.

  6. fucking shit! And to think we just gave that man a contract till 2014 and according to him he’s the LONE voice when it comes to transfers!

    Well if that’s not a recipe for failure and no change, then i don’t know what is!

  7. Why the fuck did he not bring RVP on earlier? Why the fuck did he maintain with bringing Merida on just after they’d got one back. Merida for fuck’s sake, he’s a good player but is off in the summer and he’s not as good as RVP.

    Oh and Fabianski. Please fuck off.

  8. it is shame to see wigan beat us come on aresen wenger go now any 1 who wants him to stay just fk off with him 2 cant stand every day lose just coz he dosent want 2 buy it is not his money anyway we fans want result now come on buy or gooooooooooooooooo

  9. Time after time, year after year, how many of you dumb arse fucks are going to stand by this dickhead wenger, his making our team look like a conference side, I’m sick to death with watching the same old crap week after week, year after year, fuck off wenger you twat and take these clowns with you!

  10. I dont f**king believe what i’ve just seen!!!!!

    AW -why the f**k didn’t he bring RvP on least when they came back 2-1!!!!
    HE’s just messed it up for us!

    Tactics were poor! Team is shit!

  11. something has to be done. we either admit we are a mediocre team that are unlikely to win anything again in the near term or do something about it. if wenger doesn’t (realistically) think he can do it let someone else have a go. FFS we had a chance to win the title this year and just threw it away. simply not good enough.

  12. HAHAHA! Thanks for making a joke out of Arsenal you lot! Absolutely well done! I’m not tearing; I’m laughing my sides hurt. Keep it up Arsene.. keep it up.

  13. How many times is fabianski and almunia gonna fuck up. I dont know about you guys but i am expecting it every time they attempt a save. I cant believe wenger still has faith in these players. And if wenger cannot see the weak links in this team then maybe his own future will have to be looked at.

  14. Fabianski should not play football. He should be a FUCKING circus clown and Wenger should join him!!! What a bundle of nerves that clows is!!
    Mark my words…. Cesc will leave this summer if he had any sense!

  15. wel done arsene wat a group of idiotic players you hav asembled if almunia or fabianski is stil at dis club in september then thats me finishd – bunch gutles cowards like diaby who fckn saunter round the pitch at 2-0- wenger either acepts that changes are needed r gets the fuck outa this club

  16. You pathetic moaning whinging fu*kheads, tell me, how the fuc* could Wenger have avoided those 3 goals happening, I’m as disapointed as anyone else but to even think that means wenger should leave is proposterous, who else could manage such limited funds, and for anyone that thinks we have tonnes of money to splash on big players, your as pathetic as your support

    1. Limited funds??? Every year Wenger PROMISES “world class players” (his own words) and every year we’re let down by that lying bastard! He broght in Arshavin a sawed off little shit with a big fucking mouth! Some contribution I must say!

  17. He couldn’t AVOID them from happening but we most probably could have finished wigan way earlier if he brought on RvP!!!

  18. Well,the writing is on the wall.Sixth season without a trophy and it is high time that Arsene ‘Wenger Knows” must go.We need someone like Rijkaard,Mourinho or Hiddink.

  19. We are still in it ! ahahahahahahahahahaha
    What a bunsh of morons ! Only we can make a mess of a game in which we simply needed to just finish the opponent off or at least not concede 2 or more goals.We are the specialists for those kinda stuff !

  20. i agree with what merson said on sky we should have put van persie on a lot earlier. Flapanaski is by far the worst keeper i have ever seen and almunia is just as bad. its really depressing cant wait 4 the season to finish now.

  21. these guy dont understand what playing for Arsenal means WHY PLAY MERIDA HE DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR US.

  22. Gooner from sydney its his blatent reluctance to spend money on decent players. How have they got no money when the bid for melo and smalling recently! Its wengers tightness that has a built the paper thin, gutless squad that there is now

  23. As if our 1st choice wasn’t good enough, our 2nd choice turns out to be worse. If this is Wenger’s way of punishing Almunia (IF and only IF that wrist injury was just an excuse), i can’t say it did us any favors.

    But i’m not saying Fabianski was completely liable for our loss. THE WHOLE TEAM actually should be blamed. Right after Silvestre’s goal, we really shifted backwards. And in my opinion, we spent much of the 2nd half playing inside our own half when we should’ve continued piling up pressure against them! It’s hard to believe how the team seemed to have lost interest after going 2 goals up.

    And I thought this team already learned their lesson against West Ham earlier this season. It’s as if we already called it quits this season. I hope Wenger gives them one hell of a blow dryer.

    1. Almunia had a wrist injury he (Wenger) said…MY ASS!! Who’s he really foolin’???
      Almunia and Fabianski must be “the dumb leading the blind”!!

  24. the last time we won a trophy was with big boys, wenger should go away if he doesn’t want to buy anybody, image last transfer he only bought sol cambell, men wenger stinks me i must confess. am ashame to be an arsenal fan, 5 years has gone without a trophy. huh

  25. Keep it up and we’ll get a spankin’ from Citeh next weekend! I don’t think I even want to watch that game… What a total embarrassment…Wenger…hang your head in SHAME!!

  26. At least you guys have something to say. Am completely out of words. i suppose Almunia was injured or otherwise i dont know why he wasn’t playing. Honestly i loved Wenger but its high time he should pull up his socks. He sucks.

  27. Fuck,fuck,fuck..seeing the lineup,I knew this would happen. With fuckianski between the stick and shitvestre in defence,its not a surprise at all

    1. good riddance, we could do without a few plastic fans like you who turn their back against their “supported” team.

    2. thank u .we dont need plastic cunts like u supporting the arsenal .so thanks alot 4 FUCKING OFF!!!!!!

  28. wenger I will forive u this last time , but denilson,eduardo,denilson,slysvestre and vela need to go and add steel to the team. for fuck sake. otherwise i will lose it with all your fucking excuses……splash the fucking money……add depth….

  29. Guys :/ do you know that im feeling nervous about being in top 4 !! if we loss to city ad totham beats united … city comes on 65 pts and totham on 67 and we stay 71 pts and the both have a game in hand so they win they come 68 and 70 im a bit nervous but there direct clash makes me confident of staying 3rd !

  30. Not to say that we don’t need to strengthen in some areas, but I really wouldn’t put that loss down to lack of depth. The players on the pitch were easily good enough to hold a 2-0 lead. Maybe its laziness, maybe its morale but they didn’t really look like they wanted it.
    People who are on about we need 5-6 new players are talking out their arse. This squad is very nearly there. We need a new keeper, at new centre back (people forget Djourou’s been out the whole season) and probably another striker (hopefully we’re getting Chamakh on a free) and we’re sorted.

    I’m not just being optimistic here either, this is the first time in a while I genuinely feel we are on the cusp of a great team.

    Aside from defensive issues, we are very good, but for whatever reason we haven’t seen enough movement in and around the box. Thats why we have all this possession but end up passing it about aimlessly and eventually putting a weak cross in or losing it. RVP’s return on Wednesday made that abundantly clear.

  31. I pray that arsene will leave arsenal just so all you dumbass’s who want him gone realize how fuckin stupid you are. he cant buy cause the transfer windows not opened, during january the team seemed fine and there wasnt a need to buy anyone atm. how is it his fault he didnt see fabregas breaking his leg, or almunia hurting his wrist ( probably wanking off), or the vderminator getting injured.

  32. What pisses me off time and time again is that it’s the SAME mistakes: Goalkeeping errors, not finishing off teams, crumbling when one goal is pulled back…

    And here’s the thing; we can blame the players on the pitch (correctly) BUT it’s the same mistakes whoever the players (Kolo, Ade, even Henry etc). So the only constant is how they are being taught / coached…… Believe me, I don’t want anyone (management) out. I just want the lessons to be addressed once and for all. If that means admitting a mistake or tweaking your philosophy so be it….

    ..Fucking Wigan! (no disrespect intended!)

  33. wenger didnt ask to have all these injuries i have faith he will put things right in the summer.

  34. Sell/Sack Almunia. Fabianski. Goaly coaches. Sylvestre. Clichy. Defensive coaches. Diaby. Denilson. Eduardo and Bendtner.
    Too many big egos with small talent and zero dedication. Seems to be no desire or spirit at Arsenal, that went along with the old Crest!
    Mr Wenger should stay, maybe with sn Arsenal oldboy as number 2 (Adams or Keown) yes I know Pat Rice has been a great servant to the club but he’s a yes man. The 4 year plan failed today. Let’s start fresh asap!


    1. You are a fucking mug. As one of the few who seems to have supported Arsenal since before the days of Wenger, I can assuredly tell you that he has made us into a better club. As will anyone else who has watched us for more than 10 minutes. You have absolutely no idea what you’re on about.

      I agree about Arshavin though.

  36. hey all u guys r the best fans we have um not really so shut it

    wenger stays the board stays

    are out

    2 cb
    a gk
    a cm
    are in

    up arsenal

    btw tru fans whould have knwn that we were out of the title race afta spurs! um not dissapointed wid da team they had a gud seasn its just stupid injuries

  37. fabianski has lost it. just totally lost it. we’d have been better off with vito in nets.
    fuck. sell that fucker. and almunia. and buy a goddamn keeper!!!
    that was the most heartless, dispirited display i’ve seen in years. dont see how the manager is to blame.

    counterpoint, tho – where the hell was rvp at 60 mins – or starting the T2? big game coming up next weekend, get him some minutes. and eboue should have came on for theo much sooner. and jaysus but silvestre is terrible. sagna was totally screwed on that call that led to the free and then the corner. oh well, win some, lose some ….
    the biggest problem, as i see it, was diaby and the total lack of control in midfield. missing song and denislon both really hurt.

    AW is right – there is a chance we take no more wins. city could be a bloodbath. and we’ve blackburn away. fulham at home. not one easy game left.

  38. All the Wenger haters, the fat fucks who can barely dribble their soup down their chins, never mind a football, always come out when times are tough, don’t they? Like typical cockroaches, when things are up, do you see them anywhere, posting anything? Like fuck you do. They are characterless, ungrateful fat fucks with man-tits and short memories. Arsenal was a glorified Everton before Wenger showed up – good enough to rattle the big boys, but never serious contenders for very much. Here comes Wenger, and it’s Champions League every year, titles, FA Cups, top four finished, and all on a shoestring budget compared to the Chavskis, ManCiteh’s and even the Scot fuck up in Manchester driving that club to bankruptcy.

    All of you who come on here the day after a loss and start screaming for Wenger’s head – get fucked and go cheer for Tottenham. Wenger is my manager to the time he says he wants to go.

    1. spot on man and we could have done without injuries .!!!!pundits thought that arsenal wouldnt be in the top 4 this year ,wenger surely shut them up .still his choice of goalkeepers is disgusting and pathetic .wenger is too stubborn and i hope he finally sees it .we get a wc gk and we ll be surely home(title) and dry next season !!!!

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