‘Arsenal won’t be winning the title even with Suarez’


Luis Suarez would be a big signing but big enough to suddenly turn Arsenal into Premier League conquerors?

Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher – who have a fair point to make – do not think so.


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22 thoughts on “‘Arsenal won’t be winning the title even with Suarez’

  1. I cant see me ever taking the opinion of those two on Arsenal very seriously, despite them being so even handed n their opinions… NOT!!

  2. Funny neville said suarez is letting himself down and dropping his standards in the way hes trying to get his move,didnt hear him say what a disgrace rvp was last year ahead of his move to utd who are a major rival to us.while im talking about rvp id like to say that it was a disgrace and so disrespectful when he had the cheek and disrespect to stand up and take the pen against us at the emirates,he could have cost us a champions league place.lay off suarez as they all the same these days,they stay somewhere till a better opportunity for more money and silverware comes along.only thing i agree with is we do need more than suarez but what a sensational start it would be to get him.thanks.

    1. More silverware than Liverpool? How’s that then? Not won anything of late although a better team and stability as a club you would be best staying clear to be fair. I am an LFC supporter and wish Suarez gone but you understand we cannot sell to Arsenal for the same reason you should have held back on selling RVP to Utd. I would take a drop in the money on offer as long as it was from a non Prem club and he went abroad. He won’t change no matter what until he gets his move to Real or Barca as it used to be! Cheers and good luck for the season ahead. I hope we both do well and upset the apple cart! YNWA to one and all!

  3. Neville said Arsenal won’t win the Championship with Suarez – Emmmm, Arsenal are in the Premiership dickhead!!!

    1. Umm…Even our manager calls it the Championship mate. Nothing wrong there. The 2nd tier of English football is called ‘Championship’ only for publicity sake.

  4. And during last season the ‘experts’ were queueing up to say Arsenal had no chance of finishing in the top four.

    Experts shmexperts.

  5. RockyLives AFC fans were saying the same, so many of you didn’t even back your manager as an LFC fan I was because I rate him and the way he had gone about his business, not sure now though I would love to get to the truth on for the 40+1 came from. Don’t get me wrong it happens at almost every club but I never expected from him. Another thing ALL AFC fans were calling the rat all sorts of names people saying we wouldn’t have that racist here etc etc. why the sudden change??? And before you say LFC supporters backed him I certainly didn’t I could see through this guy it was always excuses. What BR has done is brilliant he has shown balls to stand up to this ass wipe and at the same time has sent a message that he will go head to haed with any player no matter what his status, it’s about time someone stood up to some of these prima donna’s

  6. Funny enough The Same Liverpool that Said “YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE” are making “SUAREZ TRAIN ALONE” lol… I understand the pride in liverpool & the disadvantage it’ll cost them if they sell him to arsenal. But isn’t it better to “Cut the bad finger b4 it corrupts the whole hand? “. I Understand they want to sell him to the ‘big clubs’ but none of them want to buy. Since he wants out & arsenal are ready to buy, sell him for like 46mil & forget bout it, cos with the present situation, the ‘big clubs’ wuldn’t want to pay anything more than 25mil, and 4 a player of his stature, thats a big loss 4 them. So SELL HIM!! (quickly)

  7. As a massive gooner id love to see suarez at our club,i dont see it as a risk as your better off showing ambition and taking a chance than not trying in the first place.he has in fairness let the liverpool fans down though in truth,the liverpool fans have stood by suarez in an overwhelming way,all credit to them and they have been an absolute credit to their club.at the same time though i take offence at lfc having a go at arsenal for offering 40.000,001 for the player.if you dont want to sell fair dos but every club or person in live can make an offer for something.you reserve the right to refuse to sell but not in an arrogant,ignorant fashion.as gooners we sympathise with yous as we more than must no what its like to lose key players to rival clubs,its not nice but thats football these days.liverpool fc are a massive,famous club which will always be the case with or without suarez.both clubs need 3 to 5 quality signings to be really competative.thanks.

  8. Am so disapionted with Liverpool manager Brender Rogers 4 holding on 2 a player dat’s want 2 leave, why is he holding on 2 Luis Suarez as if he is his property, I dont think 1 player can make a whole futball club loose focus, so if there is no Suarez does dat mean Liverpool will fall? And Wenger do something, dont disapoint Suarez cos he is doing all he can 2 come 2 Arsenal. Pay de moni n sign de palyer.

  9. liverpools chairman is an idiot who hasnt a clue about soccer as they call it,id imagine kronke is the same.they have no interest in aqquiring winning football teams and spending big money in the process.henry and liverpool will take the money wait till you see?,they obviously want 50 to 55 m before getting rid of suarez,cant blame them as afc have continuously drove a hard bargain in selling our players.i was listening to a former lfc chairman on ssn and he was talking in a very professional,appropriate,sensible way about the gunners.i personally believe americans should stick to their on sports as they put their all into the games they love and have been brought up admiring,soccer aint for them.henry is an embarrassment to lfc as the way he speaks of other clubs just makes him sound what he is,silly.thanks.

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