Andrey Arshavin has been excelling on the pitch since he chose to ply his trade in London. Off it is where comfort may be a concern.

With the Russian a stranger to England when he arrived in January, he was forgivable to want a quick return home.

The media capitalized by forging rumors that Arshavin could jump ship to Barcelona after just a few months with the Gunners.

But listen to the man himself, and learn how the going is not so tough in London.

According to Arshavin, he is settling in very well so far. And in an interview yesterday, those improvements were as good as his English.

“First time, it was difficult for me because I knew nothing in this town and country but now I can say I’m settling, I know people or parking close or something more for example. And I’m looking forward to be settled in the future” he told Sky Sports.

Arshavin also chuckled about the difficulties he had with parking rules in England.

“It was like mathematics for me”. he confessed.

The 28-year-old may not be as homesick as he had been, but despite admitting progress in fitting in his new surroundings, Andrey insists that London is still second to St. Petersburg when it comes to places he feels at home.

“My home is still St. Petersburg but I think I can now say apart from there, London is my second home.”

Arshavin also quashed doubts over his future at Arsenal and remains upbeat about how he will fare at the Emirates for the rest of his career.

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“I am looking forward to play till the end of by contract at Arsenal and see out my career. I don’t have any problem now.” he said