don’t usually write my provocative opinion but this is just something I wanted to get off my chest of late.

Arshavin continuously appears an arrogant person for me on and off the pitch. I don’t know about you, but I just see him that way. He may appear professional by tucking in his shirt and waving “not a penalty” to the ref even when an opponent fouled him but still…

He’s either relaxed or casual on the pitch (jogging without the ball and side-footing the ball in front of goal) or barely appreciating fans off it. (especially during fulltime in games)

Maybe he should learn from Eboue who proves a legend game after game by going to the crowd, applauding them and handing off his shirt.

AA is often frowning with that wife of his, Julia, when they go out.

I also recall him not even turning and taking a look at Wenger as the boss congratulated him while he was being substituted against Porto recently.

Even a player with the supreme talent and perhaps good looks (no homo here) of gay Ronaldo would show he had a massive ego but for approaching fans and such, he wasn’t that way.

Even Cesc, our King Cesc, is the most down to earth guy with fans on and off the pitch all the time.

Not to mention, even Beckham, David Beckham.

Arshavin’s either very shy or kind of arrogant.

If so, f**k him, and he better sort that sh*t form out or f*ck off. We had enough of these midget-like technical attacking-mids in our ranks before we signed him last January anyway. (Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott and co.)

We all know that Arsenal was not the number 1 club in his heart before joining us (Barcelona were in fact) and it seems to me day by day that he shows less passion for Arsenal through his work-rate on the pitch and those “honest”, team-criticizing interviews off it.

He has not done anything for this club to even match quarter of what the Wrights, Adams, Bergkamps, Henrys and co. did, so you can’t tell me he deserves to be a swollen head.

Oh, and I don’t care if you score 12,000 screamers at Anfield. Do it elsewhere and more consistently, damn it.

He’s a talented footballer, but AA is pissing me off of late.

I know I will have two people agreeing with me and 4,520,378 wishing they could slaughter me in person, but…

What’s funny is that many of you know this very well inside but are reluctant to let it out due to the reaction you will receive from those who disagree with you, since Arshavin is one of the club’s reputable players.

Just remember that there is confidence/self-belief (Arsene Wenger) and there is arrogance (Jose Mourinho). Not all successful people are arrogant, but it took confidence to get there.

Yes I said it,
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