Arshavin seems arrogant don’t usually write my provocative opinion but this is just something I wanted to get off my chest of late.

Arshavin continuously appears an arrogant person for me on and off the pitch. I don’t know about you, but I just see him that way. He may appear professional by tucking in his shirt and waving “not a penalty” to the ref even when an opponent fouled him but still…

He’s either relaxed or casual on the pitch (jogging without the ball and side-footing the ball in front of goal) or barely appreciating fans off it. (especially during fulltime in games)

Maybe he should learn from Eboue who proves a legend game after game by going to the crowd, applauding them and handing off his shirt.

AA is often frowning with that wife of his, Julia, when they go out.

I also recall him not even turning and taking a look at Wenger as the boss congratulated him while he was being substituted against Porto recently.

Even a player with the supreme talent and perhaps good looks (no homo here) of gay Ronaldo would show he had a massive ego but for approaching fans and such, he wasn’t that way.

Even Cesc, our King Cesc, is the most down to earth guy with fans on and off the pitch all the time.

Not to mention, even Beckham, David Beckham.

Arshavin’s either very shy or kind of arrogant.

If so, f**k him, and he better sort that sh*t form out or f*ck off. We had enough of these midget-like technical attacking-mids in our ranks before we signed him last January anyway. (Nasri, Rosicky, Walcott and co.)

We all know that Arsenal was not the number 1 club in his heart before joining us (Barcelona were in fact) and it seems to me day by day that he shows less passion for Arsenal through his work-rate on the pitch and those “honest”, team-criticizing interviews off it.

He has not done anything for this club to even match quarter of what the Wrights, Adams, Bergkamps, Henrys and co. did, so you can’t tell me he deserves to be a swollen head.

Oh, and I don’t care if you score 12,000 screamers at Anfield. Do it elsewhere and more consistently, damn it.

He’s a talented footballer, but AA is pissing me off of late.

I know I will have two people agreeing with me and 4,520,378 wishing they could slaughter me in person, but…

What’s funny is that many of you know this very well inside but are reluctant to let it out due to the reaction you will receive from those who disagree with you, since Arshavin is one of the club’s reputable players.

Just remember that there is confidence/self-belief (Arsene Wenger) and there is arrogance (Jose Mourinho). Not all successful people are arrogant, but it took confidence to get there.

Yes I said it,
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142 thoughts on “Arshavin seems arrogant

  1. Finally someone has seen it! He pisses me off!! I cant believe his attitude on and off the pitch! he thinks that he’s the best player in Arsenal! huh far from it i for one think that he needs to be dropped and Nasri and Rosicky. AA is a good sub to have. I think that when Rosicky plays our game is faster and he tracks back better than all our attackers.

  2. Randy,i agree with u 100%,archavin is very lazy ,dont fight so hard for the ball,the club is not in his heart,i never been convinced with his performance and specially after the chanses that he missed them against Porto and hull city in the 6 yard i new this boy has nothing to show,he never been a game changer ,i love arsenal to death ,i travel every week from newyork to watch the games ,but i love to see players fight so hard for the ball ,like SONG,DIABY,EBOUE,VARMEALAN,CLISHY,can any one disagree with me just remind me only one game that archavine changed the game and made a difference when we need him?by the way i use to be a PRO soccer player and i know the job well ,so archavine has to work his ass off or the bench is the right place for him

  3. in all truth arshevin is selfish aroogant and disrispectful to the manager to the fans and the club he plays for his own glory andrecognition.he never works hard and when he does it is usually when he is in the mood to play the beutiful game not because he cares about the team…BUT he is or will be an important part of the team because of skills and unpredictibility and wenger will babysit him…after all we paid a lot of $ for the c*nt.

  4. Umm I do agree with you unfortunatly. I read his interviews with russian journos and i dont get it, other players have been reprimanded for that. He is pure class when he wants to be and lazy when not. I love most things about him (goal celebrations and faces he pulls) altho i dont know why he makes the ‘shhh’ finger to mouth salute at our ground but he is a bit cookie…
    Anyway, if he is the difference between winning and losing v big teams and doesnt do much against minnow teams, but our other players win it for us, then i can deal with that…
    If Barca was his 1st choice then maybe he will have his best game against them…

    1. Havent you yet realized y he shhh with his finger? It’s because of such posts like this. People think he’s arrogant and don’t do much on the pitch. But that, my friends, is exactly his style of play, and that is how he alone can turn games to our favour when most people think would be impossible. He even does that at the emirates cause he wants fans like Randy to shut up and stop arguing and rather support players when their aren’t at the top just like eboue was last year. You cannot expect players to be on top every single match during a season. Remember when every forwards were injured and he even had to play when he also was injured himself? Guess you don’t remember cause you were busy critizising him anyway. For that I just don’t understand y people keep saying he doesn’t give his guts for the club. Please stop argueing and support our players in bad or good times…

  5. Relax man, he is & has always been a casual player… what did you expect when we got him 2 the Emirates. Your going on as if players can’t have sh*t performances now & once again. He scored 9-Leagues goals this season… What else you want from him… His BALLS!?

      1. look randy, what do u want arshavin to be…like cesc…u want him to be a down to earth,humble guy,who smiles and makes the world feel better,sorry mate,u r looking the wrong player…before he came to arsenal he was gonna be that way,yeah u might not like it,but shut up and live with it,arshavin doesnt always perform,yeah he sometimes is casual…but he is that guy who can turn a macth around…before he came to arsenal i knew he was gonna be that way…stop crying about what..he is an arsenal player,stick with him,stop giving shit about him,…frankly,i dont like arrogant people,so what do you want US TO DO ,HANG BANNERS OUTSIDE EMIRATES STADIUM READING THROW OUT ARSHAVIN….THE RUSSIAN IS AJACKASS…THIS IS THE FIRST POST I HALFLY AGREE WITH YOU…I AGREE HE IS ARROGANT,BUT THERE IS NO REASON FOR US TO TELL HIM FUCK OFF,HE HASNT PERFORMED BADLY,YEAH NOT UPTO HIS MARK…WELL U CANT BE LIKE CESC ALWAYS…HE FILLED IN NICKS ROLE FOR A LONG TIME,PLAYING OUT OF POSITION,NOT PLAYING THAT WELL,BUT HOW CAN U BLAME HIM,I MEAN DO YOU SAY EDUARDO SUCKS??…RANDY OSAE,MY FRIEND,I THINK U WERE DRUNK WHEN U WROTE THIS OR JUST HIGH..ANDREI ARSHAVIN IS STRAIGHT FORWARD,LIVE WITH IT..HE MAY BE CASUAL BUT HE GIVES HIS BEST WHEN ON THE BALL,WENGER IS THERE TO FIX HIS PLAY,WHY U SO WORRIED,AS IF HES THE REASON ARSENAL WILL FUCK UP…CHRIST,HE PRAISED DENILSON, THAT,USUALLY ITS WENGER OR CESC….HE GIVES CREDIT WHEN IT IS DUE,HE ASO GAVE IT TO CESC…”BEST PLAYERS I HAVE PLAYED WITH”…WHEN THE TEAM PERFORMS BADLY,WE HAVE ARIGHT TO CRITICISE HIM BUT HE DOESNT,60200 FANA AT THE EMIRATES BOOED EBOUE LAST YEAR ,AND AA ONE COMMRNT UPSET U SO MUCH,ARE U SENSITIVE,….WHAT IS WRONG WITH,YOU….


  6. Wow, just wow. That’s a big rant for someone who isn’t sure about whether what he’s ranting about is actually true. Typical Arsenal fans, we always have to blame someone for something. I love the little Russian player, and for me he’s a starter when fit, his off the ball movement and ability to produce something special out of nothing is absolutely world class.

  7. I’m not gonna lie, what you have written is true unfortunately.
    I think that it’s also his personality, on his personal website he’s very blunt and straight forward with his reply’s to people’s Qs.
    He needs to make more effort every game, he stroll’s too much. Having said that, when he’s being lazy he seems to score more than when he’s putting 100% effort in. Weird lol.

  8. Well done. There aren’t enough people who have the cahoonas to criticize our most skillful player (Did anyone see how many chances he fluffed during the Hull Game!). Dido for everything you said, including the goat+wife. My gut feeling is he’s out the next year, maybe for his DREAM club Barca.

  9. “Randy Osae, the site’s webmaster, is a 17-year old American High School student with aspirations of being a Sports Journalist”

    with garbage like this…your aspirations will always remain in tact…

    “If so, f**k him, and he better sort that sh*t form out or f*ck off.”

    1. Thank you.

      I could afford to give a little f**k about what you thought about my ‘aspirations’.

  10. so what if he is, most supporters of other clubs envy the fact that we got him. dont hate, appreciate! withouit him this year we’d be fighting for 4th place…..fact

  11. Any player isn’t proud to don The Arsenal shirt might as well leave the club. Remember the once “boo boy” of The Arsenal? Still, he chose to remain and fight on for a place the squad even though he had offers from a couple of clubs (Inter and Roma) Any club or manager will be very proud to have a player like this.

  12. randy sorry to hear you have a bee on your bonnet over arshavin. I don’t agree with you. so what if arshavin likes to keep to himself? he does his talking on the pitch. whereas you on the other hand are being really negative like a child who isn’t getting what he wants and so is throwing his toys out of his pram. I don’t see why arshavin should run the full 90. he is an intelligent and efficient player. you could learn something from him in fact.

  13. Randy,

    I think you are out there on that perception…. I could be wrong but if anything he is just confident. He should be… Isn’t he ranked 6th best player in the world? Arsenal are better w/ him than w/o him… I think he is hurt actually at the moment… He is also probably upset that Russia is out of the World Cup… So he may just be frustrated.. As far as contribution goes he will be known as one of the founders of “the Golden Era”… TH14 and Berkamp will be known as the invincibles…

  14. I dont like some of his comments to the media sometimes, but on the pitch, whether he’s arrogant or not he gives his all for the cause, and he’s a winner. He helped carry the team when our two main CFs were injured despite being under 5ft6 and most of that time he was carrying an injury.
    All top players are arrogant because if you’re not confident in your ability then you’re nothing. There are many players with much more talent than arshavin, but they’re not as good because they don’t have the confidence he does. Same could have been said for henry, ljungberg, and even pires to be honest.

  15. Sorry but we wouldn’t even be in the champions league this season if it weren’t for The ARSh. He is a superstar and i don’t care if he is arrogant, he is our MESSI, it is as simple as that.

    Also he is at the club to play football. Not to become a monk! You are a stupid fool looking to attract viewers. I wish i didn’t waste time reading this post or even commenting, maybe im the fool, who knows. But one thing is for sure Arshavin is the best.

  16. Correction, not all top player are arrogant. To name a few, KAKA, PELE, CASSILAS etc,etc…

    1. Thanks Kidz.

      Please add to that Fabregas, Ronaldhino, Gerard, Giggs, Rooney(apart from that old bad temper), Messi and it could go on, on, on and on.

      When a player intends to take on a defender one-on-one or try a shot at goal from long range, it’s because he is confident about his ability with the ball at his foot.

      There is confidence in football and there’s arrogance in attitude.

      1. Fabregas isnt arrogant!?!? Are you kidding me?
        Giggs, rooney, gerrard?! Even more ridiculous!
        They are all arrogant. How they express it may be different, but they are all arrogant.

      2. And all these players are ARROGANT, not just confident in their ability. They believe they are the best player, or at least capable of being the best player in the world. If they weren’t like that they wouldn’t be good players!

        Some of them try to express it in a humble way, like henry. He’ll praise other players etc, and comes across as a classy guy, but ultimately he believes or believed he was the best player around.
        That IS arrogance.
        Same goes for kaka, or whoever you want to name.

    2. You don’t think theyr arrogant?
      You think pele doesnt believe he was one of the best players of all time?
      Of course theyr arrogant. It takes arrogance for anyone to take on the worlds top defenders one on one as Kaka does. He would be useless if he wasnt arrogant.
      I really don’t see the point of this post. Arsh doesnt harm anyone with his attitude. He believes in his ability clearly, but he doesnt try to cheat or anything, as some other “arrogant” players do (eg gerrard and rooney). Beyond that it makes him a better player to be arrogant, so who cares?

      1. dan – dumb fuck .henry arrogant?? go brush ur teeth with ur pubs , i know what ur tryin to say but u definitely dont know the meaning of arrogant

  17. I agree with randy when have u ever seen arshavin proper acknowledge the crowd?! I recall him at Porto too when he came off he didn’t even look at wenger when le boss thanked him. Arshavin keeps ripping the shit out of London too…he’s not happy here we should sell and buy some defenders or edin dzeko with the cash. Good obsrvation randy…Arshavin out if attitude doesn’t improve. Also how come he is only up for ‘big’ games…sounds cuntish to me! Arsenal till I die

  18. Arsenal Lover, football is a team sport. The team wins or loses collectively. Andrei Arshavin alone can’t win a match without Almunia to keep goal for his side.

  19. OMG i am a little puzzled as to why the majority of comments are actually agreeing with the post. I mean, sure The Arsh is a little arrogant, but maybe it is just in his nature to be very opinionated and loud, I have an aunt just like that, heck most of my family are like that. The difference with The Arsh dis that he takes his persona onto the pitch instead of leaving it at home.
    Deal with it. He cheers me up everytime i see him play, very unpredictable. The character is typical of MOURinho.

  20. What is so puzzling about people who agrees with Randy’s post? You have your opinion so do we!

  21. C’;mon everyone – it’s football, not an American Highschool! Grow up. People are different. If everyone behaved like Eboue you’d all hate it – icky. Arshavin’s a treasure, and may well be key to our eventual success this season. Be big boys and support him – he’s on our team.

  22. True, people are different but people can also learn to accept the good values and discard the bad.

  23. utter tosh, you should read the latest post on his website. He sigles out special praise for denilson’s performance against west ham. Also if you have read any articles on the teams spirit and dynamic, you will see that arshavin is very popular within the squad and not at all arrogant.

    a point on comparing his behaviour after matches with eboue… arshavin gets subbed in 90% of the games he plays for arsenal. he’s never on the pitch at the end.

    on his performances, he has spent a good portion of the season playing out of position for the good of the team WHILE carrying an injury. the role he played was the one up top which requires quite a bit of pointless running, wenger has also admitted that arshavin doesnt have the greatest conditioning for a professional footballer. he could have thrown a strop for being played out of position, but no, he played there without complaint for nearly 3 months of the season.

    for me he is one of the unsung heroes of our campaign so far, he did a job for the team and did it over personal glory, fair play to him.

  24. NOT at all arrogant? I beg to differ because sometimes his actions really shows. For me, action speaks louder than words!

  25. You guys here are all hypocrites.
    You guys here are demanding too much from him.
    When he scores, you praised him.
    When he didn’t, you said he’s fu*king awful.
    Seriously, what bullshit is this.

  26. i’ve said it time and time again..arshavin’s heart isn’t at arsenal..he loves barca.he’s never said he loves arsenal..he criticises arsenal and london publicly.. u all said he is 5’7 playing as a striker but he scuffed chances against man utd,chelsea,hull and so many others..i think he needs to fuck off.

  27. i mean even defoe about the same height plays and scores for spuds..arshavin is a forward, a supporting striker if he doesn’t work for the team he needs to take his chances..wat are forwards for?scoring goals

  28. It seems like WE Arsenal fans like to complain alot.As if we cant live without being negative towards our team. Thanks God i am not like you guys.Please for God sake support ur team for better and for worse.Usually i dont comment on the blogs but in this article i forced myself to give my opinion on this.We are on the way to secure the 1st trophy in 5 years so please lets stick together as a team.All players need our support including Denilson,Silvestre etc.Do you think that you help our team morale with this kind of post? Randy and all Arsenal bloggers pls think twice before u post negative post.I am sure u know it wont help our team may be it will help getting some few hits 4 the site. We r tired of Stan Collymore and his friends with anti arsenal comments,so dont add your self on that list. I wish other Arsenal bloggers could have been like arseblog.Peace all Gooners.

  29. Ive never agreed with the white text and black background. Whose feeling me?

    I think you need to change it to black text and white background. No need to get creative.

  30. “Thank God i am not like you guys” said Somali Gooner. Hey, this statement reminds me of a text in the bible about being hypocrites. Well done but you spoke like one.

  31. Umm the whole point for these forums etc is to talk about our team good or bad….
    its called discussion..

    1. Yes, you couldn’t have said it better.

      Your 1st comment was so good, I had to move it up for all the fools to read since it’s unlikely they’ll scroll all the way down here to read some sense.

  32. A little more consistency from Arshavin be it playing the big or small teams will help The Arsenal go a long way to achieve the clubs ambitions.

  33. How hypocritical some of the fans are. Bendtner missed 5 goals n everyone wanted his head tho he worked hard in that game. Arsh been missing games after games in a row n it’s like noone noticed!!! I don’t complain about it. But y do we treat players differently. Hypocrisy? Double standards?
    The guy is a genius but YES his attitude stinks.
    How often does he chase back fit or not? U ever seen him celebrate with teammates wen we score? It’s like he doesn’t wanna be here! He needs to stop criticising teammates. B4 I get called a whinger I wasn’t part of the anti diaby eboue song Walcott nasri brigade.

    1. andrei arshavin -player of the tournament euro 08 ,4 goals anfield,can dribble ,shoot without a backlift ,came in the balon dr list 2008.marked by zidane as one of the finest .nick bendtner-truly arrogant . u get the message mikey spud

    1. u are the real retard.wat has he done in the past few games..besides fabregas is a better team player than him

  34. Why are most arsenal fans hypocrtis can’t they just praise a player and not worry about what he says, and poor preformances? Who dosent play bad. He might not run back as much but he scores and he makes great passes if u read a post on it was said we win more games with arshavin Starting on the field also I would like to see all of u people hating him run up and down for 90 min. People complaining r the ones who say the same about denilson diaby walcott and bendtner when hey score or do a cheeky move there great but if they miss or do something bad they suck. Supporters e suppose to support there team not give em the stick.

  35. spot on osae,clear n real critic.dont agree the fact that he’s guaranteed evry game,should fight 4 his position,he plays with moodswings while players like rosicky,eduardo,vela can properly play there,they all have proper link play,can hold tha ball,n pocess good crosses,sagna had the worst crosses but eboue been played often has improved sagna,in the hull game all his crosses were perfect,he now knows he has to perform evry game he’s playing or eboue will play all games,should apply to shava too,that’s why tha mancs r successful bcoz fergie does’nt suck up to his players

  36. I normally say to my friends that Wenger is not in the same category as Jose (how sad to say that). See how he is treating Boli. Arshavin does not want to play for Arsenal. I posted on Saturday on one of the forums after the Saturday game. He was just jogging around with zero passion. For the past 6 games or so he has done more damage to the team than good. Most of the players at Arsenal has less skill than him but at least they care. I would rather lose a game than have him on the field. Please Wenger let him be on the bench for the next five games (including the Barca games) so that he can go away. I dont really care about him.

  37. God i love waking up to shit like this. Eboue is a legend now because he gives his shirt away?? I’ve heard it all now. Arshavin is arrogant? Never!

  38. Guys, chillax.. he is a wonderful player and has got a very casual way of doing things.. thats the way he is.. am sure he ll change ur mind.. i don blame u for taking him to be a c*nt.. but he aint one.. he is just very casual and has supreme belief in his ability..

  39. I also feel that AA is super when he wanted to play. However, most of the time, he just walking on the pitch. he seemes lacks the energy or Heart to play … WHY ???/

  40. randy is a gay faggot who wants dick up his gay gaping ass
    AA is better than your generation will ever be you fucking bastard.
    AA is not arrogant. you will never make it as a journalist
    you will only make it as a shit head who writes crap of other people

  41. randy its true all what u say. I hope the maneger notice that I love him but he is so lezy. and I don.t no his heart belong is it arsenal or bac. Last time he say the titel race betwen man u and chelsea. He dosen.t belive in arsenal even said arsenal r two player behaind baca

  42. can’t believe you guys pretend to be an arsenal supporters forum. it is shocking. you pesky spotty kids should shut this website and grow up and get laid instead of blogging utter crap.

    seriously , get a life. go support tottenham or something while you are at it. you know nothing about people. when was the last time you watched a game of football anyways?

  43. Notta matter Whether He is arrogant or not. See how Arshavin is performing every match. I do agree that, now a days he is not up to His standard. Thats why you guys started to write him off.

  44. @Randy my son.I just don’t know the reasons why don’t u wanna learn from ur own grandfather.What d fuck is wrong with ur gaping ass,i guess ur shithole is probably leaking.AA is one of the best players,arsenal have got.I don’t care if he’s arrogant or not.All i care is that he’s doing a good job on the field of play.So my son Randy,just try to shut up and learn from ur father.Be a good boy.





  46. @Ray,u’re right with ur statement.My boy Randy is just a stupid boy who doesn’t want to learn from me.He is a player haters.

  47. I think some of you are missin the point. He don’t want to be here. He hates England as he don’t like london. Time for him to leave we won’t miss him. He is more than replaceable. Don’t get me wrong if he can shut up talkin and do it on the pitch then no doubt he us world class, but at the moment we don’t need his shit bye bye arshavin

  48. I’ve seen many stupid posts lately, but this one beats a majority of them by a mile! Nobody is afraid to voice their opinions in this virtual world of blogging sitting behind their flickering screens. Its just that maybe you and your two chums are the ones with deviated minds who know fuck-all about football.

    Arshavin was asked to play Centre Forward in an unfamiliar position in the most physical league in the world. He has played with an injury for most of the season. No surprise then that his form has suffered. Inspite of that, he oozes class and mastery in every touch of the ball whenever he turns up, be it for 15 mins in a game. Inspite of his form, he has won some matches for us and scored some incredible goals. Get off his back you moron!

  49. You realize that the interviews for his website are done in Russian, and then translated into english? That might explain why the answers aren’t exactly the most enthusiastic as it has to be altered.

    More to the point though, you’re spouting shit and your moron followers are agreeing just so to asslick you and look like they have a brain. Shut the fuck up for once and just support him.

  50. Yeah you’re right! Totally agree with you.

    And I don’t like Fab’s Catalan roots, Bendtner’s self importance, Sol Campbell’s age, Gallas’ look, Sagna’s beaded hairstyle, Clichy’s cropped head, Song’s wristband, Diaby’s excess height, Eduardo’s scar on the leg, Nasri’s protruding teeth, RVP’s gelled hair, Vermaelen’s Belgian sounding name, and Wenger’s French accent.

    So we should get rid of them all and sign Terry, Lampard and Rooney. Do you agree?

    Fuking git. Did your mom drop you on your head when you were a kid?

  51. ok, i can accept (but disagree) that you might not like andrey arshavin. what i want to know is, while arsenal are in great form at the moment, playing great football that could possibly see us winning some silverware, why does some random arsenal “fan” in america with a blog feel the need to jump on one of our most talented players? just because he has an attitude problem? really? you didn’t know?

    it makes me believe that you probably haven’t followed “soccer” for very long. did you ever see cantona play? one of, if not the most arrogant players of all time, yet he was a complete genius. in fact, i’d go as far as saying a lot of most skilful players had/have attitude problems (henry, ronaldo, christiano ronaldo, best, ronaldinho, marradona). that’s why we are so lucky to have a player like fabregas…his maturity is almost one of a kind in modern football (messi is another that springs to mind).

    so yes, andrey arshavin is arrogant. live with it. what are we to expect of your next blog “why randy thinks the sky might be blue”?

    i hate the fact that a so called arsenal “fan”, who doesn’t even live in england (probably been to highbury/emirates once, if ever at all) can jump on the internet and influence a couple of thousand people with some awful opinion. guys like you think that because you watch the game on espn or on some live stream that you ‘get soccer’ and that you know what you’re talking about. you don’t. the majority of you don’t have the same emotional interest in arsenal, or the premier league as the people who live or been brought up in the uk, and blogs like the one you have just written prove your naivety.

    if i followed the new york yankees as my baseball team because i watch them on sky every week, i wouldn’t claim that i have enough knowledge about them to start blogging on players personalities, nor would i be able to get the correct “feel” and mood of what the was all about, or what it all meant to the true new yorkers. i could guess, yet i would never know for sure.

    next time, think before you open your mouth. there are times for topics like this and now is not one of them. GET BEHIND ARSENAL. stop adding to all the unfounded negativity in the press (that you would know more about if you lived here), you’re supposed to be one of us, aren’t you?

  52. How can you judge someone’s personality not knowing him personally or ever talking to him? You base your observations on what you read in the papers which is 95% rubbish. Try to see more positives, it helps everyone rather than this negative crap. He is a great player afterall and a real character. Nothing wrong here. If you cant stop yourself being so negative then write about rooney, drogba or torres (or gerrard or …….).

  53. all the people that have writen that aa is arroganrt should take a look back at th14 THE MOST AROGANT footballer i have ever seen i am not saying that aa is in the same class as him but lay off him

  54. Hey my fellow gooners, it may sound bullish but im AA. plz stop with this ranting of my attitude, its not like every othet persons attitude are pleasing to the eye. i mean look at gallas, hes attitude sunks but we all hoping is fit for the second leg at barca. it not like wenger evebn cares about attitude, its all about wht players produce on the pitch. if adebayor (toss) had produce wht he did the season b4 were he scored 30 goals, do u fink in would be in the blue n white kit dis season ???(although hes attitude was worse dan mine laziness arrogant disrespectful stingy and gay).

    Even wenger attitude somtimes aint all pretty bcaus we all knw he lies to us sumtimes esp during transfer market. So plz stop with the ranting anf just support

    Ima start working hard from the biringham game on n off the pitch if u want bcaus laziness is quite different from arrogant


    P.S: i dnt love barce, i like dem, every1 does
    remember my first interve when i came to aresenal
    i said i love gooners
    plz SUPPORT

  55. Hes dopy, lazy and unmotivated.
    Hes so skilled that he has alot of ppl fooled to these facts however.

    OK its ture im lazi but arrogant shouldnt b a problem, caus most stars dat have made it in dis game were arrogant. Look at C.RONALDO. he a cunt but he bags in 43 goals bucas he aint lazi
    im lazi so i need to work on dat
    dis article is bullish bcaus the topic shouldnt b about me been arroognat but about me been lazi

  57. You are a bloody fucking liar.What do you call yourself Ashavin?You log in here to claim that you’re Andre.LMAO..Wonders shall never ends.

  58. very controvertial post, randy! a little harsh on the man i’d say. lets not forget the language barrier and cultural differences. give the man a bit of slack!

    this weekend a fine match by a very inspired arsenal side. let’s not lose focus by fretting over petty stuff.

  59. What’s wrong with a touch of arrogance? Until recently Bendtner was regularly being slagged off for being arrogant now it’s never mentioned.
    Arshavin is extremely talented (and also very tough and brave)and that’s all that matters. You should take note of the fact that Wenger kept him on for almost the full 90 minutes – why? because even though he is carrying an injury he is still the most likely to do the unexpected and turn the game. Why should we like our players?

    1. wait no we…

      ade wanted more money
      aa gets more money and still wants more

      ade rumoured to want to move to milan and barca
      aa openly says he’d prefer barca

      ade was negative
      aa is negative

      ade was lazy on the pitch
      aa is lazy on the pitch

      FK me ure right theyre the same person
      theyre like the same person

  60. well, as far as i’m concerned every individual have got their own personal side. fabregas is a humble lad,arshavin is the opposite. we really shouldn’t be bothered about that. arshavin is still a very much key player for us if we are to achieve great things this season. lets just appreciate his contribution on the pitch rather than his personal side.

  61. really shitty and pointless article. you’re clearly the reason why Arsenal and our fans arent liked. You seem to forget AA is russian and im sure the interpretion in his article wasnt spot on. Why ahould he also change his personality just to suit? its the way he is. Ok so he’s performances of late haven’t been 100% but we are winning games, so get behind the player(s) and stop being so bloody negative.

  62. Randy, I believe that you have prepared yourself for this onslaught because of this controversial post.You have made your point earlier by stating that 2 will agree whereas 4,520,378 will disagree. Do not be dishearten but keep posting, be it controversial or not. A forum is a place where people can agree or disagree. Cheers mate!

  63. The strange thing about all this is we’re going for the title and you choose to write about this. So what if he’s arrogant. So what if he didn’t acknowledge Wenger when coming off against Porto. If we win the league I don’t care if he whips off his jersey to reveal an “I hate Eboue” tattoo.
    Different strokes for different folks. One thing beyond question is his ability and thats all I care about.

  64. um guys i am sorry i am wrong about him i was high and just wrote that abot him p[ease forgive me guys gunin guns out go arsenal go

  65. Randy i accept your apology, i knew u where high at the time u wrote this article 😉 hope u come up wth more uplifting articles dan this, see u all at st andrews


  66. wow – interesting piece. Yeah he is erogant but you need that. You can’t expect everyone to be mr. super sunshine day in day out.

    I know you have your opinon but I have to disagree. He does his job and does it well. He’s not flashy and doesn’t cause problems. I have no problem with that. Someone people have the mentality of Eboue and some don’t. As long as he’s not slamming his teammates or the club I’m fine with that.

    He seems to get along with the players on the pitch and that works for me.

    He doesn’t demand more money and doesn’t talk about joining other clubs.

    Plus you have to remember he’s Russian. Then tend to come off a little strong and arrogant.

    Good site and you have your opinion.

    Up the Guns..7 more games to glory!

  67. Arsene is the greatest….I would love to see him trade this russian to Barcelona in exchange for Pedrito.

    1. this russian ??????????? who the fucking blazes r u ,muppets like u live in a dream world .AA was arsenals best signing last season and aw doesnt sign cunts or arrogant players .dumbass spud

  68. “yes i said it -randy osae ” -who gives a shit .arshavin aint a arrogant person one bit .talking about mourinho he is right up there among the greats ,negative football you may call it but so was george graham’s arsenal.arshavin praises his teammates when he needs to and is just frank about his feelings and beliefs .Apperciate his honesty u dumb 17 yr old.hes been playing through pain and its because of players like him that we r in the title race not pricks like u .its a pity i actually used to like ur site .u better sort urself out or …….

  69. What is all this about? That you dont like the personality of a player? So ther is now a code of personality for Arsenal players! What makes us interesting is that we are unique and individual. To expect everyone to conform to your notion of how to behave is unrealistic. The amusing part of this is that you are not even sure whether it is arrogance or shyness.

    Surely we have got enough to worry about encouraging the team through the run in than examining personal behavioural patterns. We do not have the right to a certain behaviour from others, especially as it is part of their make-up. This so called attidute is not hurting the team and there is no reason to resort to personal abuse.

  70. your argument is pointless, randy.

    it’s not going anywhere and it doesn’t really affect us.

    if Arshavin turned up wiv a pineapple in his shorts but still scores, dnt matter



  72. Yeah I hear u randy, been thinking the same lately.He seems very lazy indeed, and barely supports clichy, their was a time on sat when aa was miles behind the play while clichy was up their by himself. Want more of him scoring like hull away.

    The big one Barca, lets see how he preforms then

  73. typical arsenal fans,why don’t you go and play for 20 minutes and let’s find out if you’ll be able to walk.arshavin is a good player,a game changer anytime,any day.He’s straight what?he’s a business man.he’s does his bit.and who says players don’t have their off days.yep,he’s lazy sometimes ut it’s applicable to most players some times and as a matter of fact,he just came back from injury…please look for something else to write talk as if you are the only one passionate about arsenal.

  74. Oh shut the fuck up. You would be arrogant if you were the number 1 man in Russia – if Putin openly backed your move to England. Arshavin is a fucking G. Stop looking for drama. He’s the best thing that’s happened to us in a long time. Go suck a lemon batty boi.

  75. I am russian and Anrey fan sinсe he being Zenit player. Zenit won Uefa Cup,Russian championship owing to him, He was hero Euro 2008 etc. But after fiasco with slovenia, russian press made him guilty for everything .They defamed him. English press repeats it. Yes Fabregas is best Arsenal player, but Porto was defeated without him and Anrey did more for this than samebody else.HE was the best not Bendtner who scored into empty frame. I noticed samething wrong in Arsenal team. Arshavin very seldom get assist from teammates. Usualy he do everything hiself. Only few player price him for scoring and assist and he also do it for half team.
    And litle bit about his arrogance. Whether he is arrogant – may be, whether he is tallent -certainly. Moreover he is more cleaver than autor of the article and autors lot of posts here


  77. Dun think he is as arrogant as u think. Seems like he is carrying an injury [from his website]. Look at the number of defenders on him when he has the ball. Perhaps that could explain why he is usually out of the game. He is having a bad patch and he seems to know it, especially with a lower confidence.
    Anyway, I think I read it somewhere that when asked who is the moaner in the team, he was the one.

  78. Randy I have luved your past pages but this attack on a word class player and his wife is unforgieable. Obviously you are not aware of the Russian culture and temperatment. They are mostly a surely laidback people and AA is typical. he my have made some po performances but names one inthe side today who has not. Ibelieve while he may miss some his positioning is superb. Right now I think heis playing hurt which is more than a coupel of the other babes have done, Give the guy a break for goodness sake – a new league different style of play (probably much better) than the Russian Leagues. He will come thru withhis own style. I hope thn Randy you will give hin the credit due. We have been very patient with others although young lets be patient with a guy in a new a different environment. Pehaps having visited Russian in recent yeas everal times I am more uneestanding. Do not undermine a great player. They all need all the positive halp we can give – let the critis come latter. Lawrence J Beadle

  79. Randy…nice to see you get in the ring and take your swings 😉

    For me…I couldn’t give a toss about what he does off the pitch.

    But yeah…he does need to show a lot more esprit de corps with the lads and The Boss.

    Bendtner is arrogant…but at least Arshavin backs it up with his play.

    Granted he does need to be more clinical with some of those balls played into him in the box…but other than Robin & Cesc…Andriy is our only game changer.

    I don’t understand people saying he is dogging it out on the pitch…I don’t see it. He was rampant the first 70 mins of the West Ham match…up and down the pitch over and over again.

    He plays intelligent defense by getting into the passing lanes to clog up counter-attacks.

    Frankly I don’t want him to waste his legs tear assing around after the ball trying pressure defenders. That isn’t his game and that isn’t how he can help us best.

    We need “The Russian Schemer”…and I don’t hear him making public demands to be traded. Considering we low-balled Zenit to get him and he was willing to take less to get the hell out of there…not sure why people got so much beef with the player.

  80. We have too many Mr Nice Guys in our team already – and they have won f*ck all for us – Arshavin may be be a nasty piece of work but since he joined the gay ( as in happy) gang results have improved – the big tests are about to occur in the next few weeks – we will see who is laughing after these games have been played .

  81. you’ve hit the nail on the head mate! He is arrogant, he thinks he’s something proper special when he aint done f*ck all. He’s got all the talent, probably for a period last season was one of the best in the world, he looked lethal for a few games, but he looks like he sulks all the time unless he scores.

    has anyone ever clocked when someone else scores? he dont celebrate he sulks off with his head down. unless he is scoring goals he has the hump, even when he sets up a goal he looks miserable, if he livens himself up he could win us the title.

  82. Dear all,

    I ll be quick in my response. I’ve known Andrey for several years, not close, but still. Last year when he came to Arsenal, we started to communicate more.
    My aim is not to make you guys believe in smth different that is on your mind, but I can assure you that this person is committed to the club, to its players, fans, stuff on 100 per cent. Even more, he feels bad and upset when he sees obvious things big club can do, but it doesnt. He loves its fans, he wants to play and most important to win with ARSENAL.
    The last one. He is not such a character who will always show his committment by gestures, words,lyrics. He shows it by smth that is hidden from public view, apart from his performance. If you could ask Venger to evaluate Arshavin’s personal qualities. He would rate them as excellent.

    Again, I wrote it just to make the point clear, it is honest.

  83. “Arshavin’s either very shy or kind of arrogant.
    If so, f**k him, and he better sort that sh*t form out or f*ck off”

    So you just assume the latter?

    You’ve demonstrated a desperately embarrassing lack of footballing and psychological insight. Congratulations Randy, you got all the attention you sought for. Perhaps even the emirates plastics will start to boo him too.

    And to, jjjj:

    “unless he is scoring goals he has the hump…”

    Yeah, because what we want a striker who is happy when he missing chances. Lord help us having a world class player who wants to play the best he can play, who is striving to help our team as best he can. How dare he be a perfectionist; how dare he be his own sternest critic – give us an unproven toddler from the Congo any day.

    You people are incredible..

  84. Kyle…

    “Yeah, because what we want a striker who is happy when he missing chances. Lord help us having a world class player who wants to play the best he can play, who is striving to help our team as best he can. How dare he be a perfectionist; how dare he be his own sternest critic”


    I LOVE that about Andriy.

    As opposed to that slack jaw Adebayor who was always laughing after missing sitters…made me want to put my fist in his face.

    On a team of kids…its nice to have a player who can act like he’s “been there before” and wants more.

  85. To those ripping on Randy…you can disagree without having to resort to personal attacks and smears.

    Every Gooner has the right to voice their opinion…its a big Camp.

    Nobody has the final word or the final say on everything Arsenal.

    Randy went out on a limb and took a risky stance on the player.
    It sparked a lot of passionate reaction…and got the thread humming…141 posts to date.

    Isn’t that what this site is about??…bringing Gooners together to share their thoughts and opinions.

    Mission accomplished.

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