his press-conference which precedes Saturday’s Emirates Cup opener, Athletico Madrid manager Abel Resino made it known that he feels Arsenal is somehow a declining club.

His inference is as that of a typical pundit today – stressing that Wenger’s sale of some of the best players to ever grace north London is gradually degrading a club which was once scooping trophies and reaching new milestones in English football every year.

His views may reflect on the fact that his side – despite a decent team but once far from Arsenal’s class – are now facing the possibility of meeting Wenger’s men in a Champions League qualifier next season.

At least Abel Resino’s also-runners can find themselves in a certain category with Arsenal even though his evaluation of the Gunners may be wrong.

But the Spaniard does acknowledge improvement in Arsenal’s ranks and will not discount them. Certainly not tomorrow.

He said: “Arsenal are a great team, although you have to renew yourself in the world of football. However, they have the same manager. Arsenal is an unknown because they’ve sold important players and have young players. When you do that, you run the risk when competing with the big clubs in English football, although on the other hand these could take an important step forward. For me, they’re a team that is improving and you never know the limit of young players.”


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