Chelsea & Sevilla knocked out; Good or Bad for Gunners?


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Today’s topic: number of Arsenal’s potential opponents for the next stage of the Champions League was decreased today with the ousting of Chelsea and Sevilla.

That means the Gunners will now avoid any chances of facing the blues who mauled them in both meetings this term while CSKA Moscow’s victory over Sevilla means Wenger’s men cannot be dealt a trip to the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium where they last lost 3-1 in 2007.

But still in the competition are the likes of Lyon, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Jose Mourinho’s powerful Inter side and a tricky CSKA Moscow.

So before Friday’s quarter-finals and semis draw in Nyon….

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36 thoughts on “Chelsea & Sevilla knocked out; Good or Bad for Gunners?

  1. Good thing. All we need to do now is avoid Rooney united and we can reach the final. Inter, Bordeaux even Barca would be a good game.

  2. very good for us, coz one less home team to worry about.

    all we nned a kind draw, probably avaid united at this stage and maybe get them in the later stage….

    C’me one GOONERS

  3. It’s better we face the winner between Olypiacos vs Bourdeaux.
    We then have a fair chance of going to the semi final.

    After that we have to play some really quality clubs.

  4. Definitely good! I think we may have a mental block when it comes to playing chelsea. Inter will be a tough side to face but I would rather face them over Chelsea. If we can keep players fit and rotate players to keep them fresh I think we can go far. With an actual striker up front now we look like a different team.

    1. Absa-fucking-lutely right. We gotta beat them all to lift the CL so I don’t give a shit who we get next as long as we win.

  5. its bad in my view, we will end up drawing a difficult tie like utd or barca then lose and then have a resurgent chelski to challenge for the title, they will have less games for a period of time now than us

  6. Good for the Champions League, because even though we can take anyone on, they are still very dangerous sides on their day. So their elimination increases Arsenal’s chances of Champions League victory. Bad because all Chelsea have to concentrate on is the league and a few Cup matches. So there is now very little room for error if Arsenal expect to win the league. But we can get the job done!!!

  7. i suppose as english teams in the champions league are our boggy teams its good…but now they will give 200percent in every league game that might be bad for us!!!…what do u think guys?but gotta say hahahhahahah!!!

    1. Sure about that? We can turn them over on the night but to dismiss them without a thought would be as dangerous as, oh i dunno, a cartoon james bond billionaire bad guy dismissing his former “special” henchman as no longer dangerous on said former henchman’s return to the secret HQ.

    NOT US!!!!

    hahahahahahahahahhahha suck my red nuts Drogba!!!!

    Id love us to play barca in the next round. Then we can see a proper game of football!

  9. good…let’s just avoid man utd. My main reason behind saying that is because we already play at least twice a year I don’t want to play them twice more when we can be playing great teams from other leagues that we rarely play. To me the magic of the champions league comes from playing teams from around the continent…drawing an English team is always a disappointment and now that Chelsea are out that’s one less chance we have of doing just that

    So if we could avoid Man Utd and Inter (I don’t fancy Mourinho’s record against Wenger), I’d be happy. I’m beginning to think that if we can tighten up our defence we might stack up well against Barca. They play good football and don’t excessively rough up their opponents so we’d be allowed to play our brand of football too. And when we play our brand of football we’re pretty formmidable

  10. Both good and bad. Sevilla we would have definitely struggled against because of their pace and their ability to attack from the wings. They seem to have a mental block in Europe as they have been eliminated twice in the second round despite being favourite.

    Inter are a compact side who play 4-4-2 and have FIVE world class players (Zanetti,Lucio,Maicon,Sneijder and Eto’o). Mourinho is cocky but he is world class manager as well. They can defend with six and attack with Eto’o, Milito, Sneijder, Stankovic and Maicon. Wesley Sneijder rivals Vermaelen as the best signing in Europe. He is among the leading candidates for the Ballon D’OR. Real Madrid made a big mistake.

    Let’s hope Barcelona get eliminated tomorrow. It makes our road much easier if we play Stuttgart,CSKA, Olympiakos/Bordeaux rather than Chelsea/Madrid/Barcelona. It does not mean just because teams were eliminated that we’re better than them. Madrid would have given us trouble.

    Champions League is about matchups.

  11. Our chances of drawing a PL side have just halved, so it all good. What a week to be a Gooner, brilliant.

  12. Bad – I would have fancied our chances against Chav$ki without drogba for both ties (a straight red for violent play = 3 game ban). Inter have 2 defencders suspended for teh 1st leg, so that may be a good tie.

  13. tonights result is good in two ways.
    1) we have problems playing chelsea and we wont face them in the CL
    2) Chelsea will now go for the lLeague all out, therefore Mancs have to fave Chelseas vengeful wrath, potentially pushing the Mncs out of the title race who have to face a resurgent and desperate Liverpool, have an outstanding derby at Citeh who are after a CL spot and dying for revenge

  14. I watched the game and i see why it is good to have matured player on your team chelsea think they are matured but they met a more matured inter, talking abaut who we are going to meet why did some of u trying to avoid some side for we can defeat any team in the world with the type of football we are playing

  15. Teams to avoid: Inter (looked soo strong)
    Manchester United (Rooney too strong at the mo)
    Bordeaux (They actually very very underated)
    Barca (Just coz the Henry Fabrigas thing)

  16. Lyon knocked out Real Madrid, But I would take them. Bordeaux are actually a much tougher opponent.

  17. Chelsea, the pride of London?…ha, the saying goes, pride always goes before a fall. By the way, at this stage of the competition, we must have the belief to face any team.Though its better to face the so called non favorites, anything can happen in football.

  18. Now I see the logic why Arsenal yet does not pre sign Chamakh from Bordeux… Because Arsenal want to take pre caution move if Arsenal meet Bordeux in the next level, Arsenal want Chamakh to prove where his heart belong. To Arsenal or Bordeux. If he scores goal in the meeting between Arsenal n Bordeux and knock out Arsenal of of CL, Arsenal will not sign him at all. Why do Arsenal want to sign somebody who cost them the CL? If they do sign him, the fans absolutely will not like it. So the best thing for Chamakh to do if he meet Arsenal in the next level of CL, he just can play around or score own goal. But do not score against Arsenal. Than maybe Arsenal will think to sign him

  19. Too bad for Chelsea. But I can careless if they got knocked out or not. I thought they would get past Inter. I’m still not sold on them yet, though.

    For the QF I think whoever we get it’s not going to be easy. Be it Lyon or CSKA Moscow. They proved that favorites can be beaten. So, all these teams going to the Quarter Finals have quality to beat anyone at anytime. Madrid, Chelsea, Sevilla fell asleep and are now OUT! Who will be next tomorrow?

    So, most want to get an easy QF fixture, huh? What if that wish comes true and we get knocked out? I seriously will embrace whoever we get in the QF draw on Friday. This Arsenal team gets no credit at all. I seriously hope this is our year to win something. I’d love both EPL and CL title but that’s asking for too much right? Naahhh!!! haha. We are almost there fellas!

    I believe!!!

  20. We stand 4 fame & not 4 fear. We are not afraid of a red eye fellow. Just follow the river, & we will find the sea. Gunnerssssssssss…

  21. I feel we can beat any team in the champions league except Man Utd, its something i’ve stood by for years now, when we meet English Clubs we tend to balls it up! Drogba should have to serve his ban this season in the Premier League, not next season during the weak group stages of the CL, he commited the offence yesterday, why wait 5 months to punish him!

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