Draw for Champions League quarter-finals

https://i0.wp.com/www4.pictures.gi.zimbio.com/Villarreal+v+Arsenal+UEFA+Champions+League+2dXjUbGgMffl.jpg?resize=274%2C174For the third straight year, Arsenal will be involved in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

The Gunners were beaten when they last faced English opposition in Liverpool at this stage of the competition in 2008 but overcame Villarreal in last year’s quarter-final.

And Arsenal ensured a spot in the last eight of the competition this season by dispatching FC Porto on Tuesday.

Wenger’s men will now find out their next Champions League opponent when the draw for the quarter-finals takes place on March 19 – next week Friday in Nyon.

So keep in mind that Arsenal will be pitted against any of the following teams in the last eight of the tournament.




https://i2.wp.com/soccernet-akamai.espn.go.com/design05/i/clubhouse/badges/363.gif?w=640 or https://i0.wp.com/soccernet-akamai.espn.go.com/design05/i/clubhouse/badges/110.gif?w=640

https://i2.wp.com/soccernet-akamai.espn.go.com/design05/i/clubhouse/badges/83.gif?w=640 or https://i0.wp.com/soccernet-akamai.espn.go.com/design05/i/clubhouse/badges/134.gif?w=640

https://i1.wp.com/soccernet-akamai.espn.go.com/design05/i/clubhouse/badges/243.gif?w=640 or https://i2.wp.com/soccernet-akamai.espn.go.com/design05/i/clubhouse/badges/1963.gif?w=640

https://i1.wp.com/soccernet-akamai.espn.go.com/design05/i/clubhouse/badges/159.gif?w=640 or https://i0.wp.com/soccernet-akamai.espn.go.com/design05/i/clubhouse/badges/435.gif?w=640

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43 thoughts on “Draw for Champions League quarter-finals

  1. Bordeaux, Chelsea or Man Utd. Our leaky defense would not have been able to hold Real Madrid to one goal over two legs. We are two naive defensively.

    Let us keep it real

  2. bordeaux or sevilla 🙂 so we could crush them just like we did with porto! muhahaha!!!!!! 😀

  3. Any french team will be intimidated by the Wenger maestro. Any english team would be taught a lesson as we were by them in the league. The difference would be its over 2 legs and lightning aint gonna strike twice!

  4. It doesn’t matter,if you want to be champions,you should not be afraid to play anyone.Bring it on.

  5. Why does it matter who you draw if you are good at what you are supposed to do? Stop the excuses already!

  6. Wetuna For great teams it does not matter. offensively we can be great but defensively we are suspect particularly away from home. we cant win every match by scoring three goals.

  7. Inter, Man United, Chelsea, and Barca are the teams I’d least like to face. Sure we should be able to beat any team if we want to win but I’d still rather face some teams over others (especially in the quarterfinal stage)

  8. yes bring any team we nd to beat any team to be champs. but lets be wise rather play easy team naw en d big l8t wen rvp,gallas is bk en we gt a ful squad. or sux lyk we did againts che en manu in d league

  9. There are no strong or weak teams in the quarter-final. If we want to win, we have to be able to face strong sides like chelsea, man utd or barca.

    So, come on guys…

  10. i hope we take man u or bayern and save barca to the end(for revenge).belevin dat wae can win any team but and dat we r good enough to face dem, but i want us as UCL champions so i woulde love to take lyon or chelsea the weekest sides.

  11. i think that Chelsea will get knocked out by Inter, and I think Man utd are favourites, i could see them doing a job on even barca this time round.

    I’ve always said for years that if we are gonna win the champions league then we’l have to avoid all the English clubs in doing so. Everytime we come up against an english team we get knocked out, its like a mental stumbling block for us. Chelsea 2004, Liverpool 2008, Man utd 2009.

    It gives me no confidence wenger saying ‘bring on an English Club’ cos i have no doubt we will get overpowered on the night. Our best chance of winning the UCL came when we dodged the tricky English teams and beat all the top european teams, we lost in the end but we should have won it that year, had we met chelsea in the 2nd round that 06 season our weak team would have been sent packing.

    Hopefully Inter deny chelsea and Barca, inter or lyon can eliminate man utd in the quarters, then we stand a real chance cos we can stand toe to toe with any of them teams, and our footballing style could shine through and win the day for us.

    fingers crossed, up the gunners

  12. its all good people saying lets beat man utd then chelsea then barca, by all means that would taste very sweet indeed, however, the reality of the situation is different!

    This Arsenal team is good, and through some miracle of a season we are somehow still in the title race, lets be honest we should be long gone! but if we win it, then i’m the happiest man alive no question about that! but to win the UCL with the toughest run possible is going to take an even bigger miracle, it’d almost be like taking a bet that hull finish top four next season. These boys are bigger than us on the day, no doubt about it. We gotta get a lucky run and hope for the best, and the you never know we might just pull off a Liverpool 2005!

    1. my friend ,faith is a good thing, ARSENAL is just a seed sprouting and we have just seen the head of the plant and bit of its body all these years..
      the first leaves and branches and come out…soon we will see what this little seed which wenger sowed four years ago will be capable of…

  13. I would love if it was barca. Any european team and we have a very good chance in beating them. bUT we have to avoid chelsea and man u at all costs. Lightning WILL strike twice if we play them. Either way its likely we will face United or Chelsea with the other one playing CSKA,Sevilla,Bordeaux or Olympiakos. TO PROGRESS WE MUST AVOID ENGLISH CLUBS AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

  14. Chelsea beat us quite easily in both league games so we don’t really want to meet them.
    United outclassed us at home but we self destructed at OT having played well.
    We were unlucky to lose to Barca in that final but our defence and their attack makes me think of a hot knife and butter.
    So avoiding Chelsea, Man Utd and Barcelona would give us more chance.

    We lost to Bayern a few years ago when we were terrible in Germany but we should do better this time. Could go either way.

    Our history with Seville is similar to our history with Porto. We lose away and win at home. On paper we should get past Seville, Lyon and Bordeaux.
    We haven’t played a French side in a big CL game so maybe it’s time we did.

    My money’s on us getting Bayern Munich or Man Utd.

  15. Il take lyon sevilla or cska moscow bordeaux or olympiakos bayern ..i think we can beat them without much troubles with lyon in exception

  16. i want to say that arsenal is the best team in the world ,if it have strong defence other wise it is some what difucult.

  17. Here is my run down on teams I would like to face first.

    Path- we know how they play and we beat them with our reserve team


    Bord- would be great to see what CHam will do.

    CSKA – would be a tough draw to go and play on their pitch in Moscow.

    Bayern – would be a goal fest. Get in with a couple away goals is a must

    Stu – well they aren’t going to make it.

    Barca – I think we would shock them, they aren’t that different from us, Fab would have something to prove..and they are old..we would be able to run all over them.

    Chelsea – if they make it will be tough and I think we would have something to prove

    Inter – would love to stick it to those bastards

    Lyon- I said it at the start, this team scares me.

    Manure – tough draw they seem to own us mentally

    I don’t care who we play, European football is amazing and I love watching the guns.

    Hull next…one game at a time. 8 more to go.

  18. There are no easy teams at this stage of the Champions League!

    but if i had to choose, wouldnt mind playing Sevilla

    But then again a rematch against United always makes me think..

  19. personally, i would love to see manure and chavski draw each other and grab a lesser side in the quarter finals.
    I do feel both of the other English teams would be a stumbling block as mentally they will have the edge.
    That said, there are no easy teams at this stage of the competition and you gotta beat the best to be the best.

  20. Dream draw for me would be

    man u v Chelsea
    barca v bayern m
    lyon v seville
    arsenal v bordeux

    wouldn’t have to play a big team till the final which is obviously only 1 leg which would suit us better.

  21. Does the semi final draw take place at the same time, if so then this would be the ideal draw:

    Q1:Manchester United v Chelsea or Inter

    v (Semi)

    Q2Barcelona or Stutgart v Bayern Munich

    Q4 Arsenal v Bordeaux or


    Lyon v Seville or CSKA Moscow (Although i dont fancy a cold trip to russia)

  22. I dont know…

    I kinda want to face Chelsea then Man Utd and Barcelona in the final.

    Reason for this is that if we beat and actually play well against all those sides then we will definetely accomplish what I feel this squad is capable of eventually achieving…be the best team in the world.

    It would confirm that this team learnt a lot from loosing against Chelsea and Man Utd earlier in the season.

    It would finally show that you can win things with kids, because lets face it, they are still kids, Chelsea have an squad that is way more experienced and they havent won the Champions League and havent won the league in 3-4 years.

    If this squad do the double I can see this generation lifting at least another 7-8 major trophies if they stay together or if players are properly replaced, e.g a 27 yr old Fabregas is replaced by a 24yr old Ramsey, Rosicky replaced by Wilshire, etc…

    If you look at the whole picture you will realise that our first trophy will be just the tip of the iceberg.

  23. Arsenal gonna win both the league and Europe this time around. In the quarters we wanna see gunners beating Barca as a payback. Don’t we…

    Come on barca……………

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