• Kiwior was class. At times it felt as secure as having Saliba in the side. He showed firmness in defendimg as well as very good vision and awareness. I see signs of a developing world class centre-back. It is really promising.

• From the little I have seen of him, Timber is a far better defender and possibly as good an inverted left-back as Zinchenko. Once he is back, there should be no place for Zinchenko in the starting line-up. I do like Zinny, but let’s face it, the free-ish role he has as an extra midfielder basically makes him look better than he is. Increasingly, he looks like a very weak link in our side.

• Havertz. Oh dear. It does not look like he can play himself into form. I know he intercepted a few balls, tackled back, held up well, and had some good touches, but when 3-4 other players are not performing at their best level, it feels like we are carrying him. We will get found out in the Premier League very soon if we continue to field him when he is so short of morale and looking aimless at times.

• It seemed that many of our players were going through the motions. We showed more zip and dynamism at 0-0 and 1-0 down than at any time after going two behind until Odegaard came on the pitch. I am not saying we threw away the game, but at times it did look like we were quite happy not to exert ourselves and just play from side to side without penetration. It had a training game feel to it. At least this means perhaps we will be up for Newcastle on Saturday.

• Many West Ham fans showed how little class they have by booing Rice every time he touched the ball and jeering any of his passes that did not come off. Can you imagine having such little class? I have never heard our fans treat a returning legend in the same way at Highbury or the Emirates. (This excepts the likes of Adebayor who left under a cloud and/or was a jerk rather than a legend).

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