German Clubs: Arsenal scarier than Barcelona and Real Madrid

Considering the fact that Arsenal are still the last side to breach Bayern’s defense or defeat the German giants at all in the Champions League, it is safe to say that Heynckes men would pick Juventus and Barcelona over Arsenal in which side they would rather face again.

Sure, it is a different Dortmund side this year, but until their affordable defeat at Real Madrid, Wenger’s men had been the last side to see off last season’s Bundesliga champions. Madrid and Barcelona may have been battered, but we sure weren’t and this cartoon does justice to that fact.

Be a proud Gooner and while you are at it, find out why Bayern are in danger at Wembley.

Gunners scaring germans cartoon

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14 thoughts on “German Clubs: Arsenal scarier than Barcelona and Real Madrid

  1. I would have believed the headline had the gunners got into the final. To me it smacks of a pro job to make Wenger happy.Nothing can be furthere from the truth.

    1. Why is it so difficult to accept that AFC are capable of causing consternation among the other big Clubs? We have a great history and have beaten ALL of the big clubs at their homw ground….that certainly proves we can do it and deserve sa giant-killer reputation. It is too bad your hatred of Wenger and the Arsenal have blinkered you to the point you can’t acknowledge our strengths, but rather prefer shitting on the Club you supposedly support!

      1. Isn’t Arsenal supposed to be a big club….now we are only proud of causing the occasional upset? That makes no sense…What has happened to all the AKB gooners now that having one good performance a year is something to be proud of?

        I understand where you are coming from about loving the Arsenal and being a proud gooner no matter what…but we are at the point where if you really love the club, you will demand the ambition to at least try and win something…not just try for the make-believe trophy for 4th place.

        I feel like all the AKB fans need a Braveheart rallying cry to go out and fight for a better future for the club and not accept the mediocrity that the club management has accepted for so long and justified with flawed arguments….How much is Bayern’s wage bill and how much is ours? Who is supposed to be a big club?

  2. Arsenal are not the only Club to beat Bayern in the Champions League, Bate Borisov did it also.

    1. And who said they are the only club to beat Bayern? The article clearly says they are the LAST club to do so if you could actually read.

  3. We are still rebuilding, next season it will be better. More experienced and more players to come. Rise of the gunner next year?

  4. We are suppose to be celebrating trouphies and not being carried away of beating Bayern who depite being beatened, are BundisLiga Champion and warming up for a prestigious final while Arsenal are struggling for a champion league place. Arsenal need a change in strategy in order to remain competitive.

  5. we did well against bayern, no question about that…but the team’s inability to produce these kind of performance consistently is sickening… Contrary to wat steved said, i don’t think a change in manager is what this arsenal team need… All that is needed is believe, they need to believe in their abilities and not relying on their opponent’s failure… I love this arsenal side cos of their will to succeed, their ability to grind out result when they’re not onsong… We’re in a re~building process, and 2 or 3 top class signings will/can make us a top club again… #webelieve

  6. I think people have taken this article the wrong way it’s more of a “look at wht were capable of” statement not that we’re proud of finishing with no silver pots this year. Like it or not a better home result against Beyrn and things would have been alot different. I agree with debislyv more strength in depth is what we need and that will bring consistent high level performances we need a take the first 30 mins against man UTD we were destroying them, but hen the self doubt resurfaced and we went into our shell this squad is capable of great things add the right players in the summer and we can/will win the league

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