He’s Sahin no more: Bigger Liverpool offer hijacks Arsenal’s Sahin deal

https://i0.wp.com/cdn.bleacherreport.net/images_root/slides/photos/002/471/693/nsc_crop_650x440.png?resize=372%2C243The Nuri Sahin saga will soon come to an end, but not in Arsenal’s favour.

Liverpool have today been given permission to work on signing the Turkish midfielder on a season-long loan after offering Real Madrid a £5 million loan fee, more than double the £2 million amount which Arsenal had settled with the Spanish club on Monday.

Over the past couple of weeks, the Gunners had been deemed very likely to snap up Sahin despite competition from Liverpool for the former Dortmund man.

Indeed, Arsenal were so confident of welcoming Sahin that a medical and photo shoot was scheduled for the 23-year-old earlier this week, but Madrid refused to settle for the insufficient transfer fee that Arsenal were willing to pay if Sahin’s move to north London was to be made permanent by next year.

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Liverpool’s higher offer has persuaded Mourinho’s side who left Sahin out of the squad which lost 3-2 at the Camp Nou in the Spanish Super Cup first leg today.

The player himself is set to receive only a slight pay-cut from his current £115,000 wages should he complete the loan move to Anfield which was confirmed as being “likely to happen within the next 24 hours” by Liverpool boss Brandon Rodgers today.

Arsenal’s failure to land Nuri Sahin may be a good omen since Arsene Wenger is now likely to pursue a more natural defensive midfielder to replace Alex Song. A move for Rennes youngster Yann M’villa remains on the cards but there has been no official bid from Arsenal for the player yet.

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41 thoughts on “He’s Sahin no more: Bigger Liverpool offer hijacks Arsenal’s Sahin deal

  1. “Arsenal’s failure to land Nuri Sahin may be a good omen…”

    Please. At least have the grace to say its a major loss. Because lets be honest, it is.

    Re. signing a DM. Arsenal were always going to sign one. Regardless of Sahin’s arrival.

    1. Major loss how? You think it’s wise paying over the odds + a higher portion of an already high wage for a player who has seen little action is wise? Sure, he’s quite talented, according to the youtube compilation and his previous Bundesliga honours, but really, should we stump up all sorts of money, make him probably the highest paid player in the squad and then most likely send him back to RM next summer? This could be a footnote, minor loss or possibly a blessing in disguise. But a major loss this is not.

    2. I completely agree. Don’t sugar coat it. Arsenal were cheap once again despite having plenty of transfer money to play with from our two high profile sales. Having Sahin plus M’Vila or whatever DM we hopefully (not so sure anymore) get would have put this team in the drivers seat. Now we are going to limp along again to hopefully a 4th place finish. There is no ambition whatsoever in our management team and it is so frustrating trying to be a loyal fan because they break my heart all the time.

      1. Message to Phil – GET A GRIP MATE! Go and support the Yids, then you’ll know what broken hearted means!

  2. What a joke. The usual half arsed efforts on transfers. We missed out on Mata because we messed about. No longer a big club just a cash cow for Kronke. Couldn’t wait for last season to finish and never missed it during the summer the first time in over 40 years. Can’t wait for the season to finish. RVP was right about what he said about the club but really how can you join manu. No wonder he missed a penalty against them last season. Change at the top is required otherwise we will never win any silverware.

    1. To tell the truth,we showed that we are a big club by refusing to take in a young loanee without a buyout clause.Loserpool have now confirmed their status as a small club by taking Sahin in for just one season.

  3. whatever… anyone that thinks Arsenal should pay a player over 100K a week for a loan signing is off their head.

    Liverpools spending over the past couple of season has been like a deranged bitch in a shopping centre, and can only deliver long term pain – doubling our offer only smells of despracy.

    Why fans attach themselves to players on the rumours of the media (the media… those people that lie, go through dead kids voice mails… etc. you know them..) and then act like they are the only player that exists if beyond me.

    this fella played less than 150 mins the whole of last season…. a good player but there are others.

    1. Absolutely my point! Yes, he is great, but Real were just hoarding him like there and the other casino clubs do. They buy everyone and just hoard them. I’m glad we did not cop to them. It is getting ridiculous. Look at their benches – City, Real, PSG …

    2. I agree. It’s a ridiculous amount of money, particularly if there’s little chance of making the deal permanent next season.
      He’ll be a good signing for Liverpool, but it won’t be enough for them. I expect them to get some nice results against the top sides this year but will fall short – typical Liverpool season really.

      “Why fans attach themselves to players on the rumours of the media and then act like they are the only player that exists if beyond me.”
      Completely agree. People just believe everything they’re told, it’s pathetic.

    3. Wenger should not have let it go on this far in the first place. The man is an idiot and I can’t see why a couple of good Englishmen experienced in EPL couldn’t be approached

  4. I tend to agree with Richard…the balance of the scale has tilted towards profits and away from the love for the club and sport. Maybe it’s time to sell Wenger? Kronke must fall !!!

    1. mate it’s a privately owned company, for profit. It’s about profit, not winning games. That is literally a fact

      All these ” clubs ” should be publicly owned by members, like barca

      1. why rate me down for a corporate fact. It is a company, for God’s sake, registered as such at companies House. It’s not an opinion

  5. Thank God for that. Now maybe Wenger will sign M’Vila who is what the Gunners actually need. The last time Arsenal were competitive was when we had Viera and Petit in midfield. Both capable of putting a foot in.

  6. Thing is; Wenger says he wants one midfielder and one defender. So I always feared that Sahin’s arrival would mean he would fill the gap of that “one new midfielder” and we would be without that Vieira like signing of M’villa or Tiote and instead be stuck with another deep-lying playmaker as our DM and therefore get kicked around at Stoke.

    Oh wait…Stoke is next! We need a physical presence in midfield who can play defensively very well. And I’m not talking about Diaby (unless he dramatically improves the defensive side of his game)

  7. I think some are missing the point I made eariler. Wenger has followed Sahin for years and thinks he’s an outstanding talent. You want him then make sure you get him permanently. Some here believe they have inside information saying we couldn’t get a buy out but a lot of the press say we had agreed 14 million! Who’s right, who’s wrong, who cares but this was another player we wanted and yet again we missed out. Wake up we are sliding down the ladder and suffering death by a hundred cuts. Project youth is bound to fail if you dont win silverware. WE DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE PLAYER WHO HAS WON SILVERWARE WITH ARSENAL. Big club, more like a feeder club!!!!!!! The best we can hope for this year is fourth and then see who we sell next summer!!!!!

  8. Why is everyone saying we missed out another player. why would we take him on loan pay over the top wages and at the end of the year send him back to Real Madrid a better player than what he currently is. because under Wenger he would adapt to our style and he would improve bigtime. Its about time we started taking a stance like this. we will be fine and I expect us to right up there at the end of the year. In Wenger we trust COYG

  9. Now we face the reality, the pay structure at Arsenal is very low. On value for money terms, this lad has to be twice time better than Alex Song for the wages he is on. It is also hard to believe R Mad-rid, is still prepare to pay player this kind of wages to simply sit on the bench.

    1. Of course, but has he ever represented Congo? The complicated FIFA eligibility rules may not be worth it for him.

      1. to clarify…yes, his father was born in the Congo, but Yann has represented France at every stage. So I doubt he’d ever bother with trying to represent them and once you’ve played for one country, it’s not as simple as showing up in Kinshasa with his boots.

  10. Read all ur comments but no one seem to really understand what matter most in the Sahin matter. Sure he will get enough playing time at arsenal and will improve in all area of his game.So the question now y make him a great player and now leave for madrid the following year? It will be like selling him to madrid at his peak next season again. My fellow gooners,that we dont get him is not a disaster just that we might miss him and he might hunt us like that of Van der vart

  11. Here is a little truth some Arsenal fans will find hard to digest with their coffee this morning. We got more out of Alex Song for the monies we paid him!

  12. Hahaha arsenal are shit Liverpool have more pull and are a way bigger club, making up shit u don’t know bout wages and loan fees fact is even with chamPions league you couldn’t attract a top Player over us, and van persie left for a rival like many before I hate arsenal and your manager is a cunt I hate him cant take defeat with a handshake really hope this is the beginning of no top four for youse scum

  13. Most people on here (including the original poster) rationalise the blatant disregard to making us realistically competitive. Penny pinching comes above trophy clinching. That is what we have seen for the last decade and the script hasn’t changed one jot. Again our aim is to finish in the top four, nothing else matters.


    1. Can you seriously believe that? Or is it rather of fear of losing the dressing room!

      Most players on £50K per week and loaner on £115k+.

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