Impressions of Laurent Koscielny?

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Today’s topic is:

What are your impressions of Laurent Koscielny?

This does not necessarily mean you are making judgments off two low-level preseason games. Just give your thoughts on his first glimpses in an Arsenal shirt.

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64 thoughts on “Impressions of Laurent Koscielny?

    1. i agree, he does look a bit small. he needs to bulk up fast if he really will be the answer to our defensive problem.

  1. I think he may turn out to be another sensation in Thomas Vermaelen mold. He may not be very imposing but speed and precision matter more.

  2. 10 million is a hell of a lot for a french second div defender, im not wholly with the akb camp but in these kind of instances i do tend to trust him. I just wish hed buy someone else at CB too, as this is fast becoming a farce. We need to replace almunia, no arsenal goalkeeper should photographed looking like a effeminate topshop model whilst walking a toy dog.

    That aside I must say Koscielny looks good technically but perhaps does need some creatine on the go or drogba will make new studs with his teeth.

  3. I saw him playing in the french league and I can tell you he’s got solid mental strength and character. He only needs a bit more muscle mass and two three games to adapt…and Drogba won’t even dare enter our surface.

    1. Keep your poisonous doom-mongering to your own site please, where we can choose to avoid it more easily.

  4. I think he is not impressive in the first two matches. He was just doing defensive work and seldom going forward. The bad thing is that he was not performing shapely in his defending task. I remembered in the first game he even cannot made a easy header clearly when he was not under any pressure. Hope this was just because lack of physical sharpness and he will improve it later.

  5. he does need to bulk up if he is gonna survive in the prem, but overall he has looked good from what ive seen of him, he’s gonna need time to adapt and will find it difficult at first, specially against players like drogba, but he will get stronger and i have no doubt he’ll be a very good signing, he has all the attributes of a great defender its just the physical side of it, but it will come!

  6. it is obviously to have strength in the premier league, but its not the be all and end all, thomas vermaelen has strength, but he didn’t particularly use it in the premiership last season, he didn’t get really over physical. whats important is that koscielny reads the game well, makes the right interceptions and uses his aerial ability, watching him in ligue 1 last season, i can tell you he has those qualities

  7. Pre-seasons mean little.

    I’m a Londoner who also follows American Football, my team, Detroit Lions, won every game in their pre-season. They then went on to lose every game in the actual season.

    I’ll give my opinion of Kos after August 15th (or his first competative game) and not a moment before.

  8. really i have not being able to watch any of Arsenal preseason game but thatz my club i have so much passion for the club,so the only thing wenger can do is to make us happy is by winning the champions league,premiership and fa cup even carling cup

  9. He’s a midget. Honestly £10!!!! What was Arsene thinking about. He’s 2nd string though and Dhourou will be great. But that’s a lot of dosh for someone to sit on the bench. Just hope Sol comes back

    1. I believe the main concern over TV5 when he came was his height, not his physique. But while TV5 can jump like Michael Jordan, unless Koscielny is hiding a can of spinach in his shirt, he’s going to need to start hitting the weights very hard.

  10. Laurent has the makings if a great centre half. He’s not huge and he’s never going to be like big Tone but he is positionslly very aware and is comfortable in the ball. He could do with being a bit stronger physically but it’s easier to bulk up than to learn to play. I think he could also be deployed as a sweeper if Arsene ever changes his formation. A very good buy, (I hope!)

  11. Too early 2 judge!some of us havnt even seen him..think of a better post mate.!nkt!

    1. Are you an illiterate?

      I clearly stated in the article above that no one should judge him on two low-level pre-season matches, but just give your thoughts (not judgments) about when you first saw him.

      Maybe YOU should think of a better comment to annoy.

  12. really hard to tell with having only played two halves of preseason action against poor opposition. Nonetheless he looks promising. I don’t think he’ll be our starting cb alongside vermaelen when the season arrives. I think that Djourou will get the job since he has more expereience in the prem and also apparently wenger expected him to jump into a 1st team starting spot last year before his injury

  13. Vermaelan is 5ft 11 didn’t use strength or aggression but was one of the best centre backs last season and very good in the air, he won almost every aerial challenge with strikers, Koscielny we heard is also good in the air and reads the game well as do Vermaelen. Koscielny is 6ft 1 taller than Vermaelen.

    1. If we have Flappers in goal or Alumina then we will concede goals because there will be no trust and that’s how mistakes are made, remember Verminator’s own goal against Chelsea came about because he didn’t trust Alumina, if we have a good keeper then it will make the defence’s work that little bit easier

  14. looked confident in possession,not really tested.Wenger played his position so he must have seen something?

  15. I think he will need to bulk up a bit, and if he is subjected to Wenger’s pasta & nuts diet he may need a g/f to feed him some steaks & plenty of carbs… However, from what I have seen so far his positional awareness is precise & he looks confident on the ball. He has a lot to take in, appears to be training hard & if TV5 says he looks good, that works for me. It appears that he is trying to get a read of Arsenal’s playing style which is why he may not be so keen to roam forward yet, but at the same time he keeps a good line & I don’t believe he will be turned too easily given his pace. With TV5 as a partner I think he will learn a lot very quickly & fingers crossed Big Sol re-signs for another year or two he can learn from the experienced & supportive/motivational back line beasts!! Also, no disrespect to Djourou but I think he looks ready to fight tooth & nail to claim the C/B position for himself because Johan will take a few months to be fully fit & ready for consecutive games. Only 1 week ’til I am @ the Emirates Cup weekend & our first silverware since this time last year.. We need a big cup this season, and really need a new No1 in goal because the defence can’t be held to ransom for basic goalkeeping errors. From the current batch, Mannone No1, Szcesny No2 … Fabianski on loan? Please let me know your thoughts! Robinski

  16. Slightly off topic, but I think Koscielny may very possibly be getting his first call-up for France soon.
    The French Football Federation has just axed its World Cup Squad for the friendly against Norway on 11 August. This means none of the 23-man squad would be called up for that game.
    Wouldn’t that give Koscielny a good chance to be called up? (Of course Nasri would be called up too.)

  17. WHO GIVES A SHIT!!!!



    1. Dream on this is the season when you will find yourselves out of your depth in the CL, you had a one hit wonder of a season that’s it…forever in our shadow.. ‘How many Spurs fans does it take to change a light-bulb?’ ‘None they love living in the shadows’

    2. Have you not been saying that for like the last 6 years or so. Face facts you will always be regarded as the weakest team in North London. Come on the yids have another season promising so much and delivering nothing. PS enjoy champions league while it lasts 🙂

  18. what’s with all these people moaning about him being too small? he’s 1.86m (6’1″) and thereby taller than vermaelen, clichy and sagna. agree about bulking up but he said so, too, so why be concerned? you can gain weight and muscles pretty fast.

  19. Yeah I agree there is something about Djourou that seems the real deal. He reminds me of Rio. When the reserves played in the Carling Cup with Djourou and Song as CB’s Sheffield and Wigan didn’t know what time it was and we kept clean sheets. Then when they were used in the Prem and Silveste and co were then used against Burnley in the next round we went out!

    However Djourou needs a run out and I still think more time to really make his mark. Playing as a squad player with Sol will be excellent for us.

    Let’s not forget that this is only pre-season and along with the rest of the squad Koscielny is working towards match fitness.

    He looks like a dark horse to me. He is moulded like Cahill and Jagielka who are not big guys but are as solid as bricks. He also looks very articulate and quick. Good traits as a player in any position!

    I see potential in Kos and I notice that when Wenger does not give up on a transfer it’s usually because they are worth it! Ie: Arshavin

    Let’s give him a chance guys!

  20. Whether or not Kos is good is the least of our concerns (I think). We seriously need a goalkeeper (it’s obvious). But my general assessment of Kos is that he’s too light for Premier League, meaning that his partnership with Vermaelen (at the center back) is a disaster… AW need to sign a CB that is physically built so that it will compensate for the light-nature of Vermaelen himself. Up gooooners!

  21. He’s looked pretty good, although a bit lightweight and maybe a bit overawed at the quality around him, but I think he’ll be fine. What I like is that he’s smart and positionally sound- you can bulk up an get stronger, as he has already admitted he needs to do and will do, but you can’t teach basic football sense- you have it or you don’t, and he’s got it.

  22. As for Verm being lightweight- really? Just like he makes up for height with astonishing leaping ability, he makes up for size in strength and overall meanness. I think a good comparison would be Vidic and Ferdinand at Man United, the main difference being Ferdinand is taller but not as smart as Kos. Going off topic, I’ve always thought Ferdinand has done very well despite being weak on the basics- but what do you expect, he got his first senior team education under Harry Redknapp lol!

  23. Koscielny is like Ricardo Carvalho in his playing style. I have watched him play all year last season. He is positionally excellent, comfortable going forward with the ball at his feet, can pick a pass -even a forward pass, aerially competent and has a burst of pace which most strikers will be proud of. He is no spring chicken guys, he needs 6 months and he will be great.


  25. All said and done, funny how all you faithful forget how scrawny OUR current captain was! Who ever said cesc bulk up? We look forward to L playing his game! You busy bodies need busy off else where?

  26. Reading comments here youll’d think we were facing Drogba every week.. apart from Lucio who had a good day when Drogba had an off day basically every defender who has crossed his path has been bullied. The true exceptions being som African defenders who treated Drog like he was Reyes and they were fergusons lynchmob. Konscielsky needs time his stats are fantastic.. he is a reader of the game .. strong in the air .. and a great passer .. had more clearences than any other defender in France i think. I dont think he was bought for hos brute strength .. but yes by all means bulk him up.

  27. Reading these comments, it seems that this whole “we need a monster centre-half” idea has got out of control.

    If a central defender has to rely on his size and strength, then he’s making too many mistakes.

    Look at Yobo, Richards or Samba – huge, powerful guys, leaky defenders.

    I’d rather have a shorter or lighter bloke with better concentration, better anticipation and better aggression.

    People criticise Wenger as having a blind spot on defenders because he doesn’t buy monsters – I think it’s the other way around, he focuses too much on athleticism, not enough on mental strength.

    As for Kos, we’ll see.

  28. I am going to totally disagree with everyone here and say he does not need bulking up. Being a fittness instructer myself, I know that : Adding muscle mass or weight often means an reduction in pace. I believe his pace and awareness compliments TVM’s strenght and power. They will be far more effective defensive unit then two very strong but medium paced defenders. As for the drogba comment : name me a defender in the Prem who has continually had Drog in his pocket…no one. Drogba is a power house and the only way to control this beast is by doubleing up with one very strong defender and the other quick defender. I watched Special K in the French league last season and he was one of the most consistant defender and made the most tackle in that league. I think at 8.5 mil…he is going to be a bargin! Have faith in Wenger guys! Come on you redddddssss!!!!

  29. I am going to totally disagree with everyone here and say he does not need bulking up. Being a fittness instructer myself, I know that : Adding muscle mass or weight often means an reduction in pace. I believe his pace and awareness compliments TVM’s strenght and power. They will be far more effective defensive unit then two very strong but medium paced defenders. As for the drogba comment : name me a defender in the Prem who has continually had Drog in his pocket…no one. Drogba is a power house and the only way to control this beast is by doubleing up with one very strong defender and the other quick defender. I watched Special K in the French league last season and he was one of the most consistant defender and made the most tackle in that league. I think at 8.5 mil…he is going to be a bargin! Come on you Redddddssss!!!!

  30. Koscielny is listed at 6’1 but there’s no way he’s that tall. Yes he’s lightweight but he will get bigger in time. What we need is a tall strong cb to win the headers and all that while Vermy sweeps. You can’t put two defenders of the same mould next to each other (kos and vermy) hopefully arsene will buy atleast another cb and re sign sol and defo buy another Keeper please arsene

  31. We need skills not physique. The problem in english football is that people worry more about the size than the skills and that’s why the national team is suffering! Look at Xavi, he is a small man but the way he dominated games at the world cup with his skill was amazing. Another example probably is Cannavaro, small man but one of the finest defenders of his generation!

    1. Bobby Moore was a perfect example on how to read the game, he wasn’t big or quick but he could read a game like no one else could, it isn’t just about size but technique and ability, if you can read two passes in front of you then you wil lbe one step ahead of your opponent.

  32. I have French pals who tell me that he is highly rated all over France. BUT…I still do not understand the thinking of Arsene..we pay 10 mil,Euros for a good, not great, player who is not the giant we have yearned for at corners and free kicks to dominate. Then we see a real UK player with potential at Blackburn (Jones) who is a certainty for England, and we do not go for him. He will be picked up by Manure or City or Pool by the year end . This happens year in and out. Just remember Johnson now of city £7 mill and we pay £13 mill for Nasri who is great at home and average away. WHY?????? What ever the fans think…Arsene proves that he has no eye for UK talent when they are still buyable..That will rebound on us after this season.

  33. All da blady pessimists who cl thmslvs an arsenal fan should just fuck off. Arsnenal is tody wat it is jst bcz of wenger n bldy u challenge his wisdom. Its gona b arsenals year ds tme n m vry sure dr wl b anothr 3 gud signings to cme soon. then shal c u disgusting fans speak.

  34. From what I’ve heard, he cost Arsenal around £2m – £3m. The £10m fee has been made up by the press after he signed for an ‘undisclosed fee’.
    So as a back up to Djourou, he could be a great signing.
    Someone said earlier that Verm was being called too small, too weak, etc. when he signed for Arsenal last season. Spot on! Look how he turned out.
    Let’s give this boy time.

  35. I think his fee was closer to £3-4m, as scottpuffin said the £10m figure was a media invention. The press made it out to be a hostile bidding war, when the truth is the deal was amicably done behind closed doors, with Coquelin going on loan there for a year as part of the deal. Hard to judge him on his play in the pre-season friendlies so far, or any of the defenders or keepers for that matter since they really haven’t been tested. Kos might not be ready to start every week at the moment, but I think he’s going to be a good one.

  36. i believe his still yet to be tested by better oppositions, let’s wait for the emirates cup then we can judge.

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