By Randy Osae

No, it’s not an exaggeration – Theo James Walcott was extraordinary in Croatia.

Walcott left both critics and all-time admirers speechless with arguably the display of his career so far at 19 years old.

In only his second consecutive start as a senior player for the Three Lions, Walcott made a mark only he will know how to surpass again. His hatrick, yes hatrick, for England was the talismanic influence to victory over now formerly bogey Croatia.

Ask him whether he has even done that for Arsenal and he will definitely answer no. In three appearances for England, he has netted that equal amount.

Ahead of the the visit to Zagreb with his countrymen, Walcott talked about how much of an opportunistic step-up it was for him. And if anyone wondered why, then giving England an early lead with a frutiful chance was the reason. The London-born boy’s celebration was of a grateful surprise.

Then Arsenal’s winger but England’s secret forward by the help of United’s Rooney, lashed onto the ball for an unbelievable second. Many had now forgotten what the day even meant to the teenager – a scoreless performance from him, would have still been one to cherish.

Walcott did not have to think about making his English mark yet, because getting the chance to, was the challenge. Thanks to Fabio Capello and whatever persuasion from Wenger, Theo cemented his platform as a representative of the Three Lions now.

To cap such a night, Walcott had the guts, fortune and quality to net a third goal eight minutes before the party was over.

He surely is not the first to benefit from a “new boy” role, but very few did it this way. He might as well have deprived Beckham and Bentley the number seven shirt for long.

In Theo’s opinion, nothing should be deducted from this fortuitious event, and if anything, he has clarified all the hype from both England and Arsenal’s concepts as accurate. And deservedly so.

Such a talent.

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