news that Arsene Wenger has actually declared he will look to strengthen Arsenal’s squad in January is certainly music to the ears, but you also have to note how rare this is.

That springs something into mind.

Is it just me or have we being seeing so many things in the past year that are so untypical of Wenger?

It all began in May this year (or if you count the sensational signing of Arshavin, then February).

Here is a list of what was notable enough to recall.

1. After Arsenal lose 0-1 in the CL semi-final first leg at United, Wenger promises “there will be a different Arsenal next week” in the second leg which he comes out incredibly confident ahead of that he promised his side would overturn the “not so much” deficit.

– Usually, he is more conservative and often appears likes a neutral fan ahead of such tension matches.

2. After the 2-2 draw at West Ham earlier this season, he plainly states “West Ham was a major missed opportunity”

– Usually, due to the trickiness of a trip to Upton Park, he would say a draw is still a point gained and tends to look on the bright side.

3. He boldly claims “Spurs are not our class” ahead of this season’s first North London derby and is seen absolutely fuming on the touchline (because of a few slacks from the boys even though they were 3-0 up) during the match.

– Usually, he would laud the threat of an opponent before a clash and would just be rubbing his palms in concealed excitement when leading comfortably in a match.

4. He states that “our defense was naive” – criticizing the late goal Arsenal conceded in the 4-1 win at home to AZ Alkmaar.

– Usually, he would be applauding the entire team – whether they ended with a tiny glitch or flawlessly – after such a comfortable win.

5. He fumes “this is a massive setback” after the 0-1 defeat at Sunderland.

– Usually, Wenger would never stress how a poor result affects Arsenal’s title chances and rather remain upbeat with every sentence in his post-match interview.

6. He doesn’t just blow off the topic as if it’s totally ridiculous and when questioned, Wenger actually confirms rumors that Song had signed a new contract after the recent match with Standard Liege and even reveals the length of his contract which was 2015.

– Never has Wenger revealed the news on any player dealings nor even dared to disclose the details.

7. Of course, you cannot exclude his “f##k” bust out in a recent press conference (he even said the word more than once) when asked about Walcott’s World Cup ambitions.

– Usually, ‘the Prof.’ is more typical than your typical 60-year-old gentleman.

8. The news of the day. Arsene has actually declared he will be out to buy in January.

– Usually, even if we had only 10 players available in the squad, Wenger would be tight-lipped about his plans in the transfer market.

Whatever it is though, I love the new Wenger.

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