Joe Cole’s reported move to Arsenal

According to claims from several media outlets, Joe Cole is to sign for Arsenal on a three-year deal.

The England international supposedly declined a new Chelsea contract due to lack of playing time and high wage demands.

But Arsenal have reportedly offered the 28-year-old a hefty sign-on fee to compensate any lowered salary.

Asked of his opinion on the idea of moving for Cole less than a month ago, Arsène Wenger responded:

“Joe Cole is an interesting target, but do I have enough players in those positions? We shall see,”

Any deal completed is unlikely to be announced too soon with Fabio Capello restricting his England players from engagement in transfer talks ahead of the World Cup.

Meanwhile, a couple of Chelsea blogs have already conceived that Joe Cole has been lured by Arsenal.

From ‘Chelsea Daft’:

“Rumours are circulating today that Joe Cole is about to sign a three year contract to join Arsenal. I must admit, I never thought that Arsenal would be able to afford Joe’s wages after his supposed wage demands at Chelsea (£120K per week).   If the rumour is true then Arsene Wenger has got a bargain and let’s face it would suit Arsenal’s style of play.”

From ‘’:

“Joe Cole is hours away from announcing that he is joining north London rivals Arsenal. The mercurial midfielder who is clearly unwanted by Chelsea will be doing all he can next season to dethrone the heroes of the Double. Cole, 28 is believed to have agreed to sign a £110k a week three year-deal.”

Today’s speculation follows claims by interested Spurs boss Harry Redknapp that Cole might have agreed a move elsewhere already.

“It looks to me that someone’s going to make a great free transfer. I genuinely don’t know who that is, but I don’t think it’s going to be Tottenham. I’ve got a feeling – and I may be wrong – that he’s already agreed a deal with someone,”

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36 thoughts on “Joe Cole’s reported move to Arsenal

  1. yh i think its a done deal ……great player

    signals the end for rocisky i think and also eduardo and maybe vela/arshavin, doubt the last two but maybe

  2. It’s funny how Chelsea say we don’t have the money to support his wages. Ummm….I hope you chavs have fun with the ‘fifa financial doping legislation’. Arsenal is an actual profitable club. Our only debt is stadium related, which will lead to loads of future earnings.

  3. hes a good player with sklls and (EXPERIENCE) and he would be a great player to out squad but i can’t really see us buying him as we has to many people in that spot and we need to buy a really good goalkeeper…(JOE HART) and 1-2 CB and mabey a big strong player in the Center of the pitch ! then we are set !!

  4. Not a bad acquisition if it pulls through, we need a keeper more desperately though and another CB!!


  6. Wenger would never offer him those wages. No way. Im sure we could afford it, but I just cant see it.

  7. While this is mere speculation at the moment,and i don’t like to comment on rumours,but Joe Cole’s acquisition would only make sense if he were a direct replacement for Thomas Rosicky.

  8. I think he would be a very dangerous player as one of the wide forwards in the 4-3-3. Arshavin is a sure fire starter, but we overused him last year and his effort and late season injury reflected that. Walcott has all the potential but can’t be relied on as an every match starter yet. Bendtner and Chamakh both need to play centrally, and I think Van Persie will play the majority of hit matches there too. Nasri would be a much better player if he were allowed to focus solely on playing centrally. That leaves Vela, Rosicky, Eboue and a few fringe players, and I’d rather have Cole in an important match than any of them.

    You have to remember that Arshavin may not be around much longer either. I honestly think he’ll leave the club before Fabregas does, and Joe Cole would be a good, experienced replacement, and you know Wenger will be attracted by the lack of transfer fee. A nice signing bonus could compensate for the lower wages – we just did something similar with Fabregas. A week ago I would not have believed you, but I think it makes a lot of sense.

  9. This would be a great signing for our Mid. Hopefully we can still keep everyone and JC can be an added bonus to teaching young Jacky. He’s good and he hustles.

    Would love for this to be true. …

    CDM, Keeper, CM and one more for backup and it will be a good summer.

    Thank god we have the world cup to keep us busy next week. Would like to get on more signing in before the cup so I can have some interest in some other teams.

    Up the Guns.

  10. Eduardo, Vela, or Rosicky should be axed to make way for Cole if he comes. I hate to say it but I hope we sell Eduardo and loan Vela out. With Chamakh and hopefully Cole coming in we have no place for Eduardo runnin’ scared anymore. I wish people would shut up about Arshavin leaving soon. Are u people mad?! I know he had a poor season hamperred by injury, but this guy is one of the best footballers on the planet! He stated himself a few weeks ago that he wasn’t leaving Arsenal so why these stupid remarks? Are you trying to run our best players away? I bet your one of these muppets that spent the last 2 weeks talkin shit bout Cesc too huh?!

  11. Im really hesitant to believe this, but I really want to.
    I’ve been saying for a while that we could benefit from a more dangerous LW and there is no doubt that Joe Cole is exactly that.
    Experienced, skilled, hardworking, he’d fit in great.
    I say why not?

  12. We can get a clue if we look at the new restriction on squad sizes this year – 25 players:

    We’ll need
    3 keepers – New No. 1, Almunia, Fabianski (or Mannone)
    4 Strikers – Van Persie, Bentdner, Eduardo & Chamake

    That leaves us with 18 players for defence and midfield. Let’s have a look




    Fab -?

    By my count that leaves room for 2 players – when you take a look at our defense do you
    really think we have room for Cole?
    Remember Wenger thinks more than 3 signings is taking a huge ‘technical’ risk.

    So my money is on us signing another central defender and possibly 2 or if we keep Sol we’ll get a defensive midfielder to go with Chamake and a new keeper.

  13. Joe Cole will be great addition to the squad. His playing style complements the already talented players that we have.

  14. Hes already injury prone, and coming to arsenal with our luck with injuries, makes me worried. However if he can stay fit then he will be a brilliant, experienced player why will definitely help us in the future.

  15. Transfer rumours and nothing more. All transfer deals should be verified officially on Arsenal website…. until then it is just a rumour

  16. something tells me he’s actually joining MANURE.OLD RED NOSE IS A HUGE FAN OF HIS..this is the tabloids revenge for the non transfer of fab to the BARKING C**TS.SO they ar doing a bit of shit stiring to try & get us all wound up & then have a larf when he joins MANURE!!

  17. Duckster, you can easily shorten that list.


    out to make way for Cole.

    Leaves three spots open…


  18. in my opinion ,joe cole will be a fantastic signing,he is a trickster,creative,fast….walcott shall also be able to learn from him.
    Arsenal have already got the poacher…chamakh,rvp will be supplementing him,
    probably the line up.if jc signs will be like this..
    (leaving the defenders)

  19. I will believe the Cole story when Wegner annouces it – sounds too good!! My main concern is that Fabregas has so often claimed his future and love is withArsenal also he does have a contract and now it is reported he has asked to leave. Last week he virtually said he would leave his future with Mr We1gner after a wonderful onversation. If all that is true then Fabregas turnes out to be a weak characterless individual. In any other business a contract is a contract and usually a mans word mean something.Hope I am not dissapointed in him.

  20. King gooner… this was not made up by the tabloids. I hears about this move before the papers started printing it from a guy that has a reliable source at the club who says hors agent met arsenal officials last week and agreed personal terms. Aw is flying back to London tomorrow to finalize the deal.

  21. Also Joe is a life long gooner and has just brought a house with his wife in north London… the signs look good. 2 good players without spending a penny from the transfer kitty… I’d be a happy man

  22. bargain of the decade joe cole and chamakh on free transfer…only thing im worried about is if AW counts these two as two of the supposed 3 signings, cause verminator is the only CB that will definately be here next season. and if we dont get a keeper, we can forget about next season altogether. djourou is worthless, silvestre, senderos and gallas are all leaving for certain, leaving us needing 3 centerbacks (4 if sol leaves), and a quality keeper. thats atleast 4 signings altogether.

  23. love it to be true i think that joe cole would prefur a london club, as i played with him at wham acad years ago hes a london boy. but you never know these days. really hope it is true though jc on the left or just off the strikers or behind would give us a great new dimention and an aggresive english player true…. please be true….sources say joes wife wants to stay in london as they have a new born babyand are settled.. lets see arsenal official website is the place for def answers so hopefully something will be published over the next few weeks.

  24. He’s going to United! All this Arsenal nonsense is just a smoke screen. United have already agreed terms and he will be a United player when he returns from the world cup. This is from the mouth of his uncle.

    1. cant see him going to united. but you never know hes from north london and wants to stay in london so Arsenal is his best option.
      Dream on United im sure you will be disapointed but lets see.
      whoever gets him has a bargain.

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