This new addition is probably the man to revive Arsenal’s year

The Premier League is just a few months away from hailing this season’s champion. It’s been a fulfilling ride for the past few games as big transfers have happened.

Now, the tides are starting to go the other way around for the teams. This is because things are starting to get better after Arsenal completed a deal signing elite midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan to the club.

Reports have it that the transfer amounted to a whopping £26.3 million. But as much as it sounds, it’s still minuscule compared to the £105.3 million transfer of Alexis Sanchez. It was one of the hottest transfers this season as it saw the exchange of two of the biggest names in the world of football — Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alexis Sanchez.

With this, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that the exchange features two of the best talents. And that Mkhitaryan’s presence in Arsenal will surely help in improving the club’s efficiency and offensive end.

Alexis Sanchez was doing pretty great in Arsenal since he arrived three seasons ago. However, his soon to be expiring contract has led him and the team to decide to let him go instead. Now, the decision to swap him with Man United forward Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been finished in hopes of helping the Gunners bounce back to its glory.

In fact, Wenger believes that the exchange was a great deal for Arsenal. This makes perfect sense knowing how active and consistent Mkhitaryan’s performance is. In his own words, Wenger says that they lost a world-class player.

But in the end, they still gained another world-class player, implying that they didn’t lose anything. The 68-year-old manager says that it now boils down to how the players perform in their new clubs.

The things Wenger says are standing on firm ground as Mkhitaryan has what it takes to adapt and integrate with their style of play smoothly. The Armenian is best known to be very efficient in his movements.

He’s also a great follower of the strict fundamentals and technicalities of the game. Wenger even says that what he likes best about Mkhitaryan is his great attitude and game outlook. Mkhitaryan is what Arsenal needs as he’s more of an all-around kind of player. He can play different positions, whether it be in the middle or on the flanks.

Wenger sees this as the traits that the Gunners need to find their way back to competitiveness. Meanwhile, talking about Sanchez leaving the team, Wenger believes that the reason behind it is more than just for the sake of legacy.

Instead, he sees it a bit of a money-driven decision. In a statement, Arsene Wenger says that Sanchez is now turning 30 and that it might be the last big contract he can make. However, he respects Sanchez decision as it’s the best professional thing to do.

As of now, the Gunners are seated at the sixth spot of the Premier League rankings. As troubling as it seems, there’s no need to worry as Henrikh Mkhitaryan has just entered the team in hopes of helping them improve their performance.

There’s no doubt Mkhitaryan can do this as he’s got a lot of experience playing in the league. With 11 Premier League game appearances he has, and another 3 Champions League games, it’s easy to say that this 29-year-old is a veteran.

He also has a 7.04 rating and an 82.7% passing success percentage, which will surely help in the Gunners’ campaign for supremacy in the remaining months of the season. He’s great at through balls, making crosses, and making key passes. And he’s not just good in the offense, but the defense as well. In short, he’s got great statistics by his side.

Because of this, it’s safe to expect that Arsenal’s 250/1 odds are going to do better when he’s around. His previous team, Man United, is seated comfortably at the second spot with 40/1 odds, next to Man City’s 1/50 odds.

The two Manchester clubs are the top guns of this season. But sooner or later, that bliss might come to an end, especially now that the Gunners just found what they were looking for — a jack of all trades kind of player like Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

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It might not be a speedy change for the Gunners, but at least, they’ve found the missing link on their roster. As long as Henrikh Mkhitaryan does his best to fit well in the team, do what he’s best at doing, and to learn new strategies from the experiences he’ll get, then let’s all expect them to dominate the Premier League.

For sure, Chelsea’s 80/1 odds, Liverpool’s 66/1, or even Tottenham Hotspur’s 125/1 odds will be under threat when Mkhitaryan is spotted in the field.

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