No one wants Arshavin: Russian flop ‘stuck’ at Arsenal as offers are yet to come in

POTD : Arshavin’s Angry Yawn At Arsenal’s Training SessionAndrey Arshavin’s days at Arsenal may be numbered, but it remains uncertain where his new club will be.

The Russian forward has fallen out of favour at Arsenal ever since his form began to decline during the latter stages of 2010.

Arshavin only made a handful of appearances last term before joining former club Zenit St Petersburg on a six-month loan deal.

Indeed, Zenith had the option to make Arshavin’s move a permanent deal this summer, but his poor performances which echoed his Arsenal woes saw the Russian giants reject Arsenal’s proposal to let them have Arshavin for a cheap price last month.

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With the Russian Premier League season only days away from kick-off, Arshavin has re-joined his parent club in London and has being training with the Gunners for the past week.

Arsenal have reportedly slapped an £8 million price tag on the player, but as of now, no club has made an official bid for the man who once scored four goals in his first match at Anfield almost three years ago.

Arshavin has one more year left on his current Arsenal contract, but at the age of 31 and still underperfoming, it remains unlikely that Arsene Wenger would like to keep him at the Emirates stadium.

Nonetheless, should he impress during the Gunners’ pre-season, he could escape being offloaded before August 31. That scenario would see him follow the footsteps of Tomas Rosicky who began last campaign as one the squad’s forgotten members but ended the season as an encouraging option to have after resurrecting his Arsenal career with some sublime performances – including his show in the 5-2 victory over Tottenham.

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17 thoughts on “No one wants Arshavin: Russian flop ‘stuck’ at Arsenal as offers are yet to come in

  1. Somehow I feel he still has some good days ahead. Should he be given a last chance to find the glory.? Where has that 4 gaol man goneagainst liverpool not an alsoran!! Work him hard in training very hard and see want happens. We have been patient with lesser guy!s

    1. good points….if chamakh got all those chances why cant a player who scored more goals in a single game than chamakh got in a year???

      1. chamakh got all those 10 minute chances at the end of games? What are you talking about? When Chamakh was starting games consistently, he did well, and even now, at least he bloody tries. He holds the ball up well and makes an effort. He’s not good enough imo because he lacks confidence in front of goal, but at least he does his best for the team. Arshavin didn’t do that, and STILL got in the side for a couple of years. Enough is enough.

    2. Like who? The only one I can think of that didn’t really work out, and had about as long to get his act together was Denilson, and while he is a lesser player, he’s also nowhere near as experienced as Arshavin, and I guess the idea was that he would improve, as players like Walcott actually did. For someone of Arshavin’s experience to show such little desire to win games is completely unacceptable. He should be leading the younger players, but he just doesn’t seem to care enough. I’m much rather have Benayoun back, because he showed real fight, even though he wasn’t our player. He wasn’t happy just to coast through games and regain his fitness, he played with some pride!
      Still I’m shocked that we can’t find a club for Arshavin. Despite what I said, he’s obviously a talented player, and could do well for someone else. A lesser club could build a decent side around him, but we can’t afford to change our system just to make him comfortable – he’s not *that* good.

    3. To be honest, I think he kicked the ground scoring against Liverpool the following season, and since then he’s lost all his shooting power, which was just destroying keepers in those 1st few months.

  2. Everyone seems to be berating RVP.For all you know Wenger is the one causing problems and that is why players want to leave.Yeah I know it has got to do with money but the fm’s
    policy is getting nowhere be it tactcis,etc.

  3. We should keep him and use him. He can be a genius and that’s something every team needs. Give him another chance or three. He is worth the hassle.

    1. I don’t care if he can do great things 1 time out of 50 – it’s not enough. He’s 30 years old and he reminds me of Walcott when he was 18 – once every blue moon he does something great, but most of the time he’s disappointing, and unlike Walcott, he has no excuse at all.

  4. I think Arshavin can still do great things with Arsenal. He is still very skillful and can score goals. He showed his precise passing and dribbling in Euro 12. He will prove to all Arsenal fans that he is is still the Little Russian Magician.

    Arsenal Fan 4Life

  5. Remember when Ashvin scored 4 goals against liverpool. He was then deployed as a central striker. The defence conceded 4 times. If the fm thinks the fans are happy,he is sorely mistaken. get real .Fans want a winning team not one passing beautiful patterns only to be beaten.
    If the fm can’t make the gunners winners,I say get someone who will emphasise winning at all costs.if not Wenger will cause the gunners to go into terminal decline.

    1. “He was then deployed as a central striker”?? Don’t you remember him cutting in from the left over and over?

  6. Beong a fairly new Arsenal far by far my favorite goal (and game for that matter) I’ve ever seen is when Arshavin scored late on at the Emirates to beat Barcelona 2-1. I can watch videos of that game over and over and get chills every time. I want nothing more than to see him back in his early Arsenal form. Alas, I’ve started to realise that simply me wanting him to find form isn’t going to make it so. I’d hate for him to leave out of form and be remembered as being so. Even just one or two good games, a memorable goal and I’d be happy to see him go, but I’d hate to see one of my favorite players leave on a negative note like that. Please find your form again Arshavin… Hell while your at it help us lift a trophy or two this season… Is that too much to ask?

    1. lovely comments…I want him to gain his form and probably lift a trophy or two with us this season..Wish him best of luck

  7. Still think Arshavin can be extremely useful, play him behind the striker, central midfield his preferred position, he will make those killer passes that lead to goals. He needed to get his confidence back, hope Wenger retains his services and we are lacking creativity in the middle. Form is temporary but class is permanent and we need that Arshavin class, it is up to him to prove himself. But definitely feel he must stay……we were patient with many players, whats one more….on that may make a huge positive impact.

  8. Here’s a thought. Why not play him in his real position behind the striker(s) instead of making him do shuttles up and down the left wing!
    He can dribble, pass and shoot. He is the answer to the 3rd striking position if RVP leaves and god forbid we are left with Chamakh and Park.

  9. Wenger shld kp him fr da lst season in his conctract to boost his attack as van persie would b gone.

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