Report: Stoke City 0-0 Arsenal

Arsenal’s scoreless start to the new campaign continued on Sunday as despite a decent endeavour at the Britannia Stadium, the Gunners had to settle for a 0-0 draw with Stoke City.

Today’s hosts have normally provided an unwanted welcome for Wenger’s men in this particular fixture and a point earned might not be a bad bargain, but at full-time, the slight regret written on the Arsenal manager’s face was because his side had taken a lion’s share of the chances today but like last week, had a mere point to show for it.

Arsene Wenger set out all his fire power for the full display today. All summer signings Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla and Lukas Podolski took their place in the starting line-up as Theo Walcott was dropped to the bench.

Wenger’s men, somehow surprisingly, looked the more comfortable side from kick-off and had the Stoke defense on its toes. But it was actually the Potters who would place the ball in the net as a cross from the left was headed down by Peter Crouch and then finished by Jonathan Walters who appeared to be in an offside position. Thankfully, the effort was ruled out by the referee and Arsenal, despite carving out half-chances from Podolski and company, went into half-time still on level terms.

Neither team looked to threaten much at the start of the second-half but Podolski soon came to life on the left while Gervinho huffed and puffed with no fruition on the right flank. After 70 minutes, the wing duo would be replaced by speed merchants Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Arsenal’s new reinforcements injected some pace into the action as expected but the closest the Gunners went was from the big man upfront Giroud. The former Ligue 1 striker attempted a couple of efforts which would have contended for ‘goal of the season’ had either went in.

First, one of many Arsenal corner-kicks found Giroud free with some room in the box but the Frenchman’s spectacular acrobatic effort did not go too far from finding the top corner of the net. And then late on, Giroud raced into open space and after noticing that Stoke’s goalkeeper was slightly off guard, the striker whipped the ball from about 45 yards out and saw it brush the top of net – just inches away. Last week he was noted for a shocking miss. This week though, it was a shocking attempt.

Unfortunately, nothing landed in the opposition’s net today. Then again, nothing was allowed in Arsenal’s net either.

THOUGHTS have done worse at the Britannia Stadium. Going behind in the first ten minutes, looking terrified on every set-piece and not being allowed to dictate the movement of the ball. None of that happened today.

Part of that is down to the fact that the collective muscle of Arsenal has ‘beefed up’ a bit. Gone are the days of a lightweight midfield where Nasri, Rosicky, Arshavin and Fabregas would be ordered to breakdown the imposing wall of Huth and Shawcross.

Giroud and Podolski have shown that they may be adapting to the Premier League, but strength and stamina will not be too much of an ask. Even Cazorla, despite his size is no push-over. That is what Stoke found out today. Arsenal are growing bigger and will not come to be bullied anymore.

Due to that lack of restriction from Stoke, Arsenal had the freedom to find much of their passes today as they would at another stadium other than the Britannina, but the failure to hit the target was down to the same old attitude to me. The insistence to not shoot even when there is an open sight goal. Giroud and Gibbs were guilty of taking extra touches on the ball on the left while Diaby was in slow motion every time he received the ball in the penalty area.

Gervinho, in all honesty was frustrating. I still admire the drive and determination in him. He will lose lose the ball nine times after trying to dribble and he will still dribble the tenth time. But whether that is down to lack of creativity or just simple over-confidence, Gervinho’s end product on the right wing today was almost abysmal.

One thing I have noticed about him is that he likes to hug the flanks a lot and often seems like he fears running through the middle. Talking about running, Podolski can really run at defenders. If you are observant, you would know that Van Persie did not like to do that particular thing because his game is more about positioning himself in the right places to either volley or play the ball.Podolski though, is more direct and had a better game than he did against Sunderland.

His fellow forward Giroud showed glimpses of his ability today with his hold-up play as a target man upfront and of course that audacious long-range attempt which could have won the game in a fantastic manner.

So another 0-0 draw, yes, but another clean-sheet and useful point gained. The only concern now is that the fixture list does not get any easier with Liverpool next and with the games growing tougher every week, you have to wonder when Arsenal will finally be able to show not just promises but the product of the team we have available have this campaign.

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24 thoughts on “Report: Stoke City 0-0 Arsenal

  1. Pathetic arsenal. No need to be optimistic. They will not score for the first ten games. Winning a trophy this season will be like expecting to find a suitcase full of cash beside your bed when you wake up in the morning. Its just illogical for arsenal to win anything with these players. Illogical…..just plain illogical…..

    1. Spot on…… couldn’t be more lucid and detailed in your thoughts here. Obviously someone with the intellect of a Stoke fan.

    2. Typical so called Arsenal supporters, the slight problem and it is all doom and gloom. Man U, Liverpool and Spurs all lost already this season but I bet that their supporters will stand by them and encourage doing better, so please have fate for once.

  2. Khejaz, u must be an unserious & a comedian. Is it posibu 4 Arsenal to play 10 games witout a goal? U must be a joker.

  3. Same old same old Arsenal display we’ve seen away against physical teams. Hard to take any very positive from this apart from Cazorla again and that we didn’t concede. In contrast, Liverpool looked great against Man City today and should have won. I can’t see us beating pool next and I think Liverpool will grab 4th spot and we will finish 5th this season.

  4. Totally agree with you wombledin. Okay, i take back what i posted earlier regarding not scoring for the first ten games. Sorry folks. But i still think Arsenal will not score in their first 5 games. Just cant see it coming. Just plain illogical….

  5. U illogical troll! Khejaz do one u special, special mug! We will score goalswuss have three new attacking players up front! Some fans are unbelievable!

  6. I would have been happy with a point before this game – which we BOSSED from start to finish. In the end I was a little disappointed. However, regardless of result, here’s no argument – today’s Stoke City are a nasty football team, with plenty of nasty, shaven-headed, wannabe aggressive players, repungnant manager and a majority of sick (in a bad way) fans. Welcome to the 2012-13 Premire League Season? What else is new? Thank God we have the likes of Swansea to prove that you don’t have to be anti-football to survive at the top table. The sooner this league rids itself of Stoke, the better for ALL.

  7. Stoke fans booed Ramsey for having the audacity (look it up Stoke fans) to allow his leg to be broken in two places by that thug Shawcross. Classy.

      1. Seriously go FUCK yourself.
        How dare you defend those neanderthals.?.

        Do you even know if the apology was given or even if he meant it?.

  8. Guys, there is something special about this team… Gone are the days where our hearts would be in our throats, worried that we’d be bullied into conceding a goal that would cost us the match. We’ll experience a few ‘to the Arsenal 1 nil’, thx to a much more commanding defense and overall presence. We played better this week and the goals will come. We are a much stronger squad than years gone by. Maybe we need a goal, maybe we need to go down one, maybe we need a win… We clearly just need a spark to put everything in motion. Let’s hope it happens against Liverpool. If not, it’ll happen soon enough…

  9. Stoke won’t get relegated for some time! I feel there was some positives too in the game. I would of had chamberlain in instead of Diaby though but hey ho. Carzola looks good just missing a bit of fire power oh and too say we won’t score withing ten games is pethetic. Grow up you drip!

  10. Passing to slow , few players of genuine flair

    Will be a dull season and struggle to see us finishing above 6th

    Defence looks to be improved and if JW ever comes back it will help

    But Gervinho dear god bring back Groves!!

  11. Here we go Again!Arsenal in Crises?wont score in 10 games?Your a kid!! I for one thought we Did good! The only negativ is that we Didnt score,but defensivly we were solid!! Impressed!! There is no doubt that we need a player up front,but hey…that my opinon!So Lets wait to after the Liverpool game before juding!(that comes from one that has been very critical of Arsène and the board the last 4years)GUNNER FOR LIFE!

  12. not the best result but i must say a good result….for one, not conceeding in two matches is amazing. if we can have the team play like this and our front three pick up scoring then we’ll be many top flight teams beat stoke last year let alone away! common lads get behind the team.

  13. everyone wanted all these new players now there calling them not good enough, me personally is happy with the clean sheets the aim is not to lose

  14. Wenger play walcott alongside podolski,in midfield lm-giroud,am-arteta,dm-diaby or new signing such as ki,cabaye,capoue or yann,rm-cazorla,in defense lb-santos lcb-mertesacker or djourou,rcb-vermalean and rb-jenkinson or new signing like van der wiel in goal fabianski or vito manone,I’ve gt no faith in szechny,sorry and if we do buy m’baye niang bring him on at the 60th minute and watch liverpool drown in their own canniving vomit for pinching sahin,thanks 1day I,l watch my beloved gooners live at present my beloved south africa does not allow.

  15. Better get goin soon or we shall get to far behind to compeet.Seems like Cheski are already on the way.BUT time is young.!! You gotta believe!!!!!

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