Official: These are the new kits Arsenal will release on Tuesday (Pictures)

emirates stad chcks
Fans have been nervously waiting for new look

After all the speculation and fabrication about what Arsenal’s new away kit may look like, the final product has finally arrived.

The new away strip which will be officially unveiled on July 9, is suggested to be a tribute to the club’s last Premier League conquerors – the 2003/04 ‘Invincibles’ – as next season will mark a decade since that famous feat.

This will be the first time the Gunners have combined yellow with blue in a kit since the 2008/09 outfit which Andrey Arshavin wore in that four-goal thriller at Anfield.

In addition, this is likely to be one of the last contributions to Arsenal Football Club by kit manufacturer ‘Nike’ who are set to be replaced by ‘Puma’ in the near future.

So how do you like this new look which will be on show in big games at Manchester United and Liverpool?

arsenal 201314 away kit

And for the goalkeepers…

goalkeeper kit 201314

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65 thoughts on “Official: These are the new kits Arsenal will release on Tuesday (Pictures)

    1. Arsenal’s 2004/05 away kit was BLUE…the third kit that year was the yellow kit from the season before in 2003/04 – which is what this new one is trying to emulate. So what are talking about at all?

      1. What am I talking about? I’m talking about something called GLORY, do you know what that is? Thierry Henry, silverware? Yes? lol This kit is like a fridge of utterly butterly gone wrong

    2. In reply to D1 >>lol a wee lad? i live in North London, do you? And oh so sorry, i got it wrong by one season :O shock horror! 2003/04 away kit is what i meant. And I’m 27, I just so happened to search for the kit on google at 2am.

      1. Think D1 should have worked out you’re either 27 or 28 by the fact that you’re called robinsgrant85. Hopefully the kit will look better in real life.

  1. We d arsenal fans need good strikers dat wil giv us goals, mind u chealse has a new coach

  2. We d arsenal fans need good strikers dat wil giv us goals, coz we need a silverware dis season,

  3. New Kit without trophy is useless.. what we need now is a Classic players to give us trophies with the new Kits…

  4. I love it may be is going to be a turn around.
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  5. To all those guys above complaining about trophies, was that what you were asked? Why can’t you simply stay on topic and keep your rotten complains to yourself! Nagging like women. Please the topic is the new away kits and how good they look, not trophies! The kits are beautiful QED.

    1. Stick to the topic? Bit of a narrow topic, talking about a rather boring and unimaginative butter-coloured kit. And discussing the types of players we’d like to be wearing the kit is pretty relevant. No need to try and marshall this blog like a fascist dictator, quashing all forms of expression, it’s called having an imagination for what is really a rather boring topic.

  6. tammy, quit being such a killjoy, trophies and kits/players who wear them are all relative to the discussion. We should be allowed to discuss these topics without being marshalled by the likes of you, cos let’s face it, pretty boring topic and everyone has seen these pics months ago, so not exactly new and exciting

  7. arsene wenger should pls buy higuain from real madrid. To encourage the players to perform well.

  8. when will learn 2 buy, his he not tired of 16,17 year old inexperience, Higuain,Feliani julio csear all just 2 make headlines, na wa oh

    1. Fingers crossed the Higuain deal goes through in the next couple of days. I would ignore reports that we’ve signed this teenager or that teenager. The truth is, we have to replace the 10 or so youths we let go. However, the Suarez report is all PR, we knew the £30m bid would get rejected, but news about the story will obviously make us look like we’re serious about spending money, generating positive PR for Arsenal. I feel sorry for Higuain if he has to wear this horrible away kit :p

  9. u are mad every season new kit,is dat wot we want .instead buyin good and quality players,uare doin rubbish

  10. rating of this kit, for me is like arsenal management are dont no what they surpose to do, we dont have a quality player talkless of trophy is a big same for you peaple.

  11. imo, the away kit would have been better had it been collarless, a V-shaped would have been superb!

  12. The kits look great. Now let’s face business and sign classical players who are worthy to dorn them.

  13. Well it will be nice if asenal board decide 2 bring on luiz suares deal in consideration,though suares is very aggressive in nature,but no doubt about his potential,is a vry good player.

    1. Wow, thank god you’re in Denmark! If you’re not a fan of Wenger, you must have been supporting Arsenal for quite a long time, haha. Think about this, he’s paid off the stadium, and managed to still get a champions league place. Yes he’s bought some duff players but his hands were tied, even if board members said otherwise (politics n mind games). Let’s wait and see how Spurs do. They’re looking to build a new stadium, keep their players (bale), buy new players (Damiao) and somehow try and break into top 4, good luck to them! (or not).

  14. Well it will be quite interest if asenal board decided 2 sealed suares deal.though most people see him as a vry aggressive player bcox of his nature,but he has a vry good potential.

  15. I dnt know why people are stayin dat asene wenger is the major storming block 2 asenal fc inconsistent winning of laurels,while on the contrary people are getting the whole thns vry wrong.the major problem of arsenal is d board it self.

  16. Infact the new kit look fantastic,of which the players should also continue to play a glorious games to protect the dignity of the kit and the club’s Good Will.

  17. Its fine? Anew kit also needs anew quality players 2 renforce our classic player, i luv arsenal en i expect abetter season this tym.

  18. to change a kits is not the problem, the issue is that we the arsenal fans need a trophy, wenger should bring out money and buy a good player tnx…?

  19. I dont known why doing business useless nike,there kit has no shape,can you see adida,kappa even Puma far better than this foolish “NIKE”

  20. I dont known why arsenal are doing business with useless “NIKE”,their kit has no shape,can you see adida,kappa even Puma far better than this foolish “NIKE”

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