By Randy Osae are in crisis…only if you think they are. Cast memories back to exactly seven days ago, all talks were about how title credentials had been demonstrated in mature fashion at Upton Park.

While the patch Wenger’s men are currently on is very problematic – to say the least – we need to turn heads and forge a way out. Lunatic calls for Arsene Wenger’s sacking will not instantly place Arsenal on a winning streak even if it outrageously did happen.

What’s so assertive of where we are is; there is a long, long, ride ahead. An unforeseeable one, that is. It seems like we tend to foretell the season’s climax after every 90 minutes Arsenal plays. And there has been an equation these days.

Win = “surely, this is why we can go all the way”

Draw = “it’s a lackluster and mediocre Arsenal”

Loss = “we will even be lucky to finish near where we got last year”.

We should note that while it could have been better, (for instance the 4-4 draw with Spurs), it could have been a lot WORSE had the God of football not been realistic. Liverpool could have kept their cool and dismantle Tottenham on Saturday, Chelsea never looked poised to say goodbye to their indomitable home record against the reds and Manchester United didn’t expect only a point ahead of newcomers Hull City as their reward for nicking a 4-3 victory over them.

Even the Chelseas, Manchester Uniteds and Liverpools which we measure our yard sticks by, can concede the fact that they have been far from best. Of course, the Gunners have disappointed us on five occasions in the league this season. Take those two very different draws with Sunderland (victory-like with late equalizer) and Tottenham (no need to recap how it wasn’t won) away and the three shortcomings were bows to Fulham, Hull and Stoke.

Remember, the rest of the six occasions have been triumphs – those days you can’t believe how magnificent The Arsenal was. the mathematics, and think. If three defeats already is an ultimate squander of title chances, then isn’t it ridiculously lucky how Arsenal are only six points – two defeats or three draws – away from returning to the table’s summit since the win at the Reebok Stadium in September?

No, there is absolutely no insurance that rivals will drop points subsequently, but IF and only IF Arsenal sort out this “crisis” by the help of OUR own backing and the team’s resilience – which they have shown time and time again – then those colorful days will certainly return.

It’s inaccurate to question the team’s character if you are a non-believer of the theory of them bouncing back. Indeed, who expected Clichy to score that goal on Saturday with that amount of time left ? Everyone who had the heart to keep watching Arsenal at the Britannia Stadium until the final whistle should boldly confess how they were given a glimmer of hope after the consolation goal.

Even when Arsenal had nine men on the pitch, with Theo Walcott stretched off, Bendtner the only target-man and a few seconds in hand, we were fancying a 2-2 draw for the Gunners.

So even when all seems condemned, it’s never burnt into ashes. We know Arsenal’s abilities and handicaps. The best we can do now is; throw away the past’s blushes, stop lamenting because we would also flop if we were up there with them, and know there is a HUGE chunk of a season in front of us. That’s why we can make this season a born-again one.

Suggestions of “starting to play ugly” for further success will NOT effect overnight. A football style does not transform with just the mind, techniques and tactics, but how often it’s utilized.

Also, a spending spree in January will NOT conjure a revolution. Acquiring is to fix a few patches, not for an overhaul. Arsenal’s XI is not entirely wrecked – perhaps even well on course. Football is very dynamic, it’s based on circumstances not reputations.

Let’s embrace Arsenal’s football and especially Wenger’s philosophy. As a matter of fact, these incessant complains never tickles the future of Arsenal’s boss a bit. Even if he was to depart his tenure tomorrow morning, it will NOT be because of what we said or did.

Wenger always neglects the negative antics and heads on with the backing. We have no choice but to be faithful. It could be repaid eventually or in no time. There is absolutely nothing we can change about Arsenal, they are who they are and what they can be.

Let’s be a responsible audience – relax and support. And allow them to find their stride with their know-how.

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