PICTURE: Angry Arteta fooled by Everton fan after game

Sunday’s return to Goodison Park is not one Mikel Arteta will cherish.

As if his own-goal was not enough insult to injury, an Everton fan persuaded the Spaniard into taking a picture with him while he off a three-finger gesture to signify Arsenal’s woeful 3-0 defeat.

A furious Arteta who had first agreed to take the photo was not having any of that once he realized the joke.

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25 thoughts on “PICTURE: Angry Arteta fooled by Everton fan after game

  1. player like , artetal, giroud,monreal and even valmaneen there not compitent again. Wengar need to stop consider player.

  2. As a scouser and Liverpool fan living in London who goes all,games home and awaybI’d just like to say that watching your horrible club suffer this season has been ace. Your fans are all gobshites and you are my second most hated club after the mancs. I was made up yesterday when Everton beat you cos when I go into work I will remind all them smug gooner wankers that they support a shit club and you’ll never be like us. Ha Ha fuck off

    1. Your only up where you are because of penaltys given and all because of a certain Gavin Patterson CEO of BT buying the league..From 7th to 1st dont make me laugh your Manager ain’t that good no matter what he learnt at Chelsea..

    2. Despite your hatred for us for which you are entitled to, I wish Liverpool well and hope they do go on to lift the premier league trophy. They have waited so long to win the premier league title and it would be a fitting reward for Steven Gerrard. However even if Arsenal do not win anything this year, they will always be a big club with a great history and a massive fan base. Enjoy the moment while you can, because it will probably be an eternity before Liverpool win the league again.

    3. A horrible club, your memory must be poor! was we not the same club that brought flowers out at Anfield the night of are Championship win in remembrance of Hillsborough, oh you forget easily! Poor from a Scouser!

    4. Just what u would expect from a self pitying bin dipper what history did your scummy club have before the sixties? Not much was it fun watching your shit club in the old second division?

    5. Support a team at least in the same city as you! Glory hunter wer have you been for 3 years! Missing

    6. You are a classless, evil thug, you appear to have a rainforest on your shoulder, the quicker you return to your Liverpool slum the better!!

    7. Why don’t you fuck off back to scouse land then you immigrant liverpudlian. You are taking a Londoners job you scouse parasite so piss off back up North. As for Hillsborough couldn’t give a toss, it was because of you scouse cunts at Hysel stadium, that gave English fans a bad name. I’m an Arsenal supporter and I would ratherSpurs win the league than y

    8. Gerrard is a bar brawling scouse twat Suarez is a racist all of Liverpools fans and board are racists for supporting that bucked tooth diving cheat Suarez. If you inbred parasites manage to win the league, it would be unbearable because of the undignified gloating.

    1. Shouldn’t that be ‘wankslads’? Scouse scum; you’re only living in London because you’re on the run from G4S for breaking your curfew for stealing the charity collection pots from pubs in scouseland. Fackin’ cant. Look at the diving Goonies stunt double flanagan yesterday at West ‘aammm and don’t come with your bollocks about the foul on your keeper because I didn’t see it mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    2. You scouse bastards wrte responsible for hysel stadium were people got killed because of you northern savages. Now you want people to be sympathetic towards you lot because of Hillsborough. Did you artogant scouse twats ever say sorry to the victims families of Hysel stadium?

  3. It looks like we are doing United a favor yet again, how you may ask? We will finish 4th
    United will win Champions League canceling out 4th spot. You heard it here first..

      1. Seems like we are the team helping them out one way or another Gar, every season..

  4. Walkslad you are just another Liverpool Wanker like the rest of them never won the Premiership and wont this year either Keep talking bollocks like all you scoucers do and just give City a little cheer when they win the league

  5. No matter d cicumstance i remain a gunner. But i ‘ll personaly advice d board to quit with arsene wenger! I think they should go 4 a top class coach dat’ll change d sutuation d club ‘r facing.guners till enternity….

  6. The thieving bin raiding scousers are finding their cocky mouths again. Reminds you of what a bunch of wankers most Liverpool supporters are when they win a few games.

  7. That’s not the way to treat a player who gave us years of brilliant service. Some of our fans are gobshites getting on like that.

    Completely disrespectful.

  8. I despise kopite twats like the next guy but I hate this scouse hating shite, please do not put us all in the same bracket as this murdering twat, I am an evertonian who goes to the match each week but has also worked his cunt off since leaving school, please give us a bit of respect at least us decent scousers!!! these cunts will not win the league & when it does go tits up, get on the reaction ‘cos it will be somebody else’s fault as usual. Cunts

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