Piers Morgan reacts to Lacazette’s ‘offside’ goal against Stoke City


Piers Morgan reacted like most Arsenal fans following the linesman’s decision to rule out what looked like a fair goal from Alexandre Lacazette for being offside.

The Gunners once again found themselves on the wrong side of referee calls as Stoke City managed to deny them all of the three points on Saturday.

Arsene Wenger’s men had more than one legitimate appeal for a penalty-kick ignored by the man in charge and matters got even worse in the second-half.

After a silky move in the final third, the ball broke to new signing Lacazette who smashed it into the top corner of the net with his left foot.

However, the celebrations from the Arsenal fans were cut short by the linesman who ruled out the goal for being offside.

And here was the reaction of Piers Morgan…

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30 thoughts on “Piers Morgan reacts to Lacazette’s ‘offside’ goal against Stoke City

  1. They’re still not good enough to challenge the other clubs around them. We can’t blame the refereeing it’s down to the players to pressing the opposition make sure of scores. Not bad refereeing.

    1. God I am surprised with all these comments,how can you blame the coach or the player for what we have all seeing. The degree rules an online goal offside and 3 glaring penalties were denied the boys yet we are all blaming the players.i can agree we need more experienced players but today the boys showed attitude needed to win the league. The officials won the game for stokes.period

  2. we arsenal are very disapointed of our time but late us not blame the refer but we have to blame the players aqe the substitutes we made today of living welback on the pitch and the xhak who made alot of mistakes today.

  3. This is the reason why Arsenal should not sell Sanchez and should invest in good fowards. We lack quality options

    1. in fact we need dat player with an extra mind who can pass the ball through a defensive team like we saw stock yesterday. To me arsenal still need Fabregas a player who can delivery more than what a coach can say cz wenger is an idiot.

      1. the only way I can react is just to pray for Wenger to die nothing else can help our team ,formation was just sucking,substitutes were all fake ,so what can we say about it .just pray hard to see Wenger being sucked out of our beloved Arsenal

  4. same old arsenal. full of average players players the likes of walcot, welbek xhaka,monreal, mustafi, chamberlain. its high our manager above average players like Draxler or Aubamuyang, lewandoski. yaaaa with right bids they can b sold by their teams. nt wht they did on suarez that yr and lemar this season

  5. bad mentality as always, they still played normal, nothing extra, if the goal comes if it doesn’t come,we will console ourselves that we had more possession. Wenger doesn’t demand the players to give above 100%.

    1. Fuck off Richie. What do you know about coaching in football?

      Wenger has the job for a reason. Go support Spurs if you’re that fickle.

    1. Or Leicesters handball and the foul on Ramsey in the box. Anything else? Ozils handball happened way before the goal. Total bollocks.

  6. Wenger is to be blamed for this defeat against Stock because nowadays, there is no EPL team you can win without pressing to overcome them dominantly, you can’t win by playing sluggishly as they did this evening. Arsenal should act fast otherwise it would be easy with them.

  7. In football,there is no lost without complaining.to me Arsenals player need to be shorted out quickly and for today’s first substitute was very wrong u can’t remove a defender and bring in a striker.instead of removing wealbeck.Arsenal need more sighing especially number eight and four but the problem is the coach just talks!

  8. The problem of Arsenal is Arsene we can’t continue using one coach for 13years and we are getting the same result. Pls arsene go out and spend stop giving excuses. For how are we going to continue this way.

  9. I thought the players gave their best, but the story would have been different had they converted the clear cut chances created earlier in the 1st half. Welbeck is the greatest culprit. It is my feeling this team still needs one or two more very good additions. But the question I keep asking is: why was it easy for Monaco to sell 3 of their players to man city and Chelsea but refuse to sell lemar to arsenal.the answer is that our premier league rivals approached Monaco with the right valuation for the players whereas Wenger went for lemar with bids as if he was pricing peanuts in the market. Imagine 3 bids, each with 3 to 4 million pounds separating each other. Monaco was pissed off, they got bored and wondered what ‘they were smoking at arsenal’.

  10. And the fuckn idiot is still on lemar a player who is going to be more lazy dan even Ozil in the premier league. I don’t see why the fuckn idiot can not sign players like Draxler,Aubamuyang,Asecio from Madrid or even mbappe cz he is brilliant.

  11. Wenger’s brain thinking of making good things has already dead a man can’t make good substitute he cnt he can’t see who can help the team to perform well
    unles the team is under his custody it’s the high to to make big change see team like man United they make good changes but Wenger is old enough his ability of thinking is dead

  12. Arsenal Bosses especially Wenger must release money and go to massively SHOP FOR NEW TALENT available out there….Age, Fitness and Experience is what Arsenal is suffering from.

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