Report: Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal

Arsenal stole a point at Anfield in their opening game of the season on Sunday.

Both teams finished with ten men as Cole and Koscielny were sent off, but it was Liverpool who were outnumbered for most of the game and nearly clinched a superb victory.

The hosts were reduced on the stroke of half-time but Ngog somehow gave them the lead soon after the restart.

Arsenal showed little urgency to react with Arshavin notably poor, but Chamakh heroically forced an own goal from Reina as the Gunners leveled matters in injury time.

This was not the perfect result to follow up pace setters Chelsea in the title race, but on today’s circumstances – a lackluster show in a tough trip – Wenger will welcome this 1-1 draw as an encouraging one.

Arsene Wenger’s team sheet today was a headline maker. His much anticipated choice of No. 1 in goal was at last revealed as Manuel Almunia while Anfield was chosen as the ground for 18-year-old Jack Wilshere’s first ever league start.

Arsenal’s start was as bright as their new away strip, with Vermaelen testing Reina and nearly scoring through a terrifically stricken free kick before Clichy’s shot fizzed just over the crossbar.

The visitors were ascendant in terms of possession and attempts at goal but the game was still in the balance according to the score board. And Glen Johnson nearly broke the deadlock with a dangerous long-range effort as half-time approached.

Moments later, Joe Cole rushed a tackle into fellow debutant Laurent Koscielny. As Arsenal’s defender laid down in agony, the Englishman was sent off.

A turning point it seemed, going into the break.

The incident was viewed as a turning point because Arsenal were likely to capitalize on their numerical advantage and command this game, but if any team looked like they had more representation on the field a minute into the second-half, it was the men in red.

Arshavin won possession in Arsenal’s territory and decided to pass to Wilshere rather than punt the ball away. Unfortunately, the 18-year-old amateur was unprepared  to receive and Mascherano crept in a pass for David Ngog who left marker Vermaelen and goalkeeper Almunia hapless with a ferocious shot from a tight angle.

Arsenal were rocked.

The energy from Roy Hodgson’s reduced men had left the Gunners looking puzzled in their pursuit for an equalizer which, in truth, hardly looked likely. It was the hosts who seemed poised for another goal as Ngog somehow failed to convert a clear header later on.

Tomas Rosicky and Theo Walcott were sent on to force matters, but Liverpool remained water-tight at the back.  So in response to the home side’s introduction of star striker Fernando Torres with 15 minutes left, Wenger brought on his own talismanic front-man in Robin van Persie.

From then on, Arsenal grew in urgency. Rosicky played a fine move with Chamakh before his shot, which was heading for the top corner of the net, was somehow met by Reina’s fingertips.  Moments later, Van Persie knocked a ball bound for goal-kick back into play with Liverpool’s defense in disarray, but Theo Walcott could not find his foot to shoot.

Vermaelen then headed just wide before Arsenal’s sudden hard-work was rewarded in the 90th minute. Tomas Rosicky sent in a cross from the left wing and Chamakh, as brave as ever, guided the ball off Reina’s palms and onto the post. But before the Morrocan rued his luck, the ball ricocheted back off Reina and into the net.

Arsenal had scored a late goal yet again, but infuriated Liverpool responded with no time to waste. The reds forced a frantic spell in Arsenal’s area late on and Steven Gerard’s goal-bound free-kick was impressively parried away by Almunia.

Koscielny was twice cautioned during injury time and Arsenal’s new defender received his marching orders just seconds before the final whistle.

Like the former Lorient man showed today, the Gunners had guts.

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45 thoughts on “Report: Liverpool 1-1 Arsenal

  1. Not impressed with our team. Rosicky, should start games moving forward. We are still weak in the back and other teams will expose that.

    We need, Cesc, Song and RVP starting and soon!

    Wenger, please do something before the transfer window closes.

    I hope most don’t shit on me for commenting around here (I have been for awhile now). I think everyone has the freedom to express how they feel. If you have something to say..don’t be disrespectful!

    1. I can’t believe you guys are completely bashing Almunia. Are you the one who denied Liverpool going 2-1 up in injury time when Gerard’s free-kick was heading into the net?

      I understand the guy is not up to the club’s standards, but give him some credit for what he didn’t do wrong!

      1. Completly agree randy….he made a bunch of great saves & notging he could do about the goal….think about it this way, if u haters think he should have stopped ngogs shot, then what do we make of reinas day in comparison…….if no new GK is signed, almunia #1….don vito/woj #2 and alternating cc/fa cup matches with fabianski being sold back 2 warsaw or loaned 4 a loooooong time

  2. Considering Cesc, Alex and Robin didn’t start, I’m so pleased. Koscielny is a monster. Al, sorry mate. Fuck off please. Up the Arsenal

  3. Almunia must go. We need to pass the ball faster. Walcott should start, and Arshavin need to start paying or he must be placed on the bench next game.

  4. Mixed performance really AA23 quite poor, Nasri lost bit of steam near the end and Almunia forgetting the basics of the bloody near post. Other than that Rosicky was bright, RVP and Chamakh look dangerous. Kos Verm solid aswell. So overall good performance but something musty be added to the squad to be powerful title contenders.

  5. Arshavin was rubbish. Kos was good. Chamakh was good. We need another cb. Alumunia was Alumunia. Good result considering Song,Cesc,& RVP didn’t start

  6. All the older players in the team today are complacent, clichy and sagna were just ridiculous today, they can’t pass or cross for peanuts.

  7. A fair result considering Arsenal didn’t play a great game. A draw is better than defeat for the opening away game. With the return of Cesc Fabregas and Alex song for the coming games, I am optimistic that we will do well.

  8. We could have snatched it 2-1 but a point will do.. so happy to see karma bite Reina in the ass! that’s what he gets for trying to get Fabregas to Barca! haaahaaaha haa ahh

  9. Well well well.Not too bad.Kos getting a red card,showing some balls against the likes of Torres. He’s looks tuff and determined.Reina was not any better than Almunia.Wilshere needs to improve.It was very important not to lose.

  10. thats real.AA was not even on the match. Rosicky should start regularly than him until he pulls his sock up. Kos was awesome but a bit slow. good warning for professor. New signing soon in deffence.

  11. im furious with today. almunia is so poor and should NEVER be captain of our club. sagna cant cross if his life depends on it. clichy cant defend at all. diaby doesnt know how to run. and worse of all was arshavin who to be honest should have stayed in bed. absolutely useless. positives , rosicky vermaelan kosciely

  12. Sorry, guys I strongly feel we still need a lot of improvement. I’m not trying to sound pessimistic here, but we could have easily lost this game and against 10 men. It would’ve hurt. Hopefully, a healthy, Song, a well rested, Cesc/RVP will improve what we lacked in today’s match.

    I still think this team is going to give me a heart attack some day.

    Rosicky, changed the game once he came on.

  13. Wenger must move for a keeper , Almunia has a late reaction by a second ..

    Arshavin is had a poor performance , if he continues like this , then Rosicky is better than him a lot ..

    and , what about clichy . I see that Gibbs is better than him ..

  14. Diaby was shit, but I expected that from him.
    The fullbacks(do they even deserve that title?) could not cross to save their lives!

    Arshavin was the WORST player on the field.

  15. Loft…

    First of all I didn’t get personal and call anybody out by name.

    Secondly, Giving 3 Stars and 1 or 2 Lemons each match for individual performances doesn’t translate into tearing the entire TEAM apart.

    BIG difference in singling out a bad individual performance versus people trashing the entire TEAM all of 75 minutes into the season.

    Now if you want to riff on Wilshire’s play I can “feel that”.

    Sorry dude if my remark was offensive…but I am feckin’ sick of the negativity around the Club.

    If we are 12 pts out of the lead in late February and have been elimanated from all Cup competitions then I could understand it better.

    1. its about time somebody came out and said what you said cause i hate reading these posts which call for doom and gloom after just one fucking game. i mean almunia is a cunt, but you seriously consider this arsenal team is a waste of time with no title hopes? we were visiting a club with good pedigree eager to prove themselves for their new boss, what else do you expect but an all hands on deck attitude from the scousers. this was a fair game all facts considered and i see this just as one game is a series that last 39 and i am certain you will see a hungrier and more focused team as we progress, remember the title isnt won or lost after having played one shitty game.

      1. Glad to read somebody has the same vibe as me.

        Like you said it the EPL is a marathon NOT a sprint…and sure 3 pts would have been a dandy start…but on the road at Anfield…it proved to be a bridge too far.

        For the sake of harmony in the Gooner Camp on these threads…I will apologize if my marks came across as an attempt at censorship.

        In 4 years of posting and blogging on our beloved Gunners that is the first time i’ve ever made the “love ’em or leave ’em” remark…and I admit that it was petulant and wrong.

        Emotions were running high with everybody yesterday…lets all take a deep breathe and just chillllllllllllllll out.

        Gooner on Gooner bashing sucks…lets keep it tight and united going foward.

  16. Not a bad result getting a point away at Anfield but we should have won playing against 10 men. We trailed off in the second half which didn’t help at all. How Almunia let that goal in, only Ngog knows. Without a proper goalkeeper, we will keep conceding sloppy goals like this and we will never win the league. A club like Arsenal should not gamble with a stopper like Almunia. Going forward, we have very good players and I like Kolschieny. He’s good and he’s a fighter. On eor two more centre CB and Mark Schwazer and we can last the distance.

  17. Kos is quick his got good recovery speed ,Almunia isn’t a good keeper should have saved that shoot would be better off with minonne in goal AA is crap Gibbs should play on the left song on the bench??? Not happy with team selection diaby needs to find a new club his not good

  18. Too poor Arsenal…
    Kos .. ok though not perfect yet
    Verm .. ok
    (for both –considering the goal should have been prevented —– easily).
    Clichy and sagna — though they get forward a lot… they just expose our back line… always caught out…. and cant cross…
    (get Gibbs and Eboue instead of Sagna)
    Nasri — fine
    Rosicky instead of AA plz
    (I always thought after Flamster tht he will be our engine with bundles of energy– hez dying– do something wenger)
    Chamakh had a good game.. and goal … he needs support for sure
    Diaby is tricky but use it dear
    And no one shoots… I dont know why — do they think they can pass the ball into goal—
    Rosicky brought tht directness— freshness after a long tiring game
    — i somehow feel wenger doesnt teach certain aspects of game — i.e. hardcore defence to defenders. shooting from long if they cant find an opening—- thts 1 reason why fab brings in freshness– he uses his brain and goes against wenger to do tht….Somehow feel the established players take everything very lightly… If it goes like this we will soon become an average team.

  19. wilshere and co must remember u can’t show tricks around in your own half otherwise it will trick yourself

  20. 1 point at Liverpool on opening day & with Cesc, RvP & Song out…I’ll take it.
    Arshavin must be benched until he can get up for the games!
    I hope the Koscielny scare makes wenger buy another cb.
    Schwarzer for next game!

  21. If you talk about points, then the goal-leaker cost us 2 points today. Cant defend his box, either slow reaction, miss the ball, or crashed by opponents. But because of wenger, he’s still no. 1 for arsenal. Lazy Diaby .. can he really play at all?

  22. Perhaps it was opening game blues,but the team did not perform very convincingly today.We need to improve,especially in defence,to be considered real title contenders.Arsene Wenger says he is searching for defensive reinforcement, and i hope he finds someone suitable very soon.Nevertheless,i will take the point on the road in our first game of the season.

  23. Wilshere did well he moved and proctected the ball well and will learn to protect the ball better in defensive situtions. We’re still overelaborating with Nasri being the biggest culprit taking the extra touch when he should be passing and then passing when we should be shooting. We need to press our skill advantage by playing quicker added to the odd pot shot. More one two’s played with an attacking mid and Chamakh followed by the attacking mids shot. It’ll change the way teams have to play us and give us more room, a team isn’t as compact when in transition. That touch that Nasri takes and then Arshavin takes his and then Chamakh takes one, give our opponents the time to get compact. The crossing also needs to improve. Defensively the fullbacks need not overlap so much leaving us short at the back. I was impressed with Koscielny, especially considerinng it was his first premiership game. He reads the game well and will fit in well especially one he gains a bit of size and strenth. Unfortunately Almunia is a wash, he made some decent saves but the mistakes he made when taking those uncontested high balls in particular show he hasn’t improved and is still a liabilty.

  24. In fairness Almunia played great. The goal he conceded was as similar as Luis Fabiano in the World Cup. The keeper had no chance even the best keepers in the world could not have saved that shot. So please don’t blame Almunia for that.

    Our midfield was disorganized without Cesc and Nasri was missing. He’s been asking to play in Cesc’s position for years but when he gets his chance he doesn’t show anything to help his case. Arshavin was isolated for most part of the game. Every time he got the ball there were at least three players containing him. I don’t think he could have played his game. LFC new that he was the danger man and kept putting players on him every time he touched the ball.

    Btw Shwarzer should be the next signing this week or next because he has handed in a transfer request this past week. He did not start the game against Bolton which is very indication that the clubs are negotiating the transfer price.

    Rosicky should have started over Wilshere bc Arsene needs to start his best players in these type of games. I believe we were very lucky and fortunate to get that lucky goal. Can you imagine what the newspaper would be writing had we lost 1-0 to a 10 men LFC team? We would have been roasted by the English Media. These are the type of games where you need to start your best players and start the campaign off on a high note.

    Also did anyone see the ManShitty and HotSperms game? ManShitty is really looking bad. With all the signings Sperms should have ended the game in the first half. Mancini got his tactics really wrong. I mean how can you start with 3 defensive mids in one game? no creativity in the middle and Silva did not look that good. Kolarov they’re other LB was supposed to be this beast ass LB but Lennon had him for lunch.

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