Sanchez could miss several weeks again – Wilson

A journalist has raised a very important point concerning how Arsene Wenger manages the fitness of his star players. 

Over the past decade, Arsenal have been dealt injury blows to several stars which have often helped derail the team’s hopes of winning the Premier League.

Those injuries tend to occur in the month of November and with one key player – Hector Bellerin – already stricken, that worrying trend appears to have continued this year.

However, British journalist Jeremy Wilson has suggested that Arsenal’s usual injury problems are really down to Wenger’s inability to rotate players more than anything else.

According to the Sunday Supplement panellist on Sky Sports, Alexis Sanchez is another player who could soon be sidelined – as he was for several weeks last term – if the Arsenal manager fails to change his ways.

“This hamstring injury wasn’t that serious but he did have a small tear about 10 days before the game. It was obviously a very small injury.” Wilson told Sky Sports on Sunday

“With his schedule, I think he has played more than 50 games in each of the last three seasons and it’s utterly relentless with the travel as well.

“Wenger, as much as he was warning about Chile playing him, the issue is with him. He’s the one who plays Sanchez all the time. He’s the one who never drops him.

“He’s the one who starts him against Manchester United after the schedule he’s had. What’s got to win for Wenger is what’s best for Sanchez and Arsenal in the longer term.”

Wilson has also expressed his disapproval over how Wenger handled the playing time of Jack Wilshere when the Englishman first broke into the first team in 2010.

“He got it wrong with Wilshere a few years ago when he really badly overplayed him and last year he got it wrong with Sanchez.

“He played him against Norwich when his hamstring was tight. I know it’s difficult but he does generally play Sanchez and it’s not easy to tell him he’s not playing.

“I think Wenger’s got to be tough and strong with Sanchez for Arsenal’s good. It’s Wenger’s issue – he’s the one who has the player 90 per cent of the time.

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