‘Spurs can catch us, Man. City can catch us’

Arsene Wenger is not in denial that Arsenal’s position on the table is in slight danger following Sunday’s shameful defeat.

Tottenham and Manchester City may find third spot up for grabs barring a shambolic Arsenal collapse similar to what happened at Wigan in the final games of the season.

And the Gunners’ boss has admitted his side needs to add to that 71 points to ensure the third and final spot of automatic qualification for the Champions League’s group stages next term.

“Spurs can catch us, Manchester City can catch us. We have to win at least one game.” Wenger said.

Wenger did express his frustration over the result at Wigan but as usual, the manager decided to keep criticisms indirect when questioned over the performance of his veteran centre-backs.

“I do not want to go into any individual judgement on today’s performance. I feel they had quite a good performance and they were exposed a lot.” the manager said.

The French tactician also added that his depleted squad had no excuse to falter at the DW Stadium despite insisting goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski was not culpable for the result.

“I do not want to use the injuries as an excuse. When you are 2-0 up and you play for Arsenal Football Club I believe you would not use the injuries as an excuse when you lose the game.” Arsene said.

“Everybody has an opinion. I keep my opinion for myself and let everybody have different opinions. I believe you cannot say today we lost the game because of the goalkeeper.”


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29 thoughts on “‘Spurs can catch us, Man. City can catch us’

  1. Wenger should shut it up. It’s very obvious, he is not a winner 4 putting fabski in post 4 such a massive game. I’ve being his fan all this yrs but 2day i know he has overstayed his time in arsenal.

    1. come on man, don’t be such a shit. you think he wanted to use flap-iasnski? really? i read somewhere that almunia had a wrist dinger going on.

      its some of you think AW wants us to lose. get a grip.

  2. “The French tactician” – Don’t think you can really say wenger is a tactician. The french economist sounds more right to me

  3. Alumia was injuried today, but we all agree he is only good enough to be a No.2. Fabianski should be moved on. Flaps to much on crosses

  4. I just realized something funny.

    Wenger knows how to juggle with these two shit goalkeepers at the club. Here’s how…

    When Almunia plays shit, bring in Fabianski who is shitter so Almunia coming back will feel better and close to being like a new signing.

    Then when Almunia plays shit again, let Flappy come in, and the pattern goes on…

    And it’s funny how when Mad Jens did the same thing, the poor guy was punished by loosing his place to Almunia instantly.

    But somehow, these two twats are keeping Mannone on the bench.

  5. Hope we can get atleast a draw with City and Mancs beat spuds now we are chasing the Cl spot what is happening to Arsenal oh my

  6. Arsene Wenger OUT please and Roberto Di Matteo in from Westbrom. Let us start afresh as it has been proven that Wenger’s project is just a myth.Di Matteo is a hungry young manager with so many goals and points to prove.he can be our Guadiola. with the players we have and the money we can spend,Di Matteo will have more than what Westbrom can offer him.I really think Wenger has done all he can for us.That’s it.Mark my words, the next season is not too far away and I am so confident we wont win anything as long as we play too much football and forget to score.I’m sick of this pointless slick passing with no results.Time for change, not improvement but change.

  7. We need atleast a draw harry this is the fight of our life COME ON Song and AA we need you for saturday

  8. I am Arsenal the 50 and 60 were worse than now. Stick with the team when things are tough they need our suport all the more. These rotten attacks come from frustration granted, but we are Arsenal men and need to stay with the team. Cheer up Guys remember again “There is always next year andsurely there cannot be as many injuries . the gods cannot be against fot a third year!!

    Lawrence J Beadle
    Trumpet28@sc.rr.com !

    1. Surely the gods have been giving us injuries every year!

      Surely we were saying “next year” a year ago, and the before.

      1. my, i hope we avoid becoming a bit like those scouse who keep on banging about next year.

  9. I was surprised Van Persie didn’t get more of a run out today,as if he had come on for you fifteen minutes before the end you’d have probably taken those three points.

  10. AW is a fool.. I can’t just imagine our it apone.. 0-2 @ 75m & our useles manager can not subtitud d weeker plays 2put back strenght 4d team…diaby is week &poor,etmond tryed but later tired..benth is just jugin rand d feld no efect he maks only 7 good touchs for 94min whil winga sub victor moses make morthan 13strik for only 22min..wenger make rong sub @ rong time..estead.daiby/ebue,etmond/merida,benth/van p. @ 70min..he sub …..@84 afta ther goals

  11. Hell yeah they will catch us ! ! !
    City will beat us next weekend easily,cause this team is a joke ! ! !
    We will have it tough at Blackburn for sure,and against Fulham.It will be a huge success to finish in top 4 ! ! ! And it will be hard ! ! !

  12. AW needs to go upstairs, because he’s done his job and kept the club solvent.
    Now its time for a real footballing coach, one who can strategise, AW has absolutely no strategies, he does not know the opposing teams strenghts and weaknesses.
    Many times this and last season, i was horrified at his judgment, he just puts the players out there with no help and then says, get on with it.
    A coach is meant to discern the weaknesses of the next opposition and exploit them.

  13. I am so pissed off how much longer are we to put up with this arragant french manager who has no tactical knowledge what soever he is just a yes man to the tight jewish directors Bill Shankley once said Ist is Ist 2nd is noware

  14. I can sum up Arsenal’s season as “There’s thunder but no rain” It began with so much noise and excitement but ended with nothing …. I am disappointed but will continue to stick with the club through thick and thin.

    1. eastmond looked pretty descent. he was working and acting like had a purpose – unlike many of the others. a little nervy at times, but for a kid whos what … 19 … looked alright. considering the options left … . though i might’ve started merida. too bad he’s been buggered by his agent and is off to athletico madrid. thought he was starting to look good, and he’s gots loads of confidence on the ball.

  15. and i cant believe some of the shyte im reading. so arsenal lost a couple games – that makes it time to call for AW’s head? you people all fucking suck. AW has done so much for the club. and you pricks call for a sacking after a couple losses. granted, big losses – but you all totally forgot WHO EFFING GOT US IN THOSE POSITIONS . . . it was Arsene goddamn Wenger!! now give the man a break.

  16. It is what it is! I understand the supporters frustrations but it’s insane to hear some here saying, Wenger out! Check yourself! He knows next year he’s going to have to bolster this squad and he will. This is part of the game guys. Nothing is perfect. Spurs, lost to a last place team in the FA Cup then turn around and beat us and Chelsea. Ummm, sorry but nobody saw that coming. Even me and others didn’t see this coming. Who said Wigan were supposed to come back from a 2 goal deficit? This crap happens to the best teams in the league (unfortunately it was us). Watch Spurs slip next game and we spank Man Chity! Chelsea lose and Man U draw or lose! hahaha.

    I want to know if the Boss doesn’t get sacked where are you guys going to go support next? Some of you should be called, AllTeams! Guaranteed success and silverware! Morons! lol

  17. Also, the pain isn’t as bad this season. I say this because we have had RVP out all season! OUR BEST STRIKER..PROBABLY THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE! Cesc, Gallas, Bendtner, Diaby, AA, Clichy, Theo, Nasri, Song (injured, and out to the African Cup). All these players have been in and out this season sometimes for weeks/ months!!! Now, yesterday it would’ve been painful if all these if not half of these players were on the pitch and gave the game away.

    We are not supposed to be in 3rd IMO! We have done better than most predicted and with a crippled team all season. Take away the injuries and you have a WORLD CLASS TEAM! I say a Championship team! It’s very sad! Yesterday, well I’m not sure what happened. A, Fabianski blunder..well, I’ll stand up and say Almunia/ Fabianski are not good enough! Get one world class GK, CB, a 2nd choice CDM who can come in and take care of business if, Song is out and a ferocious striker that will rip the nets! We are not too far behind. And for the injuries well I’m not sure how to minimize those…unfortunately!
    Keep your heads up fellas!

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