The new Arsenal captain?

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Today’s topic is:

Who should be the new captain of Arsenal?

Chances of Thomas Vermaelen’s exit are growing higher after Arsene Wenger admitted over the weekend that the Belgian could leave the club this summer. So who would you like to see as Arsenal’s new captain if Vermaelen does leave?

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141 thoughts on “The new Arsenal captain?

  1. I think giving it to a young ramsey will be better because mateserker is already is in old age,so for me its ramsey.

    1. I think your right should be young but Gibbs is the man a defender so can see the whole pitch from the back, a gunner through n through like Jack and a starter.

      1. HHAHA Gibbs? what are you smoking? The guy who’s always injured and whose form is hit/miss? Come on,wake up man.

        We should give it to Mertesacker because he’s the most experienced and he’s not likely to seek a transfer or get sold (all of our last captains have moved on very shortly after taking it up!) and ramsey can be next when mertesacker slacks off in 2-3 years? but gibbs? no way, never, crazy talk

  2. The armband must be given to someone who is not quiete,someone,Arteta is quiete,Mertersacker is quiete i think the right person is Jack

    1. You’re kidding surely. Mertesacker is a beast!! Cant you remember him barking at Ozil for not applauding the fans???

  3. I think giving it to mertersaker wil b good…bcus he has dat spirit of boldness and inflencial approach

    1. What type of crack r u smoking becuz I need some dude.. wallcot? how many games can he total on average a season? bout 10-12.. lol u funny I wont b surprise if u say diaby as vice captain. dis aint QPR dude or Tottenham. N PLS NOTE your sentence has to make sence, didn’t understand what u wrote at first but even when I did, it got me more pissed off. FYI wallcot is also presently injured (Not fully fit). I really need to have what u smoking. Wenger knows his captain and all we have is a limited idea between three players, Per Met, L konscienly and Ramsey but I will not rule out Mezut Ozil that could be our all in one surprise pack. Nothing makes a man more responsible than a captains band. Mezut Ozil + captaincy = success. Best 10 IN THE WORLD AND A WORLD CUP WINNER WITH GERMANY. Starting in all their games. My point exactly.

  4. Got to be the #BFG Mr Per Mertesaker.What he did to Ozil when he failed to applaud the fans shows great leadership.

  5. a captain needs to be strong and encourage the players especially if they are having a bad day.He also needs to have a good understanding of how the manager wants the game played. so as long as those requirements are evident then it does not matter who wears the armband.

  6. Giv it 2 de guy wu wil be scoring nt less dan 40 goals in all competition dis coming season OLIVIER GIROUD take it or leave it ¤CAPTAIN GIROUD¤

  7. Starnge that pretty much all the ones who want Giroud out, can’t seem to spell, which gives you an indication about how much they know about football. Per for captain for me, because I feel at this point Ramsey should focus on his game. He should take over from Mertesacker in the future, if the situation is right.

  8. Someone who is going to be around for a good number of years, who has natural talent and experience and has captained an international side, is devoted to Arsenal and is British…….Ramsey

  9. I could hav prefare metersacker,koselney or tomas rosicky.but all above are a bit i’ll love to go for ramsey to be assisted by wilshere.go gunners,go gunners go!.

  10. Rosicky Daddy…….is d right man in my opinion,he is a motivator n can always chance those useless Refereers

  11. 4me, thomas rosicky should b arsenal newcaptain nd theo walcot should b vice nd per merterseker should b 3rd choice.

  12. I think we should give it to Sagna, he is always composed in the back, and he’s been with the clubs for years now. Anyone who disagrees is an idiot

  13. Mertesacker deserves it. Vice captain should be Ramsey. Wilshere hasn’t quite matured enough yet; Rosicky a good choice but not regular first team player.

  14. flamini is the man wenger,he is experienced in the epl and his leadership skills are those of viera.

  15. Wilshere seemed the right candidate when he came to the scene but injuries have not helped much in his development. I still think he has top qualities to succeed as Arsenals next captain. But he has to secure his position in the team first. Hey no one has mentioned Woljiech. Top lad and I will be tempted to give him a chance if I was Wenger.

  16. that position needs someone who can command and Mathieu flamini has done it b4, even if he wasn’t the captain. so, i think he is the right person for the captaincy position

  17. undoubtedly it can only be Per Metarsacker. He has the quality to be a good leader. And he is someone I think every player respects in the dressing room. #Per4Captain. Theo Walcott for Vice

  18. I think the captain arm ban should b given to walcott and then ramsey should b the assistant

  19. I think captain should be experienced and able to gather team together. As much as I like Ramsey, I think he is not there yet for captain band. Flamini had talent to bring the team up, but he is not starter, so I think it should be Mertesacker

  20. being a team captain doesnt stop at the pitch. the fact remains that arteta is the vice captain. should thomas leave, arteta will be the capital while mertasacker will assist him. whether arteta will start matches or not , he will captain arsenal.

  21. Due to that it need to be an experience one, so I suggest thomas rosicky for vice and arteta should be captain or Ozil (our Ox heart)

  22. Ramsey should be handed the captains arm band, he has got such a sensible head on young shoulders and it’s a different team when he is playing… He will lead by example

  23. Ramsey was once a captain for wales already, so he knows what it take.. But per won’t be bad too +Rambo as vice 2 of them

  24. Ramsey all the way such a sensible head on young shoulders, it’s a different team when he plays…. Ramsey will lead by example …. Don’t think there will be stories about him with young females the night before a big game !!!

  25. I think ramsey deserves to be arsenal captain but his last performance against boreham wood when he was the captain was not that convincing so the safe bet would be Mertersacker

  26. There is no doubt in my mind that the captaincy should go to Aaron Ramsey. He’s a phenomenal player and I believe he can lead this Arsenal squad into a successful era

  27. Per Mertesacker should be arsenal next handler of armband, Ramsy should be left alone with his development

  28. Gibbes is the right choise assisted by any of z three lads jack,ramsey or walcot how long w”ll go for captain of 2 yrs its a big shame to make captain today & to dowen next season zis grt club wiz grt history we should have a captain zat could leads as atleast for 6 yrs … Iz zier anyone who could tell me a captain zat won english primierleague in 3 difrnt decade…???? Ofcourse its our Mr arsenal,tony adams we should make sure our next captain could be like him…? Were z right choise is kirren gibbes

  29. i think the arm band should go to a defender not a striker mertsacker z my # 1 choice 2Nd by the young ramesy

  30. before selecting anew captain we should consider various aspects: 1.experience,2.communication, 3. regularity. ,4.having team spirit. Rocisky and Flamini communicate qnd give moral but they are not regular.i prefer metershaker but he should learn to communicate and Ramsy to be the vice

  31. To me, Czeny should take the arm band. More Arsenal pros are at the back. He would command the lads

  32. What i have seen since Koscieny joined the club i believe he’s a commander and deserves to command GUNNERS.

  33. Wenger knows his captain and all we have is a limited idea between three players, Per Met, L konscienly and Ramsey but I will not rule out Mezut Ozil that could be our all in one surprise pack. Nothing makes a man more responsible than a captains band. Mezut Ozil + captaincy = success. Best 10 IN THE WORLD AND A WORLD CUP WINNER WITH GERMANY. Starting in all their games. My point exactly.

  34. Talking about d captain of our team Arsenal, I think Mikel Arteta & Tomas Rosicky don’t deserve it bcos they’re d oldest in terms of age. So in my own opinion, Per Mertesacker or Aaron Ramsey shld b d next captain of Arsenal.

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