Info on Thomas Vermaelen’s suspension your clarification, Thomas Vermaelen will only miss one domestic match.

The Belgian was adjudged to have fouled Guillermo Franco in what was perceived as a goal scoring opportunity by the referee, thus resulting in a sending off for Arsenal’s defender.

TV replays showed Vermaelen was harshly punished as he appeared to make little contact with West Ham’s striker before gaining the ball.

Almunia’s courageous save meant that rueful decision failed to cost Arsenal but the Gunners will now have to do without the only player to have played in every single league match this season next week.

As it stands, Vermaelen is set to miss only next weekend’s visit to Birmingham City.

According to FA rules, a straight red card for “denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity” results in a single match ban. Only when a red card is for “violent and/or dangerous behavior” is the player banned for three matches.

So Vermaelen should return for the home clash with Wolves and the North London derby after next week’s absence. Subscribe to feed


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34 thoughts on “Info on Thomas Vermaelen’s suspension

  1. are you sure ,randy…u have given us a lifeline mate,but tommy missing birmingham could cost us st.andrews 2yrs ago,eduardo broke his leg and we lost our title…

    1. Unless the FA choose to punish Vermaelen even more because they thought he committed an extreme foul or violent act, then he will not be suspended for 3 matches.

      In usual circumstances, Vermalen wouldn’t have been sent off anyway, but there is a special rule when the foul is made on “goal-scoring opportunity” and that is just a one-match ban.

      Here’s the FA rules handbook if you’re still confused.

  2. From the 09/10 FA rulebook

    “(c) PLAYERS SENT OFF UNDER LAW 12 (4) and (5)
    A Player who is dismissed from the Field of Play for denying a goal or an obvious goalscoring opportunity by physical means or by handling the ball, will be suspended automatically from all approved First Team matches commencing forthwith, until such time as his Club’s First Team has completed its next match in an approved Competition.”

  3. vermalen playing against tottenham wud be great ne match is alright as we have alex song who can fit in defense pretty well arsenalforlife

    1. We could but what if we lost the appeal, as I expect we would.

      Don’t think the FA’s disciplinary process has any connection with right or wrong.

  4. Don’t even think about appealing it would lead to further ban, The Kangaroo court in FA are simply so spineless it not worth trying to even reasons with them in any way. Maybe these is blessing cause he would be rested against Brummies then unleashed against Barcelona in following Wednesday and Boy we are making hard for Ourselves. We need to kill games early and maintain pressure on teams otherwise we are goner ended up with situations like today, I doubt if we scored 2 early goals Verminator would have risked to even try to stop him. Football is going to dogs and it need to wake to facts that defenders cannot defend if these rule are enforced. We may as well play basket ball. Cheers

  5. Thank you for this pertinent post. Excellent news. I had a horrible feeling in my gut the whole second hal that we could be without him for the next three… Song will provide excellent cover for a week! Up the Gunners!!!!

  6. Did any body wach my song to day..he is torific but hut me wen he need to cover 4 back…he whould have been excelent in second half..any how he’s stil d man of d match

  7. Wat a relief! Even after d match, i culdnt celebrate cos of d thougt of loosing Verminator for 3 wks. Truth be told, we cant do wthout him in defence.

  8. Thank God. Can’t imagine silvestre playing d next 3matches alongside sol. Disaster!!!

  9. Just to thank you for that… I was also under the mistaken understanding that he would miss three.

  10. Anyway the spineless referee ended two huge things – Vermaelen playing in each game and first red card :angry:

  11. Like a pool of flowing water for a man in the desert, so is your timely about the TV5’s one-match rather than a three-match ban. We’ll do well without him at Birmingham. Diaby will pair Denilson in the middle and we’ll be just fineeee! Well done Almunia, Song, Diaby and Fabregas! Go gunners!

  12. What amazes me is that “the weaker” boys like Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby, Eboue started to play great just when we needed that..

  13. Big up to my least liked Arsenal player today. Denilson you finnaly showed some promise.

    Keep it up, although you did not have to face either Scott Parker or Mark Nobel for the whole match.

  14. Appeals are a dangerous thing as it may result in even harsher punishment due to the dodgy “frivolous appeal” rule.

    We may as well bite the bullet and take the one day hit.

    Verminator can spend the day in a spa. He deserves it. 😉

  15. It is just a 1 match ban, contrary to the dopey WOMAN reporter on ESPN who said a 3 match ban. That’s what you get for having to involve women in football for PC reasons !!

  16. it was harsh, but it’s done, he will be missed against Birmingham, but I believe we can go there and win, Campbell can play with Song in defence, this will allow Diaby to play who has been excellent this season. His unselfish play has been evident in the last few games, he is starting to bloom. It will give Thomas a break as well

  17. get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 mins into manure v uselesspool and 0 – 1

    verminator gone for only one match?

    fck i love life ATM

  18. It was excellent watching him get sent off, shame it’s only one match but I do know the news will keep you pretenders excited a little longer.
    A draw for you boys next week, and a smashing by Barca will end your season nicely.


  19. If it’s only a 1 game suspension that is fantastic news. Arsenal have a legitimate chance at taking the title this year and Vermaelen is a key component in making that happen!

  20. get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 mins into manure v uselesspool and 0 – 1

    verminator gone for only one match?

    fck i love life ATM

    peter said this on March 21, 2010 at 7:41 AM | Reply

    hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Love it!

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