VIDEO: Wenger’s reaction to Wigan disgrace

Interested in hearing what the manager had to say about today’s embarrassment at Wigan?

[vodpod id=Video.3449099&w=425&h=350&]

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19 thoughts on “VIDEO: Wenger’s reaction to Wigan disgrace

  1. didnt wanger say to judge him in may? didnt he say at the start off the season hes happy with hes team and belives they can win? so why the hell is he so dispointed now? didnt bent52 say he can win the league for us? and dint little shit boy walcot say hes going to run barca rugied? what a buch off losers.i guess wanger still knowns best.

  2. ron’s a cock,that knows fuck all bout football, wonder how far you actually got playing football,probably not as far your as fat ass sat on ya sofa.ha.mug

  3. Its time we thanked AW for managing the club into economic success, NOW its time to get a footballing manager/coach who has and can develop strategy(s) AW has no footballing strategy, he puts the team out and says, ok lads, do your best. When changes are needed he does not know what to do. He has no idea of the strenghts and weaknesses of the opposing teams.
    The WHOLE team is rubbish except RVP/CF/TV, remove all the other rubbish and AA will play like he can, especially with a new FOOTBALLING coach.

    1. Christ! You really don’t know shit about football do you? Wenger is great and the current team just need a few adjustments to be compleate.

  4. I’ve got an advice for wenger: wining trophies makes a club popular and transforms into big revenues for the club. I look as wenger as someone who learns d hard way via his descions, d reason i dont feel it much when we loose matches and go trophiless at every season. Im conviced why he’s tawkn abt buyn players is cos d key players ar injured. If d recover b4 the transfer season, he wil tell us that his players ar good enuff to win trophies for the nxt season!

  5. I cant imagine wenger behaving so f**lish to D extent of gambling ds kind of game.Did he forget what ds wigan team did for chealse? They beat them 3-1. Can someone tell me why mr wenger would keep Rvp on bench for 90mins? If i were Rvp i would even entre for dt degraceful game atall. Poor you wenger,i hate u, u make me cry today and i will forgive you. Shame on you!

  6. today we were crap and we clearly need some new players but id like to put something accross

    starting next season under new rules premier league teams can only register 25 players which must contain at least 8 homegrown players.
    under 21’s dont have to be registered so if we’re counting silvetre and sol and providing i have’nt missed anyone we already have 23 players, not including ramsey and wilshire because there under 21 and can play unregistered
    that leaves us with 2 spaces, chamakh is more that likely gonna come on a free over the summer so we can only buy 1 more.
    i am very worried about this, we all no wenger wont sell over the summer because he has far to much faith in our shit players.
    we clearly need a gk so if he does buy one that will be our team complete.
    so to everyone out there who comes on this site writting down there unrealistic summer targets my advise to you is think again, there wont be anywhere near the amount of signings we need this summer so unless all our best players stay fit all season id expect next season to be just like this one

  7. Laolu kollins


    i hate u, u make me cry today and i will forgive you

    think that was suppost to be never forgive you but anyway, that was a quality statement, cracked me up

    cheers Laolu

  8. Wenger is a disgrace to football. He has been adjusting the team for as long as I can remember. Not well enough to win titles though.

    I bet he will bring in just one player in summer and I wish Fabregas could leave now. We have nothing to offer for all his work on the pitch!

  9. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? THEY SCORED 3 Goals is 10 minutes? WTF? Please tell me this is a dream and I dind’t see what happened?

    Are you f’ing kidding me!!!!

    Unreal, simply unreal.

  10. wow, just watched the highlights…are you f’ing kidding me? I’m worried about next week’s game now. I really don’t feel comfortable with the remaining games. 3 games left..this is insane the meltdown we have just had. Unf’ing real!!!!

    I can only imagine that Wegner lashed out and damaged the hell out of the locker room at Wigan. Unreal!!!

    Simply stunned and gutted.

  11. Laolu kollins, you last statement … so amusing. Anyway, thanks for giving me a good laugh…

  12. I’m speechless! I think it’s safe to throw in the towel now. Unbelievable! Ruined all hopes I had! Let this season end already, please!!!

  13. Arsene Wenger and his bunch of schoolboys have no respect for the loyal fans.Enough is enough.We cannot be watching these circus shows every week. We have been taken for granted for too long by these under achievers who have no desire to win anything. Only the fans were expecting to win something this season, what a shame!!!!!!!

  14. Arsene Wenger should be the last person to be furious with his boys’ circus show because everyone else had seen this coming even before the January tranfare window.He still had faith in the Fabianskis,Silvestres and Eduardos.Anyone wanting to win anything will know that all this lot including others I haven’t mentioned are not even fit to play for an Arsenal reserve team.At this rate even the 4th spot might be a dream, What a shame to this once great club!!!!!!!!!!

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