Wenger RULES OUT January transfer moves

By Randy Osae

No big money moves to happen
No big money moves to happen

Arsene Wenger has heated up fumes of the Arsenal faithful by insisting spending in the transfer window – which has been eagerly demanded amid woeful team performances – is not currently at his consideration.

After the traumatic stalemate with Aston Villa, the Arsenal boss was caught by both Sky Sports and BBC journalists for his reaction and when asked whether he had been intrigued to make any swoops during the month ahead, the French man strictly answered: “No, not at the moment”.

Adding in fresh blood to Arsenal’s currently blushing squad might be argued as the best choice in a bid to recover the Gunners’ campaign, but seemingly avoiding any recruits at the expense of persistent injury woes could prove costly.

As a very unrevealing personality, Wenger’s words with the media might not always match his plans, but his answer on Friday was too stern for wishful Arsenal fans.

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15 thoughts on “Wenger RULES OUT January transfer moves

  1. I wont get my hopes up, If he were going to buy someone, itll probably been som16.17.18,orr 19 year old youngster. Im pissed to see him say hes not going to buy anyone.

  2. boys, boys, boys. im surprised at the reactions from this interview and at Wenger’s statement. he never gives the media a sniff at what he’s doing and who he’s after. i believe that with the current injuries and depth problems our club has arsene will buy in the window. just because we have no idea who they are doesn’t mean theres no one le boss has in mind. he’s done this year in and year out…no one knows what wenger is up to., but i can feel somethin boys, i can feel arsene pulling another ingenious rabbit from his hat…

  3. Well that would be really smart – tell everyone you’re looking to spend money – probably drives up the prices by 50%

  4. what do you want him to do buy a load of shit?

    if we have a tight budget id rather he wait till the summer and buy someone who will improve the team not panic and buy a load of shit.

    it annoys me that he didnt see this coming, we have a very good starting eleven, apart from the goalie and some good subs…thats it! we never had a good enough squad and it surprised me that he thought that this team would go the season without having injuries and that the subs would be able to come in and take over. im surprised robin van p has had a melt down, he will be next.

    buy some players, but buy some that are going to improve us/ that wont happen in january or little extra on a players contract rather than loswe him on a free and spend the next season suffering for it ie flamini.

  5. he is either saying this as a smoke screen to sign somebody and keep it secretive like he likes to or is on drugs

  6. Wenger has constantly moaned about the lack of support from the fan’s yet does absolutely nothing to appease us! Wenger is destroying his own great reputation by stubbornly persisting with his failing youth policy, so much so that danny fizman has come out numerous times to clearly state that there is money to be spent, but arsene refuses to do it. Arsene is undoing all the great things he has put in place over the last decade

  7. I think we have to accept that Wenger is the man in charge and give him our trust. If he doesnt see the need to by, he’ll not by no matter what bird name you call him. Why should he start yelling to everyone now that he’s going to by in January. What do you think that will do to the players price? If he’s to by in January, the new acquisition has to be able to hit the ground running. Preferably, that player would be from EPL and not cup-tied, etc etc…He may not find one at the right price. Wenger is not crazy. He know what he’s doing and he also knows what is his realistic chance of silverware this term and will decide to by accordingly.

    Personaly, I think the half-setence “no, not at the moment” doesnt mean ” I will not by in January”. Come on Gooners, relax. The future is bright at Arsenal.

  8. Funny. I heard something to the contrary during an interview on CNN’s world sport.
    Anyway, I think if Wenger makes it seem we’re so despirate to fill the gap Fabregas left he’ll give the club a harder time signing someone.

    I still think a defensive midfielder is our priority.

  9. this man will never learn. its just to glaring even to a blind man that the current squad isnt strong enough. its up to him sha

  10. Wenger told the interviewers at Arsenal-Mania that he can’t comment on transfers because it can potentially distroy the chance. Apparently, just attempting to buy a player reduces the chance of getting him by 50%.

    Wenger in the above mentioned interview is protecting his transfer chances.

    The author of the piece above (at the end) even tells you that what Wenger says to the press is seldom what he intends. He usually does the opposite.

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