you would expect, Arsene Wenger is remaining upbeat despite the sale of Emmanuel Adebayor.

The Arsenal boss is still searching in the transfer market, but he is by no means a desperate shopper.

Wenger feels there is enough threat in his armory to scare off opponents come next season, and he will continue keeping faith in his squad.

For his reputation with business during this time of the year, Arsene may have impressed many this summer after selling only a single one player and splashing cash on a pivotal defender.

That is unlike previous post-season’s when Ljunberg and Henry all left within a month or last year’s exodus of Hleb, Flamini and Gilberto.

Arsenal seem to lose a notable player every summer from Patrick Vieira to Emmanuel Adebayor, but the experienced tactician insists this club will have to deal with that.

“The message is to trust the players that we have.  Big clubs have lost big players before. For example Milan lost Kaka and yet Milan will go on. Arsenal have lost big players in the past and still continued at the top level.

The Frenchman maintains his squad still possesses the star power which every genuine title contender requires.

“There are positive messages as well from the summer. Remember players like (Robin) van Persie and (Cesc) Fabregas have stayed. So I feel we have a big enough squad to deal with the targets that we have.”


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