Fantasy Debate: What would you do next season if Chamakh was the only major signing?


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What would you do next season if Chamakh was the only major signing?

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32 thoughts on “Fantasy Debate: What would you do next season if Chamakh was the only major signing?

  1. Nothing would change for me. I would continue to support the team and the club (home & away) and look forward to seeing the younger players in our squad step up into the first team.

  2. think we should do what man united do and protest at the board……dearest season ticket out there to watch under 21s and see us fall even more behind ….

  3. if chamakh was is the only major summer signing made by arsene wenger this season i will be looking forward to no european football d nxt season because the other clubs are all investing in better talent and our club is just becoming a businees institution the chief executive talks about spending the money arsenal gains fron the sale of players BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY we got from the sale of ADEf******BAYEOUR AND TOURE Y DO WE NEED TO SELL to invest we have loads of money this is just throwing dirt in the eyes of the fans I will be thouroughly disappointed if this statement stood to be true…..

  4. Enjoy watching Cesc perform at Barca.

    LOL…joking…I think? :-0

    If Chamakh is our only signing then it is obvious we have completely thrown in the towel on challenging for Titles.

    Still be a decent side but not what we’ve come to expect from a Wenger led Club.

  5. Nothing. But I’ll have lost every respect I have for Arsene Wenger who went from building the ‘Invincibles’ to putting together ‘Impossibles’! Shows Cesc was right to after all!

  6. I would begin supporting Stoke City,because they will finish next season in the first 10.
    Seriously – Fabregas will leave for sure.Gallas also.And we will have the weakest squad ever under AW.
    It is amazing how someone like Koscielny or Diakhate could come to Arsenal and have a guarantees of a regular starting place.
    For the first time W has some serious money and will have all the money from Cesc’s sale – and he will do nothing.I don’t believe he will even buy replacement for Fantastic 4,let alone a new keeper or a major central defender(s).

    1. Which 6 morons rated down my comment ?!
      You should not be considered a real Arsenal fans,cause you are so stupid and blind !
      With no opinion of their own,what so ever !
      You simply accept everything Wenger says and does,because you wouldn’t want to be the ones that said something as a minority ! ! !
      You are all brainless followers of the majority,meaning – monkeys are more respectable than you are !

  7. seriously its the commenters on here that make blogs like this a joke, and the fact the question has even been brought is bad enough, go ‘support’ someone else, sounds like it would be easy enough for 99% of you lot

  8. Love Gunners just wish it wasnt so full of drama.
    I am still very sad about Cesc, oh how I hate Barca.
    Man City will make major investment, Spurs will continue progress, Aston Villa will make progress, Liverpool will continue their downdraw spiral, Chelsea will invest and have a worse season. Man utd static.
    EPL – 5th
    FA cup – 5th round
    league Cup – 5th round
    Europe – we will be in the Barca and Cesc will score the winning goal which will knock us out.

  9. I’d celebrate the fact I wasn’t stitched up with a season ticket!!

    Oh, and I’d gun down any Catalan daigo scum I set eyes on!!!!

      1. Yes I am. Will think twice if money note invested though. Don’t wanna watch a Barca feeder club

  10. In Wenger we trust, if Cesc goes he goes with my blessing. The only thing we need to fucus on is getting the best price for Arsenal Football Club. Lets not lose sight of reality here, no player is bigger than the club. Cesc obviously beleives he can win more at Barcelona, so does not have the same vision as Missuer Wenger. We need to have that belief for our club to go forward, today everyone forgets that great teams can be built from the ground up. Arsenal invested in the training ground which has given the club a great crop of youngters, aligned with the capture of some promising talent. Unless I have it wrong and football is just about the money, well we might as well give up and watch the likes of City Chelsea and United run away with the league year in year out. There is only one person Arsenal cannot afford to lose, and that is Mr Wenger.

  11. Be very dissapointed and even pray a lot!!!!! I do think owever having virtually secured Cesc this am Wegner is in the mood to improve. Lawrence J Beadle

  12. it would be unbelievably frustrating if chamakh was the only signing, especially after everything wenger and the board have said about bringin in reinforcements.

    supporting arsenal is like having a drug addict for a son. they keep breaking promises to change their behaviour, you lose trust in them, and though you don’t want to keep watching them fuck it up every year, you can’t help it because you love them.

  13. if chamakh were to be the only signing (which he won’t be cos joe cole’s has signed already!) then i’d hope wenger would promote some young defensive players to the first team.

    he has done stupid things in the past like go into seasons with only one striker, so it’s possible that he’ll go into next season with only djorou and vermaelen as central defenders, but i hope not.

    bartley and nordveidt (?) will hopefully come in.

    as long as we have at least two players for every position, with a good distribution of physical strength, talent and experience throuoghout the team, you can’t really complain.

    going into last season with only gallas and vermaelen as central defenders proves that wenger is still capable of amateurish planning.

  14. i mean seriously, if i was his dad i’d slap him over the head for that. stupid. the story of our capitulation this season were seeded in that decision.

  15. vermaelen will dip in form this season too – it will be his second season!

    i think djorou will do alright but we really need at least one more signing and at least 2/3 more bodies in central defence.

    two signings and a promoted kid would be perfect.

  16. so many people speak as if supporting the Arsenal is a choice…they act as if they could just stop and find a new favorite team. It is not like that for, I fell in love with Arsenal the first time I saw them play. I hardly knew who the players were but I fell in love with them and the team. Since that day I could never support any other team. I am forever bound to Arsenal regardless of whether they are winning or losing. Sure I would be frustrated if they didn’t sign anyone else but I would still wear my Arsenal shirt on every matchday, I would still watch every game, I would still scream every time we scored.
    To me, being a supporter of any sports team means being an endless optimist. If you don’t have the guts or the gall to go through a few tough and disappointing seasons then you have no right to call yourself an Arsenal fan.

  17. I’d still carry on with my normal self and support Arsenal. However, I’d be very disappointed if we didn’t get a couple of signings like The Boss promised. I hope not to see some of the same next season. We should only be moving up, not down, or stuck where we are.

      1. Hey, Randy! Yeah, man things pretty much went a bit sour how the season ended, but I’m over it now. LOL. How’s it go fella? Can’t wait for the WC.

        You hear any rumors on, Joe Cole? I can’t wait for next season!!!!!!

  18. I would enjoy watching arsenal get one hopefull hand on the trophy only for it all to fade away by febuary.

  19. It really wouldn’t matter that much,i am an ardent gunner who is prepared to support my club,come hell or high water.

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