Ex-Gunner: Why I hate Arsenal fans now

Samir Nasri Arsenal Football365(Image via Football365.com)

Samir Nasri has revealed he has become ‘hateful’ towards fans of his old club because they were not aware of the truth behind his departure five years ago. 

The Frenchman completed a move to Manchester City during a summer of turmoil at Arsenal in 2011 following the exit of then captain Cesc Fabregas.

Nasri had spent a memorable three years as a Gunner and therefore, his switch to the Etihad stadium was greeted with anger by most Arsenal fans.

However, the 28-year-old insists he previously had no bad blood with his old supporters until he saw their reaction to his £25 million transfer.

“Manchester City were a better team – that’s why I went there. It was my ambition, not because of the money.
“Whether you’re a fan or not, people should understand that, if a bigger company calls you, if you’re ambitious you’re going to go there.” Nasri said

“I had so much love for this club because the fans were amazing towards me then after when I saw all of that [Arsenal fans’ anger towards Nasri] I became a little hateful because I was like ‘come on, why are they doing this? I haven’t done anything wrong to them’ and it became this relationship, from love to hate.

“It’s a bit sad because I spent three amazing years there – they brought me from Marseille and Arsene Wenger was like a father figure to me, he did everything for me. I’m still on really good terms with him but it’s sad to have this relationship now with the club.”

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10 thoughts on “Ex-Gunner: Why I hate Arsenal fans now

  1. They hate you because you are a snidy little turd,would have had more respect if you said it was for the money and city were not really a better team bit like now.

  2. Only a fool would turn down a job that pays more money. If someone offered me twice the money I am on now to do the same job, I would be off like a shot.

  3. LOL and how are city not a better team then Arsenal? In the past 3 years City have been above Arsenal in the prem. Won a title and various cups. Asenal have spent about 3 weeks above city and you think ‘their not really a better team’ wake up pal

  4. Two league titles and three other trophies show it to be the right decision, better team, better money and fans that don’t smack crxp out of each other.

  5. Manchester represents everything that makes me want to throw up – scummy, low paid working class trash.

    1. Yet strangely holds Cheshire with more Millionaires than anywhere in the Country, hmmmm. For scum and trash look no further than London packed to the rafters with Islamic fundamentalists and various other legal and illegal immigrants. Last time I was there I didn’t hear an English accent , but of course they’re all middle class lol

  6. Let’s not bring social class in to this, but let’s focus on how these twats would be nowhere without the Abu Dhabi billionaires’ oil money. Nasri is a double-denim wearing, yellow-toothed, posionous piece of 5hit.

    1. To be fair I wouldn’t bring class into it either, or do you all live in Chelsea? Try focusing on if your library of a football club would even exist without corruption from such total scum bags as Henry George Norris, then move on to you heart felt love for the only player who left that huge toilet wiping his arse on the fans as he left but you weirdly love him Fabregass for his refusal to train and not go on tour, not to mention not even bothering to turn up at the end of season game to wave off his beloved Arsenal fans.

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