With Emmanuel now bound to call the City of Manchester Stadium his new home, there is undoubtedly a deep void left in Arsenal’s ranks.

His goal-to-game ratio proves Adebayor is a relatively formidable striker and his hard-working habit prior to his final season at the club, was very under-valued.

As he moves on, so should we and with Wenger once hinting on a French Radio station (RMC Radio) that he may pursue Chamakh should the lanky Togolese depart, a move for the Moroccan could well be on the cards.

But is he a like-for-like fix? Or should a more proven forward be signed?

And is buying necessary, or should we endure another season of having to rue a summer departure which was never compensated with a replacement?

Further more, is a there a internal solution we already possess in the squad?

Bendtner comes to mind, or should Wenger’s attacking formula be changed for a more technical and less physical man in Walcott, Eduardo or Arshavin to partner main choice Van Persie upfront?

You have your say today.

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